As I can sustain my ideal weight and physical fitness for years now, people usually think that I eat healthfully like 100 percent of the time, or that I do not have a sweet tooth, let alone ever give up to one. But my buddies and family can attest that: I give into sweets consistently — but not as regular as “every single day.” I mean, sure, it’s important to eat healthy 365 or 366 days a year, but you can bend the rule as long as you know the steps to just be right back on track.

Here are simple strategies I have in my lifestyle. Maybe they can fit into yours?

How to Maintain Your Weight, How to Control Your Diet and How to Lose Pounds, According to Me 🙂

1. Eat rice to a minimum – less than a cup, in every meal!

There are days when I eat rice for breakfast, lunch and dinner. But in each instance, I see to it that I don’t consume more than a regular cup’s content. When you’re out in a restaurant where rice-all-you-can promotion is offered, perhaps you would succumb to the deal to suit your crave. But if you want to be dead-on serious with eating right, don’t go running after it with reckless abandon.

2. Eat on time.

Eating at the same time pronto every day teaches the body system to adapt to a “diet clock” or alarm system that helps our metabolism to become faster. Some sites say that this is a myth, but I think it works for me. I don’t skip meals and I can’t afford to do it so. Not eating will only trigger more hunger pangs and that might lead to eating something unhealthful.

3. Indulge within reason.

Set a calorie count to limit your indulgence. For example, you can choose to eat a small piece of chocolates every day if you want to. But make sure that you also consume the least number of calories you can take. There are many types and forms of chocolate. You can opt to have a 30-calorie square of dark chocolate instead of a large 300-calorie bar. You can also save one day in a week to indulge (think “binge day”) yet stay conscious of your food choices.

4. Measure your weight after meals.

Did you know that your weight varies throughout the day? I have experimented on this idea… I weighed myself upon waking up in the morning without taking breakfast and after breakfast, lunch and dinner. I noticed that there’s about 1-2 pounds of difference.

For some people, the added weight after meals may extend up to 3 kg. So this technique is only to make yourself feel guilty on taking that much food when you can always try to minimize your food intake.

5. Don’t be tempted.

There’s a giant treasure trove of savory treats in every corner of the city. But I’ve trained myself to battle against these temptations over food. When I am not hungry or when I’m full, I won’t eat any filling snack even if I walk into a den of invitations. On these occasions, another way to control your diet is to redirect back to your healthy eating path. There may still be the little devil on your shoulder beating up the angel right next to it. So channel to another voice and become your own cheerleader.

6. Wear super tight clothes.

While this may not be a good suggestion for everyone, wearing tighter clothes would pull down your self esteem whenever you see fats oozing out hence push you more to stop overeating and concentrate on being fit. Of course, you will feel bothered about your appearance and you are less likely to reach for that extra cup of rice when your muffin top hanging out quite offensively. And oh, don’t be annoyed when someone poses a nasty remark on you. Just think that while you are doing this for the better, they are going for extra helping of food that would make them put on weight.

7. Don’t buy lots of food.

When you buy lots of food, the tendency is for you to think that you should finish them all—maybe worse, in one seating—as there’s the need to make sure you’re “getting the MOST calories per peso (or dollar) spent.” If you do this, you’re done for! So a better way to control the amount of food you eat is to order less. After eating, drink a full glass of water and maybe more. If you still feel hungry, then it’s about time to order another small serving of something—but feel guilty about it. 😛

8. Exercise

If you want to shed some pounds and melt your fats, get out and spend time to exercise and incorporate physical activities that build muscle in your daily or weekly schedule. Lean muscle mass will help burn calories. Amongst other positive aspects, exercise gives improved cardiovascular system, improved feelings, faster reflexes and elevated muscle tone. And these are some reasons why I still continue my wushu trainings even when I feel lethargic. 😀

9. Chew on ice cubes.

Ice cubes consist of water, so it’s safe to assume that they do not contain heavy calories. To keep your mouth busy all the way and prevent the feeling of hunger, sucking on ice cubes can help. Your taste buds would also be frozen and it won’t be getting much of the tasting from the food you eat. Trust me, your waistline will thank the ice later!

10. Face a full-length mirror and jump.

If you can, go in front of a mirror with your undershirt rolled until the chest area and jump! See how much fats have jiggled and shake them vigorously, touch them and feel ashamed of them. This is called the unscientific “fat test” that you can perform every day if you’ve got time. You can also do the same test with your cheeks, arms, thighs, etc.

Wrap Up

There you go. These methods may be an arduous task for those who are only starting to maintain their weight and lovable figures. But if you really want to control your diet or lose some pounds, practicing these commandments are easier Instead of sticking to a diet of rabbit food (aka carrots and cabbage) all the time. You can’t escape indulgences but if you form these steps into a habit with discipline and determination, they will be your second nature, easy-breezy!


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22 Responses

  1. tet

    this is really an informative post. but my goal is actually to gain more weight since I am skinny. wala tuloy akong figure. haha..

  2. Pal Raine

    Chewing ice cubes? Wow this is new to me. I will follow your tips here sis since I am always hungry and thirsty especially today…soothingly hot in here.

  3. Yamito Uytingco Calamba

    All these reminds me of Emily from Devil Wears Prada, eating only a cube of cheese whenever she feels hungry. Hehe! But seriously, these are really good tips and would really be helpful to those planning for a beach vacation in a month from now. 😉

    • Rochkirstin Santos

      Yes! Putting off layers of clothes for summer is easy because it’s too hot and we can’t stand to be too covered. But shedding those unwanted wobbly bits of fats is another story. There is really no quick or easy solution.

  4. Jho Tacorda

    Nice tips, my goal after giving birth is to go back to my previous weight which is 97 lbs, Im sure you’re tips will be a good help for me to each that goal. Thanks.


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