Life as of late?

在工作方面, we’re in transition phase, wherein I’m handing over my responsibilities to my colleague so she better be prepared to take over before I leave the company. We’ve been so busy doing rounds of system testing and content development once again. My eyes blurred at many instances; I just wanted to go home and sleep right away.

But I also have pending tasks for my writing job that must be accomplished and submitted on time, so I had to spend less time sleeping in order to get to my goals. I thank God for giving me strength and persistence required of me. After 1.5 weeks of being much occupied, 終於辛苦了!

Last Thursday, our company director had treated another employee who’s soon leaving and me to a farewell lunch, along with our HR manager and accountant. I felt the pang of realization the next day that I only have 1-2 months before I’m out.

I’m anxious about is my upcoming wushu performance. I never asked for it. But since the chance was given, even if I’m not totally prepared, I said okay, I’d go for it. It will be a solo performance for a Chinese New Year 2012 celebration, here in Singapore. I’ve been thinking about what form to present two weeks now.

Since I don’t have any weapon with me (e.g. broadsword, cudgel, straight sword, dagger, etc.), I’ll just be performing with bare fists. I need time and concentration to practice. It’s tempting, I must admit, to back out. Can I make it without embarrassing myself? worried I looked up to the sky and asked the clouds, but they didn’t answer. Anyway, I still got three weeks before d-day.

To motivate myself, I bought my costume last week in Chinatown. Hahaha. It was my first time to go to the night market in Pagoda Street and to wander around Chinatown, Singapore. I really felt like I was back home—in the Philippines. Sweet.



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