We’re now in the middle of December. It’s the holiday season! Our festivities and mini get-togethers have actually started last week and will end maybe until the first week of January. 🙂 Eating too much food more frequent than I do in my diet makes me feel less than stellar. If you’ve feasted on lots of food and are thinking of a reset, or are in the mood for a pre-holiday cleanse, this post is for you.

Resorting to a crash diet or hours upon hours of exercise to get back on track is not totally necessary. Our body can heal itself, and we can make healthy holidays possible with a few gentle ways with Klenzol. Here are 3 reasons why you should try it:

1. All-in-one, all-natural detox product

Klenzcol is a healthy drink for a healthy colon. It contains all-natural ingredients which will only do good for the body. These are food we’re familiar with: apple, guava, kiwi, cabbage, green peas, oat bran, and more–not some chemicals we can’t even read and decipher. I don’t have the time to buy all these food items and take them with my daily meals, so having an all-in-one natural cleansing product designed to get rid of toxins and unwanted matter sounds efficient!

2. Easy to drink

Without enough fiber in our diet, microbes start to gobble up the mucus barrier in the gut as an alternative food source. With one sachet of Klenzcol dissolved in 150 ml of water, I can keep up with fiber intake requirement instantly. It contains the fiber equivalent of 12 carrots, 7 bananas, or 3 heads of lettuce. Wow! Love that this drink contains probiotics, too, which help flush out congested waste from the digestive tract. It is easy to take for the entire family, and even for kids. It’s also FDA-registered, so no worries.

The recommendation is to take it 15 minutes before a heavy meal. Just dissolve in lukewarm water (not too hot and not too cold). Hot water may “kill” the enzymes present in Klenzcol, while cold water tends to form a jelly consistency that’s not easy to drink. So what I do is to mix in with lukewarm water, and then once the powder is dissolved, I add ice! I usually drink it before dinner every other day. Tip: Add honey as a natural sweetener for added flavor.

3. No bloated feeling

It doesn’t work like a laxative so there won’t be any feeling of a bloated stomach, having a swollen abdomen, or any “accidents” if you take it. What it will do is make you go more quickly following your usual routine.

Wrap Up

Having “healthy holidays” may seem impossible, as all that party food and takeaway can have consequences for our gut health. Between after-work events with coworkers and meals and festive chaos with family and close friends, it’s no surprise that our bodies will need a detox at some point.

With Klenzcol, you can still prioritize wellness and enjoy all your favorite holiday food without the guilt or the stress. This is not a full detox—and it’s not difficult; it’s just a way to eat a little bit cleaner and more mindfully. Drinking it to cleanse regularly may just be the secret to give yourself permission to indulge, without sacrificing nutrition and your defense systems in the gut. Take care! 🙂

Klenzcol Price

Original SRP: P650 for each box of Klenzcol and P2,600 for a bundle of 4.

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