Looking for fine and diverse Filipino food? You might not know it, but the answer is yes. 😉 From May 19 to 29, 2016, the Diamond Hotel’s Corniche restaurant commemorates the festivals of May by serving Filipino cuisine for both lunch and dinner buffet-style. With renowned Filipina chefs and advocates of Philippine cuisine, Chef Myrna Segismundo and Chef Jill Sandique, there’s no doubt that this one will be exceptional. The KTG (Kain Tulog Gang) had dinner here last week to sample flavors from different regions of the Philippines. Truly, Corniche is one of the places where you can feel thrilled and satisfied with a meal that can bring joy, warmth, and comfort.

Culinaria Filipina Filipino Food Festival at Corniche (Diamond Hotel, Ermita, Manila)

Corniche at Diamond Hotel showcases international cuisine in a refined dining room where you can enjoy a great upscale meal composed of familiar recipes and dishes close to your heart. The vibe in the restaurant is comfortable and quiet so consider it for any date night or family affair. In normal occasions, both a la carte and buffet are available (Chinese, Filipino, Western, Indian, Japanese and more).

Since we are celebrating the Culinaria Filipina Filipino Food Festival, it would be best to take the chance to go buffet-dining and go heavy on fancy and delicious Filipino regional specialties that are a breath of fresh, exotic air and away from ordinary.

Chef Myrna Segismundo leads the presentation of well-prepared dishes with a contemporary twist and enhanced by select ingredients. Must-tries include Kinilaw na Salmon, Oysters on a Half Shell and Shrimps, Prime Roast Beef Tagalog, Caramelized Onions, and Basi Wine Sauce; Kesong Puti, Cherry Tomato and Pako Lato Salad; U.S. Beef Tenderloin Morcon a la Emilia, and more. Everything looked stunning with different colors and textures plated artistically.

Chef Jill Sandique makes desserts that can melt your heart. Most people don’t save room for dessert…but you should! Don’t miss luscious sweets such as the Dulce de Leche Cake, Tableya Cake, Peanut Chocolate and Muscovado Coconut Masi, and Suspiros de Macapuno con Natilla. The selections are wide enough that will let you hide in cake and ice cream if you want, but go in with an open mind and expect to try something outside of your comfort zone. 😛

It’s hard work keeping a buffet style constantly fresh and stocked. Diamond Hotel does as good a job you can expect. At Corniche’s Culinaria Filipina Filipino Food Festival, be enchanted by the flavors of the Philippines yet again with the unequaled creations of skilled chefs for only PhP 2,288 net per person.

To add excitement to the food fiesta, there will be a lucky draw where two diners will each win a two-night stay in Baguio for two when they spend a minimum of PhP 5,000 at the buffet!

If you’re in Metro Manila, you don’t have to drive too far. Diamond Hotel Philippines is located at Roxas Boulevard corner Dr. J. Quintos Street, Manila. Buckle up, settle in, and grab yourself some fond memories of Filipino food. For reservations, please call (02) 528-3000 ext. 1121 or email restaurant_rsvn@diamondhotel.com.


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23 Responses

  1. mr_jeng

    Nice seeing your roch.. sorry wasn’t able to stay that long.. I was feeling pretty bad…

    but still you’re blooming dear!!!
    Cheers and see you soon!

  2. Lori Bosworth

    The dishes at that buffet look amazing! I’m also impressed with the desserts. Would love to try the Dulce de Leche Cake. I will keep the Diamond Hotel in mind if I am ever visiting the Philippines.

  3. Claire Algarme

    It’s been awhile since I last dined in the Diamond Hotel. The food looks sumptuous, I’d want to eat all of them. I hope to get back here if ever I find time the next time I’m in Manila.

  4. Laura Hinckley

    What a beautiful hotel. I would love to attend a buffet like that. I can’t imagine how much weight I would gain because I would love to try it all. I especially love the creativity and design in the food. To me that is a mark of excellence. Congratulation on being chosen to try those dishes. I’m so hungry now lol 🙂

  5. Dee

    I swear that I am in love with Food festivals, I have been working on distancing myself from them, but your pictures make me want to call Food festival back up and re-start our relationship.

  6. Censie

    Wow what a great place to visit. All of the food looks amazing, especially the chocolate fountain – I have always had a love for those treats!! I love the look of this space too. Looks so fancy!

  7. Amanda Love

    The food looks amazing! I’ve never had filipino food before and I would love to try it one day but preferably in the Philippines instead of here in the US. I want the real thing.

  8. Inspiring Kitchen

    The restaurant looks so cozy and all the food looked delicious. I love how they plated the dishes. I supposed that is an Adobo Pasta and I would love to try it. The dessert looks amazing as well.

  9. Franc Ramon

    They do have an impressive line up of Filipino food. This is a place I’d love to bring my family for a Filipino dish affair.

  10. Jennifer Salter

    What an amazing experience! The food looks absolutely divine! I’ve always wanted to travel more and taste the different flavors of the world! Until I get a chance I’ll just live vicariously through your posts 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  11. Farrah Lee G.

    I’m drooling by just looking at your photos. You inspire me to make Filipino dish tonight. I was born and raised to Philippines and I can say there is no place like home. I will add this hotel on my list of stay for our next vacation to Philippines. I cant’ wait!

  12. Emma Spellman

    I live in Chicago, so I can’t travel this far, but I wish I could. The food looks absolutely amazing. I would want to sample a little bit of everything!

  13. Fred

    Very nice spread. We are not really buffet customers though since we all eat very little and would not eat our money’s worth.

  14. Elizabeth O.

    It’s always nice to attend food festivals especially when it’s a buffet. I always enjoy seeing how creative chefs get when infusing cuisines and improving their dishes. It’s amazing, isn’t it? I’m sure a lot of people will enjoy this too!

  15. Rosey

    Wow, that’s some serious dining you had going on there. The pictures turned out awesome too.

  16. Bites for Foodies

    That food looks fantastic! I was drawn to the seafood (and the desserts of course) since I don’t eat meat. I love prawns, any way they’re prepared!

  17. Tiffany Yong

    Oooo… The meats caught my eyes. Like the look of all the specialties even though I don’t eat beef… Yum yum… Would love to try the pork in future!


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