Dum dum dum dum…

“You complete me.”

I have no doubts that the scriptwriter of Jerry MacGuire has had a finger in many failed relationships all over the world. What is it about us humans that crave completion from outside ourselves? Why do we burden another person with the expectation of filling the void within us that we somehow cannot fill on our own? I guess it’s just humans’ inane nature.

Most people, amidst living in an emotional state, would sense that there’s some missing part who’s out there in some place, spinning through the universe in the form of another person. People would also be born believing that if only they searched relentlessly enough, they might someday find that vanished half, that other soul. Through union with the other, they would re-complete their original form, never to experience loneliness again.

This is the singular fantasy of human intimacy: that one plus one will somehow, someday, equal one and that each of us can potentially have a perfect partner sewn into our skin and make us quite whole and blissfully happy.

But fantasies don’t belong in the real world and so we keep on searching for that one perfect relationship. And more often than not, we wind up hurt and bitter because no one seems to be able to complete us in exactly the way we want.

So many complicated angles, emotions and thoughts, decisions, events, talks and relationships—ah, that’s love life. So many have been there and like fools, keep coming back for more, like in a revolving door—despite previous heartaches and keloidal battle scars. And I am just truly honored to witness how THE search for the completion has transformed from fantasy to reality, from selfishness to sacrifice, from refusal to responsibility, from abstract to the simple and sentimental, from mere connectivity to love.

Celebrating My Parents’ 23rd Wedding Anniversary

Yesterday, we celebrated the 23rd wedding anniversary of my parents in Eastwood Cafe, Richmonde Hotel. Original date is February 21, but because I could not attend on that day, we did it in advance. It’s not just love life; it’s married life that we’re celebrating.

Married life is more than love adjustments and understanding. It’s greater than just being husband and wife, mommy and daddy. It’s getting through the needle of marriage, keeping the love in the relationship burning alive with all that jazz despite adversities through the years, and not just holding on to the marriage for the sake of camaraderie or the children. I salute them for getting to live their fairy tale love story.

I once asked Mom how she knows she loves Daddy. She answered,

when she cares for him more than herself, when her happiness is his happiness, when she accepts everything that’s him and when she thinks if he’s not worth the time, then nothing else is.

Well said.


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