Philippine Mingsheng Wenyang Sports Association had its thanksgiving party last Sunday, in celebration of its eight glorious years in the field of wushu, lion dance and dragon dance. As part of the momentous occasion, we witnessed the ceremonial signing of agreement of Tong Sun and Ming Wei Dragon and Lion Dance Group who joined as member-organizations of our association.

The event was delightfully done and was an unmatched success. It was held at Royale Sharksfin Seafood Restaurant in Quintin Paredes Street, Binondo, Manila, from 8:00PM to 10:30PM. Honorable guests who graced the event were: 菲律宾武术协会 Philippine Wushu Federation 副理事長蔡清池 Mr. Samson Co and 教务主任許一晖 Mr. Michael Co, 菲中小姐基金会 Ms. Chinatown Foundation 董事长 吴文偉 Mr. Ng, 菲华青年会指导员 Mr. Honorio Tan, 卓世欽先生夫人 Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Co, 菲律宾中国商会 Philippine Chinese Chmaber of Commerce 会长吴啓發 Mr. Jose Go, 菲中台电视台 Chinatown TV 台长施玉娥女士 Ms. Lolita Ching, Mr. Arvin Sy, 菲华电视台 Chinoy TV 制作人姚丽英女士 Ms. Loraine Tan, 东山龙狮团 Tong Sun 团长余东山先生 and 副团长 Mr. Julius Garcia, 明威龙狮团 Ming Wei 团长 Mr. Marcelino Viray and 副团长 Mr. Alie Faisal, 菲律宾明胜文扬体育会 Philippine Mingsheng Wenyang Sports Association 董事长陈德通先生夫人 Mr. Mario Tan, 会长黄正胜先生夫人 Mr. and Mrs. Manuel Sy and 总教练蔡明仁先生夫人 Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Buenviaje.

Mr. Mario Tan, Chairman of Director of Philippine Mingsheng Wenyang Sports Association officially commenced the event and honored the guests with his welcoming remarks.

Later, guest speakers Mr. Jose Go, Mr Armando Lutrania and Mr. Marcelino Viray, also imparted their messages.

Ceremonial Signing of Agreement 簽署協議成为本会团体会员仪式

As the emcee, I called the representatives of Philippine Mingsheng Wenyang Sports Association, Chairman Mr. Mario Tan and Chief Instructor Shifu Arnold Buenviaje, and also the representatives of Tong Sun Dragon and Lion Dance Group, Group leader Mr. Armando Lutrania and Assistant Group Leader Julius Garcia, for the ceremonial signing of agreement between the Tong Sun and the Mingsheng Wenyang for the Member Organization. Mr. Samson Co and Mr. Honorio Tan served as witnesses.

This was quickly followed by the ceremonial signing of agreement between Ming Wei Dragon and Lion Dance Troupe and Mingsheng Wenyang. Again, Mr. Mario Tan and President Manuel Sy were requested to come up on stage as representatives of Mingsheng Wenyang. Represenatives of Ming Wei Dragon and Lion Dance Troupe were Troupe Leader Marcelino Viray and Assistant Troupe Leader Alie Faisal. Both parties signed, and Mr. Michael Co and Mr. John Flores stood as witnesses.

Dinner and Entertainment

Whetting our appetite were eight Chinese food entrees that were dished up lauriat-style. During the course of dinner, I introduced Camille Margaret Chang, who won first place in a singing contest in Uno High School (elementary division). She sang “童年” and “The Sound of Music” for us heartily.

Next, we were presented with videos which primarily highlighted the life and experiences of members in Mingsheng Wenyang. Shifu Arnold Buenviaje also projected a video called “A Life of Dream” which featured an autobiography on his life and an inspiring moral about overcoming adversity and fulfilling your purpose and dream.

Acts of Thanksgiving

Five of us members shared our testimony about Mingsheng Wenyang. We were pleased to have been given the opportunity to share what we think about the organization and express our gratitude for whatever it is that we gained, learned and improved because of the team.

Mr. Mario Tan then thanked each of us for the effort and time given to Mingsheng Wenyang. As a token of his appreciation, together with Mrs Lydia Tan, he gave a small hong bao to everyone.

Recognition of Winners

12 members who were most active in participating in lion dance events were granted accolade as well and were called as the “12 Magnificent.”

Moreover, a special recognition, “Member of the Year,” was awarded to Matthew Laurenaria, for having the most number of attendances in lion dance events in 2013.

The Mingsheng Wenyang team that won second place in the 5th World Dragon and Lion Dance Championship in Putian, China in November 2013 was given recognition and reward. The team that represented the Wushu Federation Philippines in Southern Traditional Lion Event was composed of members: Sheldon Buenviaje, Kenneth Sy, Jesse Yap, Matthew Laurenaria, Ivan Po, Reylwin Caña, Scott So and Psylyx Paras. This was not the only time that Mingsheng Wenyang had won a competition as we have been taking part in several local and international competitions.

Among the recent events where the team won was the Wushu Discovery Frienship Games, where Mingsheng Wenyang took home won 3 golds, 3 silver and 9 bronzes. In April 2013, Mr. Mario Tan led a six-member team to join the Ancestral Ceremony of the Confederation of Sarping Lion Dance in Singapore. In October 2013, we were invited to perform at the Malaysian Wenyang Sports Association 3rd Founding Anniversary at Johore, Malaysia where our eight-men team performed traditional Wushu and Lion Dance.

These are all thanks to the members and of course, Shifu Arnold Buenviaje, the man who has been our teacher, friend and father. He’s our strength, and without him, we may just crumble like a deck of cards.

Birthday Celebration

For the finale, Mr. Mario Tan, Shifu Arnold Buenviaje and Mr. Manuel Sy, the three pillars of Mingsheng Wenyang, were called to cut their birthday cakes. They have celebrated their birthdays this March. Mr Mario and Shifu Arnold were both born on March 5; and Uncle Manuel, last March 13.

Wrap Up

Since Mingsheng has been founded in 2006, I have been one of the members who have seen its humble beginnings and watched it become what it is now. The association is able to strongly promote and provide positive and diverse wushu experiences as well as lion and dragon dances. It is a true-to-life testimony that hard work pays off. With patience and determination to share his skills and talent, our very own Shifu Arnold delivers high performance programs and several events.

Members, both kids and adults, male and female, are all encouraged to purse not only local but also international competitive excellence. Together with leaders now in the group, they are guided in maximizing their performances and develop their full potential in the discipline of martial arts and related activities.

Through Mingsheng Wenyang, I have learned not only how to maintain physical fitness and practice wushu but also how to stimulate dreams and make them happen. I’ve learned the real meaning of “No Pain, No Gain” and “Practice Makes Perfect” among other things. As I recognize the competent coaches and officers behind that complete the team, I am very sure that this association will go a long way.

Although I’m not attending to practices religiously nowadays, I still carry a badge of honor. Just hearing about their success and accomplishments makes me really happy because I know they deserve it.

All photos are grabbed and edited from Ching A. Jie's album.


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  1. Debarpan

    Looks like another fun event..yes “No Pain No Gain” and “Practice Makes Perfect” these are the universal truth.

    • Rochkirstin Santos

      It would have become more of a “sporty event” if there were performances. In previous years, the members used to parade with lion dance and/or dragon dance. This year is quite different but next year, for sure, as our member-organizations will be coming from MY and SG, we will have a grand show.

  2. Franc Ramon

    You should write more about your Wushu activities. This must be a nostalgic event for you as you’ve been involved with the sports for so long.

  3. Maya

    That’s so nice to have a celebration to give thanks to what you’ve accomplished throughout the year 🙂

  4. monica

    Looks like a fun and interesting event. I bet you have learned a lot from it. I wish I could also study wushu 🙂

    • Rochkirstin Santos

      Hmm the event is not something educational. We just witnessed the signing of agreement between the two new organizations who become members of our org and also heard messages of supporters and members. If you really want, you can contact me so I can book you to a class this summer. 🙂

  5. Mindy

    Wow, you do wushu? That’s so cool! My hubby’s a huge fan of wushu (he used to do it when he was younger). And that’s so nice to see that you’re so active in the organization! I tend to run away as far as possible when it comes to this kind of organization (my uncle’s actually the head of a local Chinese organization) *___*

    • Rochkirstin Santos

      Yes, but I’m not very active right now because of events here and there haha. Still, I maintain flexibility and fitness so my physical abilities and strength won’t be too far from where I left off. Oh I wonder which organization that is but sure it’s in Indonesia. 😀

    • Rochkirstin Santos

      There are thousands of martial arts styles which collectively make up Chinese Wushu, or Kung Fu. Yes, I’ve posted an article about wushu and its relationship with lion dance on my other blog. Click here to read.

  6. Kath Rivera

    Hello sis 🙂 Wow! Wushu, I hope you can share some of your skills and activities. I’m a fan of martial arts movies and I think some of the movies I’ve watched have Wushu in their fighting stunts.

    • Rochkirstin Santos

      We have videos of performances but I think they are just uploaded on our group’s Facebook page. Other than those, what we have mostly are pictures. 🙂 I’m also a fan of martial arts movies and that’s one reason why I subscribed and committed myself to practicing wushu 8 years now.

  7. Rally L.C.

    It is always very pleasant for me to discover new cultures from all around the world. Thank you for sharing this event with us!

  8. Nestie

    I like to watch the coordination between the members of the dragon dance dragon when I’m watching Chinese movies, Congratulations for a successful event

  9. Alyssa

    Wow, you know how to write Chinese characters! Amazing! Looks like it was a fun event!

  10. Justin

    there’s just so much to learn about the Chinese culture.. their wisdom is so amazing.. and I also run a Chinese music blog so definitely, I can relate to their culture.. 🙂

  11. U-Ned Algabre

    I must say that seems to be an interesting event, I also dreamed of trying Wushu hehe 🙂

  12. Roselle

    I think it feels great to be part of this sports association and witnessed how it grows through the year.

  13. Deb

    So you had another awesome event to enjoy.Love the post and enjoyed those great photoes.


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