The air has moderated some and these days have been warmer. It has been quite a while when I last wrote updates on thanksgiving. I’d like to start with thanking God for a nice Sunday morning, for keeping me and my loved ones safe every day, for giving me determination and urge to finish tasks at work, for hinting me on the best things and decisions to go for, for leading me to meet good people, for challenging me to strive for new goals and for really making me feel Your love.

The rest of this post tells about recent updates.

BB Cream

In August, I have become more conscious about make-up. Still, I want to achieve a “no make-up” look. I have read through forums and blogs for suggestions and reviews and asked salespeople from different cosmetics shops for the best solution to enhance my skin, particularly on the face. And their answer was the BB cream.

Since I was in Singapore, I have been tempted to try BB cream, a tinted moisturizer that gives a smidgen of light covering the skin with built-in SPF. But somehow I stayed contented with the daily moisturizer I was using at that time that also has sunscreen content. When it has all been used up, I thought it’s the perfect time to give way for the beauty / blemish balm cream.

I compared L’Oreal, Clinique, The Body Shop and IN2IT’s BB cream and decided to try IN2IT because the saleslady entertained and answered my questions about the product in the most convincing way. Aside from the sales pitch, three factors have helped me make my purchase decision: (1) Price: It was the cheapest among them all and its quality was okay. The single tube is priced at PHp 399, available in Watson’s, while the price range of the rest is PHp 500-1500. (2) BB cream originated from South Korea and Japan. It has become a trendy product that the Japanese use for supple, porcelain and young-looking skin. Thought bubble: IN2IT is a Japanese brand, so it will not fail me. (3) The pink princess-y packaging was so adorable! love struck

IN2IT BB cream comes with two colors: ivory (for lighter skin tones) and sienna (for darker skin tons). So far, the ivory cream is blending well with my complexion (not oily or greasy, not sticky). The result is a matte finish without discoloration. I’m really happy with the product. It’s all I need to apply to get: waterproof foundation that helps whiten and brighten the skin; make-up base that ensures long wear for cosmetics; concealer that removes fine lines, blemishes and dark spots; sun protector that protects the skin against the UV rays of the sun with SPF 30 also to prevent damages by UVB rays; and moisturizer that keeps the skin moisturized with aloe vera and Vitamin E.

Daddy’s Walking Progress

On September 8, Daddy went for another surgery. He stayed in the hospital only for a day after the surgery, and we’re happy that his Achilles tendons were successfully fixed. He can now stand with both his feet flat on the floor (not tiptoeing on the side anymore) and he can slowly walk straight like any normal person does. The cement and stitches were taken off last week and soon he will be undergoing physical therapies to better his condition. Hallelujah! applause

Him dancing Oppa Gangnam Style would be a majestic number everyone surely awaits.

Work #busy #stress #pressure #fulfillment

Daytime job: The past four weeks have given me so much stress that I just want to snuggle up under my covers and doze off when I get home. I feel pressured with self-imposed milestones that have to be finished with my self-imposed dates and timelines. Oh well, I have to turn the world of idleness upside down because pressure is what keeps me going anyway. Right now I feel like I’m in the epicenter of growth, working on reaching my everyday goals written on my work journal.

Sidelines: Again, I thank God for strength and willpower that He has endowed on me to continue my writing endeavor. Making money online is not really easy. But with these gimmicks, I can spend only a portion of my earnings from part-time jobs and save the rest of the money from my real job for investment and for future significant expenditures.

I’m thankful that in spite of the busyness at work, my mind can still function given the little time I got to complete my assignments and tasks in these sidelines before the end of each day. The way I do it is synthesizing my mix-and-match master plan with best intentions to avoid getting my sight cluttered and push myself forward for the year and beyond.

And as if I’m totally not filled and cramped (yet) with heavy workload, I’ve started two blogs: Why Be Vegetarian and Ashitaba Plant hat I scheduled to be updated twice a week. Their main intention is to provide valuable and helpful content to people who need them most. My only hope for these new babies is to get increased organic search traffic, interaction and appreciation from visiting readers.

Shopping Spree

Mommy has claimed gift certificates for SM grocery store yesterday. Before buying groceries, we went shopping in SM department store. I bought two regular-priced belts and a corporate dress from a store consignor, and I got them with a 10-percent discount just when I showed my employee ID before heading to the cashier. It was a moment of glee and honor. Having special discounts is one of the reasons why I feel gratified to be part of this most prestigious retail company in the country!

Bonding with Mom is always fun! ♥


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