Summer is still here however not entirely in full swing anymore. The rainy season is around the corner, and it takes more than looking for any signs of roof leaks and repairing clogged home gutters to prepare your home for the other half of the year. Preparation now can help prevent or at least lessen the possible problems of the stormy days ahead.

You may find that you need a group of deck remodelers to fix up your outdoor spaces, or even the professional touch of a landscaping company. Consider these essential services that can save you time, money, and stress. Here are some essential services to check to prepare your home.

Essential Services You Need to Prepare Your Home for the Rainy Season

  1. Clean your home’s surrounding. 

Make sure to keep your yard clear from possible trash, scraps, and debris that may clog your drainage. There are plenty of cleaning activities you can do yourself, but the help of a professional can give your home the deep cleansing it needs. Professional cleaners have the tools needed to repair home gutters. Clogged ones can cause rainwater to back up and damage your roof and house. Tiny details like that are what professional cleaners focus on, ensuring that your home surrounding will be as clean as a whistle for the rainy season.

There are also tough to clean spots such as the roof. Ask help and look for loose or damaged shingles. Any water damage could be an indication of roof leaks. Having someone take care of the hard work for you makes the idea of cleaning a lot less tedious. Companies like Plumbing Fix can take care of any emergencies you may have, fixing a potential nightmare in no time.

  1. Monitor spots around the house. 

Work on the doors and windows and make sure they are secure so water cannot easily enter. Install weather-stripping as necessary. Look for spots where the ground meets your house. Make any repairs or improvements to any damage to window sills, doors and exterior siding as necessary. Several companies will do the deed for you and have your doors and windows sealed in no time.

Do check out as well for water collecting. Dig a trench and redirect the water if needed. In the case of flood or if you live in a flood-prone area, stockpile the sand bags. These will help divert water, debris or mud. Have them filled and ready to go before flooding happens.

  1. Keep your AC in tip-top shape. 

Chances are, you had your air conditioner unit on most of the time during summer. Calling for repairs during the monsoon season can pose as a challenge. There can be damages or burnout and these may escalate especially when water gets into the electrical components when it rains. Also, if debris is being blown around in the air and the system is running, there is a chance that some can get caught up inside the unit, damaging the fan blade inside by preventing it from spinning. This leads to damages throughout the entire AC system.

Before starting yours up, it’s highly recommended to have a professional perform annual maintenance on the machine. A simple fine tuning can help save you hundreds.

  1. Protect yourself and loved ones from bugs.

Finally, you might want to have your home sprayed for insects depending on the area you live in. The rainy season need not be a season for pests as well. The bad news is: If air can pass through your doors, bugs can get in, too. Not everyone has the same pest problems, but insects can turn a happy day into a nightmare before you know it. Companies like Orkin have specialized repellents designed to ward off pests in specific areas, keeping your home safe all year-round.


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    This is such a handy post. Great job, I really got some handy tips to keep my home safe and prepared for rain!

  2. Jojo Hua

    This is so important to know. I just moved into my first home and I didn’t even think of most of these. Thank you.


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