Last week, I scored a great discount from Deal Grocer (Ultra-Reliable Gel Mani and Classic Pedi at The Style Hub Salon for only PhP 488) and immediately booked a reservation in the weekend. My sister and I visited the salon to treat ourselves to a mani-pedi session. It’s also a good time to catch up and bond while getting our nails lacquered using ORLY’s nasties-free polish.

Review of The Style Hub Salon (Sequoia Hotel, Quezon City)


The Style Hub Salon on the ground floor of Sequoia Hotel (beside Ombu Restaurant, across Burger King) in Quezon City has been operating for five years. It opened on August 2, 2013. The salon looks bright and modern with a cozy and relaxing atmosphere. The large glass windows bring natural light and offer passersby a glimpse into the vibrant salon.

I love how it maximizes its space to keep an orderly work environment: Featuring a responsive layout, hair services take “center stage,” while nail services are positioned on the sides. The section for hair wash (shampoo system) is at the back, just beside the restroom, and there’s also an area for hair styling and makeup. In the middle, across the counter, there’s an accent mural with The Style Hub Salon’s logo, which is used mostly as a backdrop of photos happy customers share on social media.

The color scheme, furnishings, and the floor plan give a distinctive look that appeals to the eyes. Mirrors don’t only serve their functional purpose but also give the illusion of a roomier interior and provide a divider between the reception area and the stylists’ space. All these present a good image that matches The Style Hub Salon’s services and clientele.


Booking an appointment is a must, and reservation is only a quick phone call away. The staff informed me that there’s only one person in charge of manicure and pedicure so one of us will have to wait for the other to finish. I said that’s okay and proceeded.

Upon arrival at the salon, I gave the printed paid vouchers from Deal Grocer and handed out my ID for validation. The place was quite busy but it’s good that we were assisted at once and were seated in their cool leather reclining chairs. The well-trained mani-pedicurist started cleaning, filing, and shaping my sister’s nails then letting her choose from a wide selection of ORLY gel polish colors for the gel manicure. Three coats were applied. The nails were placed under the UV light to dry each time to set and were baked to hardened perfection.

The great thing about gel manicure is that it can last about two to three times longer than a regular polish (up to 4 weeks). Gel nails also keep their shiny finish (chip-free) until the polish is removed, and the natural nails under gel polish have a tendency to grow longer because of the extra strength. This is recommended for on-the-go and busy people, since a gel manicure holds up much better in the regular wear and tear of a workweek.

Since it was my sister’s first time to have her nails under UV light, she was amazed at how fast the gel polish dried up (done in 1-2 minutes). 😉 There are some cons on the curing process under the UV-emitting lamp though. It can potentially damage the skin when not used properly, i.e. over-curing the nail can make the polish become more difficult to remove. A properly applied gel should literally “float off the nail” with the acetone soak. After the three coats, the staff moisturized the hands with a deep-penetrating oil to repair any damage and strengthen the nails.

Power packed with vitamins, the ORLY GEL FX is no ordinary gel manicure system. Antioxidant vitamins A and E help to promote healthy nails while pro-vitamin B5 protects the structure of the natural nail. My sister and I prefer nude and safe colors that we can wear in the office. I picked out the ORLY Gel FX Coffee Break, which looks like a nice clear tan with a touch of pink. My sister chose the GEL FX Sands of Time, which is an earthy nude tone with the glory of orange, hot pink, and fiery copper reimagined and richly saturated.

Next, the pedicure was done with precision by first softening the cuticles with a white solution, cleaning and filing the nails once again, then applying regular nail polish with a color that also suits her style.

While waiting, I got a stack of magazine from the shelves and killed time reading beauty and entertainment articles. In less than an hour, it was my turn to get the treatment. The same process was done and we went out of the salon feeling pretty satisfied. 🙂

The only letdown was that we were not asked if we wanted to have a cup of freshly brewed coffee or our choice of complimentary beverage (as stated as part of the deal’s description).

Price for Value:

As seen from The Style Hub Salon’s price list, the regular price of their Gel Manicure alone is PhP 500 and their pedicure service costs PhP 250. In total, we saved PhP 262 per person. The deal is great and price for value is fair. Don’t miss out on it, in case you’re interested to spoil yourself with this mani-pedi for a simple yet stylish statement.

The Style Hub Salon in Sequoia Hotel also currently offers the following promotions on Deal Grocer’s site: Flaunt Bouncy Curls with a Digital Perm so you can skip the curling iron with this permanent style and One (1) Session of Rampage Rebond to manage your mane with a silky straight solution. Redemption hours are Mondays to Saturdays from 9AM to 7PM and Sundays at from 9AM to 6PM.

For more beauty deals, do check out Deal Grocer’s Beauty and Wellness page! Deal Grocer has the best prices across all channels and the assortment is curated so quality can be ensured.

G/F Sequoia Hotel, Mother Ignacia St. cor. Timog Avenue, Quezon City
For inquiries or reservations, contact (02) 709 1877
Date Published: 08/23/2018
4.2 / 5 stars
Gel Manicure and Regular Pedicure at The Style Hub Salon (Deal from Deal Grocer)
Price for Value
4.2Overall Score


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19 Responses

  1. Candy

    You have found a really nice place to get pampered. Feels so good to have ones nails done.

  2. Jeanette

    I could totally use something like this. I need a good spoiled weekend. We do not have this place close to us but I would love to check them out. It looks like they are a great place to go to spoil yourself.

  3. Amber Myers

    This looks like a great place to get pampered. I’d love a pedicure. I never bother with manicures since I do too much with my hands. A manicure would just get ruined. But a pedicure? Yes please!

  4. Heather

    I love a great deal and even better when it makes you feel pretty. Can’t wait to get my nails done once kids are back in school!

  5. Marysa

    Your manicure looks wonderful! It’s nice to hear about your experience. I rarely get my nails done, so to be honest, I don’t know much about gel manicures.

  6. Jeanine

    Looks like a great place to go and get pampered! I don’t often get a mani or pedi, but think its about time I enjoy one!

  7. Tim B

    My father in law regularly goes to get pedicures because he can’t bend over to clip his toe nails anymore. I was thinking of joining him to the difference they might make on my own feet.

  8. Carol Cassara

    What a lovely way to treat yourself on your day off or your me-time! It’s definitely a place that I wouldn’t mind going to. I love how they designed the whole salon!

  9. Denay DeGuzman

    What a beautiful salon! Your post reminds me that we need to slow down and take time out of every day to take care of ourselves. It’s always a such treat to schedule in a mani/pedi!

  10. Shoshana Sue

    I love this salon’s colour scheme and of course how everything is not mashed up together.

  11. Anosa Malanga

    Reading your post makes me envy your pampering session. I hope I can score out a good deal and schedule so I can have some me-time as well.

  12. Lisa

    Beautiful place! I like the design of the salon. Very important is the ambiance in the salon that the client would rest and enjoy.


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