This is another huge haul of products we got from Healthy Options Shangri-la Mall. I think the last time I visited the mall to shop was three months ago (before I was put on bed rest), so it felt like freedom to walk without restrictions while shopping for organic and all-natural goodies in our favorite store. 🙂 I’m also happy to find that the store is now adorned with Christmas decorations and that Healthy Options Christmas gift sets are already available. Below I’m sharing a haul post of what we got from our two-hour shopping spree. 😍 We also ended up picking some awesome items for my baby.

Healthy Options Products from Shangri-la Mall (November 2018)

Healthy Options in Shangri-la Mall is my favorite branch because it carries the most complete lines of products and the store itself looks very bright, beautiful, and spacious but still organized. Also, the staff are nice, helpful, and accommodating so it’s easier to find items and learn what’s best for every concern. We walked around all the aisles, took our usual essentials, and checked out new products on the shelves. It’s funny that we enjoyed shopping so much that we didn’t notice the time; we were the last customers in the store and the doors were almost closing!

Holiday Shopping at Healthy Options


  • Audrey’s Chia Cookies – These deliciously thin and crispy cookies are made with chia seeds with plenty of omega 3s, Chia seeds contain a dense concentration of vital nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.
  • Field Day Organic Pasta Sauce (Tomato Basil) – We’ve tried the three other variants of Field Day organic pasta sauce before, and we like them all. We add the tomato basil sauce to pasta for a quick and easy meal.
  • Tinkyada Brown Rice Pasta – This whole-grain pasta cooks up to a perfect al dente texture. It’s great for those looking for gluten-free, and wheat-free alternatives. The best thing is that it’s made from brown rice with added rice bran for fiber which is much better than the ordinary (refined) wheat pasta.
  • Follow Your Heart Pesto Vegenaise Dipping Sauce and Spread – The elegance of fresh basil meets the creaminess of heart-healthy, soy-free Vegenaise. We love slathering this spread on pan de sal whenever we crave a creamy pesto topping.
  • NuGobar Stronger Protein Bar – My husband is currently trying different brands and flavors of protein bars for quick muscle recovery after working out. NuGo Stronger is one of the tastier ones. It’s also great that it’s gluten-free and packed with 25 grams or more of non-GMO premium-grade whey protein.
  • Rhythm Roasted Kale (Sea Salt and Vinegar) – Made with 100% fresh organic Lacinato kale, these crispy kale snacks are tasty and toasty with crunchy bits of goodness, salty enough to satisfy.
  • Lotus Biscoff Spread (Crunchy) – This stuff is heaven in a jar! We love that there are bits and pieces of lotus biscoff cookies here that serve as the “crunch” in the crunchy cookie spread. Try it on bread, toast, muffins, and bananas.
  • Chocolove’s Strong Dark Chocolate – This bar of strong, bittersweet Belgian dark chocolate is a special treat for lovers of higher-cocoa-content chocolate. It has intense, well-rounded cocoa flavors that melt smoothly in the mouth then transition to a pleasant cocoa aftertaste.
  • Good Health Avocado Oil Potato Chips (Lime Ranch and Barbecue) – These gluten-free, non-GMO chips pack amazing flavors and they aren’t too salty either. We like the crunch and light seasoning.
  • PopCorners Jalapeno Cheddar Popped Corn Snacks – For the nth time, we got these addicting popped corn snacks. Drizzled in sunflower oil, these chips have the perfect mix of sweet and salty. These are made with non-GMO corn, no gluten, and no nuts.

  • Pacific Foods Organic Coconut Milk – The natural goodness of organic coconuts shine through. This coconut milk delivers a creamy and refreshing flavor with no sugar added. We add it to chia seeds to create chia seeds pudding or over cereal for a simple yet nourishing breakfast.
  • Pacific Foods Barista Series Soy Milk – This is the best plant-based milk we tried for lattes. It works great in both cold and hot beverages.
  • Traditional Medicinals Ginger Aid – If you’re a fan of the spice, or just dig ginger’s digestive soothing properties, you’re going to love this robust herbal blend. With plenty of zesty ginger, combined with mellow blackberry leaf and lemon myrtle leaf, this tea is great to drink before meals to warm up your digestive system. It’s also good after dinner to promote healthy digestion, especially if you’ve over indulged.
  • Knudsen Simply Nutritious Mega Green – Packed with vitamins and essential minerals, this juice blends the finest fruits, herbal ingredients, and nutrients (apple, banana, pineapple, peach, mango, green algae, spirulina, and chlorella). A six-ounce serving of Mega Green is the equivalent of one serving of fruit, according to the USDA.
  • Lakewood Organic Pure Black Cherry Juice – This contains 100% organic pure black cherry fruit juice. It is health in a glass! Black cherry is a powerhouse full of micronutrients, vitamins and minerals that medical research suggests helps control gout, arthritis, blood pressure, cholesterol, and glucose. This juice is not too sweet and not tart and actually tastes as if you are eating fresh organic black cherries and as it should as this is not from concentrate.

  • Healthy Options Sparkling Juices – My mom and sister had a hard time choosing which sparkling juices to give to family and friends. In the end, they got these five: apple mango, wildberry, rose, gold apple, and acai. We’ll get more next time! What we like about these HO sparkling juices is that they’re made from 100% natural grape juice harvested with no artificial flavors added. They’re non-alcoholic as well.

Chilled and Frozen

  • Woodstock Organic Whole Blackberries – My mom was so thrilled to find organic blackberries in the freezer. She plans to mix it with her smoothies. These yummy and plump blackberries provide an excellent source of fiber. They’re also good on cereals, pancakes, waffles, or fruit salad.
  • Sophie’s Kitchen Breaded Vegan Shrimp – For my dad, I got this gourmet plant-based seafood. The instructions on the package state to place the “vegan shrimp” in pan, drizzle with fresh squeezed lemon juice, and sauté until vegan shrimp is lightly browned. It’s gluten-free, soy-free, no preservatives, no MSG, no artificial flavoring, no sugar added, low in calories, and high in fiber.

Personal Care

  • Nature’s Gate Shampoo (Jojoba and Sacred Lotus) – For hair care, Nature’s Gate is really one of the top brands I prefer. This particular variant has a unique blend of jojoba, sacred lotus, and horsetail extract which is ideal for thin and dry hair. It smells amazing, no icky ingredients, and no animal testing (cruelty-free). My hair feels healthy and clean with no residue.
  • Nature’s Gate Conditioner for Color-treated Hair – This is my second favorite only next to Giovanni Cosmetics’ hair conditioner. With herbal extracts to naturally invigorate and revive tone and highlights, Nature’s Gate Conditioner effectively conditions hair to help bring back the vibrancy of color and highlights. Hair is replenished with essential nutrients and moisture from Wheat Protein and Panthenol (pro-vitamins B-5). It deeply moisturizes to help amplify color and highlights, ideal for hair needing added strength and luster.
  • Nature’s Gate Lotion (Papaya) – This is a great lotion with a nice, velvety-texture. With restorative enzymes, it soaks in fast and it’s so healing. The scent is light, a bit sweet but not overwhelming.
  • Nature’s Gate Body Wash (Lavender) – Made with coconut water, this hydrating lavender body wash awakens the senses with a blend of lavender, lupine seed, and frangipani. It’s vegan, paraben-free, non-GMO, gluten-free, sulfate-free, and phthalate-free. It lathers well with just one pump but I usually use two pumps for my entire body.
  • Nature’s Gate Original Moisturizing Liquid Soap – This is what we have in our kitchen and bathrooms for hand washing. It contains fennel for its moisturizing properties which leaves the hands thoroughly clea n and soft. I also love that this liquid soap provides a rich, abundant lather even with half a pump.
  • Derma E Purifying Daily Detox Scrub – Our holy grail! This natural exfoliate lifts away micro-pollutants and impurities for a fresh, healthy radiance. It’s a daily deep detox that draws out toxins such as environmental pollutants (exhaust fumes, cigarette smoke, heavy metals).
  • Jason Power Smile Whitening Toothpaste (Powerful Peppermint) – This fluoride-free and SLS-free toothpaste features an exclusive blend of polishers that help prevent tartar build-up. Jason Power Smile toothpaste has stain-fighting botanicals that gently whiten and brighten your smile. The Grapefruit seed and perilla seed extracts help fight the bacteria that create damaging sugar acids and keep your smile bright without harsh abrasives or irritating chemicals.

Baby and Kids

  • Babyganics Moisturizing Daily Lotion (Fragrance Free) – This product is safe for newborns. It’s pediatrician and dermatologist tested and exclusively 100% natural. Plant-based ingredients include shea butter, olive, and avocado oils to help nurture and support baby’s skin. It free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates, mineral oil, petrolatum, artificial fragrances or dyes.
  • Nature’s Gate Shampoo and Body Wash – I’m in love with the scent! Nature’s Gate Soothing Baby Shampoo has herbal extracts that naturally soothe, smooth and soften fine delicate hair. It contains certified organic ingredients, including sage, nettle, yarrow and rosemary. Mild and gentle for delicate hair and sensitive skin, this shampoo and body wash is hypo-allergenic, 100% paraben, colorant, aluminum chlorohydrate and alcohol free.
  • Country Comfort Baby Powder (Talc Free, No Fillfers) – It’s very absorbant and non-abrasive. The gentle healing properties of five herbal powders are combined with the fragrant subtle scents of pure orange and lavender oils. These pure ingredients absorb moisture than can cause irritation and chafing, without the use of harmful talc.
  • Lafe’s Baby Insect Repellent – This baby-friendly insect repellent is citronella free, chemical and DEET free. It’s made of a special blend of certified organic geranium and lavender essential oils to repel nasty insects.

Farm Produce

  • Healthy Options Kale (Flat and Curly) – Mommy was so happy that there’s kale in Healthy Options. Kale is a superfood packed with protein, calcium, iron, vitamin A, fiber, and anti-cancer properties. It has more vitamin C than any other leafy green. Besides its good looks, flavor, and benefits to garden ecology, kale is good food!
  • Healthy Options Eggs – We bought four trays of all-natural eggs in different sizes (medium, large, and extra large). The eggs came from chickens fed with food free of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, antibiotics, and hormones.


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  1. candy

    We don’t have this store around here where we live unfortunately. Perhaps I can still find some of these good products.

  2. Alli Smith

    I would love to visit a store like that. They really do have a lot of healthy products to choose from. I see several items I’d like to try.

  3. Amber Myers

    All of these look like things I’d like to try! It looks like there is lots to offer here. I’m sure I’d really like those sparkling juices.

  4. GiGi Eats

    LOVE that I see some chips up there made with avocado oil! I really hope the chip market dives into the world of healthy oils with a high smoke point already!!! I think it’s going to become way more main stream in the near future though!

  5. Jeanette

    I’m always looking for a place to get some healthy snacks. I love to snack and I know I need eight healthy so this mall would be a great place to explore.

  6. Shoshana Sue

    You would find me in the farm produce section of this store. I love kale and can’t get enough of it.Their range of healthy options is impressive

  7. Amanda

    Looks like a great store to get everything you need. I’m all about chips and dips for the holiday party season!

  8. Tomi C

    That sounds like a place I could spend an entire day shopping. Finding so many different flavors and so many healthy options in one place is a rarity.

  9. Pam

    You found so many great, healthy foods at Shangri-La Mall. That barista soy milk is really good.

  10. Catalina

    I am so glad to know more about organic and safe products. I don’t have much time to spend when I go to the shop, so I prefer to use a shopping list. The best way to find out about new item is the posts like yours. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Amy H

    I love that there are so many Healthy options to choose from! Especially when it comes to Snack ideas – yummy chips!

  12. Ashley Grant

    It’s so difficult optin for healthy choices during the holidays lol. But, a lot of these options look like they would taste good too, so maybe that would make being healthier a little easier. haha


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