Nervous. Happy. Excited. I am all of those things. All at once. So much so that I can’t keep a steady hand and I poke my wand into my eye. My mascara wand, that is.

In three hours, we’ll be seeing each other after four months. But it takes me more than three hours to get prepared, clean up the black streak on my face, gather my things and leave the house. Locking the door behind me, I walked towards the bus station.

Whenever there were groups of people coming out of the airport gate, my heart thudded. After a few minutes and a confirmation call, finally I saw him standing in the Arrival area. I walked towards him. I could hear my mind debating with itself.

What do I say?

Hello would be a good start.

Oh for God’s sake don’t just smile. Just say something.

Before I could make myself utter any words at all, his face broke into a big smile. A warm, welcoming smile that echoed in my eyes.

I hugged him. Musta? I asked. It’s been a long time.

My nervousness dissolved instantly. I closed my eyes and smiled.

I am home.


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