First of all, thanks to Ahia Gilbert for preparing a really nice Sunday breakfast! *clap clap* Today is our first time again, after several months, of eating pan de sal(which costs S$3.50 for a small pack) from Jologs, Lucky Plaza. Price is golden. Why doesn’t Singapore sell simple bread like this?

Last week I have been so busy attending to client requests and issues, generating and consolidating reports, updating the project plan and concerning about other minute details at work. But fortunately in this life, we have margins just like in any book. So here, additionally, are the sparkling sidelines I’ve met this month:

> Cathay Cineleisure Orchard where together with Achi Kathy and Ahia Gilbert watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

> Velocity where I’ve tried a drink of Chatime’s famous milk tea everyone is like going gaga over

> Bukit Timah Market and Food Centre where our executive director and I had fish soup for lunch after meeting with the clients

> Lucky Plaza’s BanMan Fish Soup at the sixth floor and Jologs where I had a bowl of tom yum soup and halo-halo (Filipino-style!) respectively

> Zen, Novena Square where I accompanied Achi Kathy and witnessed how creative eyebrow embroidery is being done (it’s a fad now)
> Video chat with Mommy and Daddy via Skype

I just updated them with some of my everyday stories here and the “angels” God has provided to guide and take care of me. Even though I was the one talking in almost the whole time in our conversation, I could sense by looking at Dad’s expressions that he’s still depressed but trying his best to look happy.

To me, his account isn’t a tragedy but a triumph. I’m sorry if we differ in perspective. When you look at him and see his pains, when you talk to him and hear the heavy load he’s carrying, you’ll pity him.

But pity isn’t what you should feel, for the pains are mere proof that he bleeds and his stories are testaments to the strength he has. Bottom line is with every breath in this living world, we all have to move on, unshaken, unstopped, because our story is not over. And guess what…it just will get better.

So when you pity yourself or others for this matter, realize this truth: We will make it with determination.



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