That feeling of wearing heels all night long and finally taking them off at night? That’s how my heart and life feels like every weekend. I feel barefoot.

Pardon my absence—I wasn’t able to write last week until now as I was too preoccupied with work, my new blog, new dance group (hip hop) and usual long-distance walking exercises (as breather). Tonight at this time (9:30PM) I just came home from our company gathering: dinner at BlooiE’s Roadhouse Bar and Grill in Science Park Road.

Next week I’m expecting myself and my team to be busier. God please help us to overcome all problems. OK now we stray away from topic of work… 🙂 Instead, let’s talk about my new blog.

The name is iHeartSpills. In the site, you can read short but meaningful (I hope) articles about beauty, health, business, finance, insurance, real estate, stock market, technology, the Internet, lifestyle and society in general.

If you have something you’d like me to cover or want my opinions about, just pop me a message and I’d gladly welcome your suggestion. My goal is to write one post a day. Sometimes I do scheduled postings to fill me in the weekends when I’m not home.

With another new blog to maintain, I feel I’m falling deeper in love with words every day. Words have this ability to build or break, caress or cloy, devour or destroy an idea, experience or mood. They can show you what a thousand broken smiles, a million tears cannot.

Despite intangible (and not physically here), they can fill the holes in your pores and explain what our heart beat and dry mouth cannot. They have the ability to mend, fitting into the folds of your skin, like a lullaby a mother who actually cares would sing her child to sleep. Some words have the ability to change your life, to change the language you use to see the world through.

With iHeartSpills, I am becoming more aware of the new things available, breaking through boxed perceptions and reviving the “idea factory” in me.

If words were the train, then I want to be the rail that it runs on, the conductor that makes every publication exclusive, the engine that keeps the website going, and the stations or posts that readers like you pull into after a long hard day’s journey.

Please support me on this new ride by visiting iHeartSpills, following the Twitter account, liking the Facebook page, subscribing to the RSS feeds, and/or sharing the posts to your friends.

Thank you very much. 🙂


Health and technology freak. Food and lifestyle blogger with a large appetite for food and travel.

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