Are you tired of your 9 to 5 job and are contemplating the possibility of starting your own business? Perhaps you’ve got some writing talent and are thinking of becoming a copywriter. After all, this is a lucrative field if you’re good at what you’re doing. If you’re new on the market, you must learn how to make it as a copywriter though, or you may never pursue success. Here are the top 5 tips you should learn before ditching your job and establishing your new business.

How to Make It as a Copywriter: Top 5 Tips

1. Get to Know the Landscape

Copywriting is a fancy-sounding word for many, but only a few people understand its essence. A copywriter is not just any writer. It is someone who knows how to write copy that drives leads and converts.

Companies looking for copywriters are actually looking after compelling copy that sells. You’ll never reach success as a copywriter by telling the story of your life. You’ll have to learn the art of persuasion and turn readers into fans – and potential customers – of the company you’re writing for.

Brands also need copywriters to boost their search engine optimization (SEO), so you will also have to familiarize yourself with this concept.

Since you’ll be working in a fast-moving sector, you will only succeed if you have a good grasp of the latest SEO trends and manage to stay up to date with the best social media and digital marketing practices.

2. Decide What Copywriter You Want to Be

Copywriter is a broad term that incorporates a wide range of jobs. Some copywriters produce TV commercials, mail campaigns, brochures and press releases for print. Web copywriters and SEO copywriters focus on delivering copy for the virtual medium.

When deciding what type of copywriter you want to be, consider both the market demand and your experience.

If you have no formal studies in writing and no experience in the field, getting started as a web or SEO copywriter may be easier. There is more demand for such roles, and some company directors are also flexible to hire you despite not having a diploma if you can prove your talent.

3. Pick a Niche

As a new copywriter, you may be tempted to apply to all writing gigs regardless of their scope or sector. If you want to have success, however, you should pick a niche and specialize in it.

Most companies need copywriters, so it’s easy to choose based on your interests. If you like hiking, for instance, you could apply to write for outdoor equipment brands. If you’re a gamer or gambler, writing casino reviews for a site like The Slot Buzz could keep you entertained.

Remember that fun is part of the writing game. If you don’t have the affinity for the niche or sector you picked, chances are you’ll never write winning copy capable of lending you great gigs.

4. Employee vs. Freelancer: This is The Question

If you’re ready to leave your job and set up a new business, perhaps you’re thinking of becoming a freelance copywriter. However, there are a few things you should weigh in before making up your mind.

Freelancing comes with significant advantages, but it could not work out if you’re not extremely disciplined. At first, you may also have to spend more time applying for gigs and looking for clients than actually writing and earning, and this could be discouraging.

Working for a copywriting agency or corporation may stick you to a schedule, but it will earn you a good paycheck every month.

5. Have Realistic Expectations

Copywriting is indeed one of the most profitable jobs for either employees or freelancers. But don’t expect your startup’s turnover to skyrocket from day one.

People will not know you at the beginning of your career, and you’re more likely to have to produce large amounts of fantastic copy for a low pay until you gain yourself a name. Perhaps you will have to work for content mills or through job board sites to build a portfolio.

An excellent way to showcase your skills is through a personal blog, but it is still unlikely to lend yourself a big contract as soon as you get into the business.

If you keep your expectations low and are prepared to work hard, becoming a copywriter may be very rewarding though. You’ll get to set your schedule, work from anywhere in the world, and build yourself a profitable business by taking advantage of your word-crafting talents alone.


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