Every Friday in our team meeting, we discuss metrics, support needed, issues and other updates happening in the operations and global teams who are part of our systems. Tonight after our round-table conference, our lead presented a deck of strategic goals for the team to accomplish for the year. In the end, he asked if there were any questions we want to raise.

I wanted to ask something, but it was irrelevant to the topic, so I just held my silence. In truth, I wanted to know if we already have someone who’s going to replace my post. Oh well, I guess they’ll be saying it anyway when the new person comes.

What concerns me is that I still have to transition my work to this new person, and with time running out now, I feel pressured for my managers and team mates. What if I don’t get to finish passing over my responsibilities?

Yesterday was the year’s first Friday, the second to the last Friday that I’m still with IBM.

There’s quite a handful of people now in the office who know about my exit. I appreciate them giving me support and wishing me good luck for my new beginning. I acknowledge their words saying they’re going to miss me for sure and that me leaving is a big loss for the company. I’ll be missing them as well, and I just hope that my replacement will be a better contributor than I and an adaptable member who’d grasp and take in our busy clockwork routines fast.

And yesterday morning, I’ve had my first interview again after attending to several last year. Big difference I’ve seen for myself since the latter half of past year to date was that I don’t feel any tinge of nervousness–that invisible barrier which pushes against my chest every time I get interviewed—anymore.

I guess IBM really made that change for me, or we are indeed just interesting-enough creatures who are made stronger by our very own WEAKNESSES. It’s hard, even painful, but we come through it with grace and strength. Also, now with my clean perspective, I can manage to boost my self-esteem more to give myself the confidence I need to strut around like I’m the most highly eligible one on the face of the planet for the given spot.

At the end, the HR personnel gave me few details about my role and position there and told me to wait for their call next week for the second interview. I’m qualified for this one; I’m gonna make it, I pray.

Let’s clink our chilled glasses to my favorite season of hope. I have a cocktail of excitement and honor in my hand. Yours is a concoction of prayers for my success.

Cheers! Next task: job hunting.


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