Fatburger’s first branch in the Philippines is now open in Glorietta 2! What’s behind the excitement? A quick look in this setting would probably lead you to believe this is just another American casual burger joint in the mall, one where you can hang out with friends and enjoy comfort food. However, this restaurant will probably deserve a more serious stamp of approval for burger-lovers as it offers a fun “create-your-own” ordering experience. There’s no shortage of ways of build your meal. You can choose different ingredients and add-ons for the burger. Want bone-in and boneless chicken wings? You decide. Choose the flavor and the heat level, the dips, and so much more.

My family and I visited Fatburger during its soft launch to taste some of its best-selling dishes and learn what’s it’s like to dine in a restaurant which was founded over 69 years ago. Aside from US and the Philippines, Fatburger is also present in other nations including China, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Malaysia, the United Kingdom, Fiji, Indonesia, Iraq, India, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Tunisia, Macau, Pakistan, Oman, Panama, Singapore, Canada, and Qatar.

Review of Fatburger (Glorietta 2, Makati City)


Creating a modern interior of a restaurant that has been existing for ages doesn’t seem an easy task, especially if it’s one of the most storied ones in history. Fueling in creativity, the designers of Fatburger must have made a good job. The color scheme looks subtle and elegant, with neutral colors for the fixtures, walls, and ceiling and red and yellow on the logo as accents. On the surface, this works to positively ooze charm and character as well. Overall, the vibe is casual and relaxed.

Fatburger is appointed with decent natural lighting across the dining area, but the fancy spotlights even makes the venue look more stylish and appealing as a post-date place to grab snacks in the heart of Makati City. From the entrance, the order counter is properly positioned upfront so customers would see the menu as they walk in. This is then surrounded with a choice of seating at individual tables or at a trendy communal table that’s perfect for mixing and mingling.


Customer service is pretty straightforward. Check the Fatburger menu, order and pay at the counter, and wait for your orders to be served at your table. Need something? Attendants take and manage requests efficiently to ensure a smooth and pleasant dining experience.


Light and hearty, the Garden Salad (PhP 235) may be the best choice for salad lovers and vegetarians. The greens were remarkably fresh and crisp, and the tomatoes had a refreshing snap and brightness that positively screamed garden. The cheese on top disguises the fact that you’re eating something healthy beneath. Aside from making the taste balance and more coherent, it definitely helps to trick the brain into actually enjoying the salad. 😛

The Chili Cheese Fries (PhP 165) were soft and addictive. The fries would be boring on their own, but the chili managed to tie everything together, while the cheese added sharpness to contrast the richness of the dish. It’s another lovely appetizer to start to the meal.

Fatburger serves different kinds of burger sizes, and each size upgrades with a layer of patty: original (1/4 lb), double (1/2 lb), triple (3/4 lb), and quad. Customers who would successfully finish The Quad alone will be awarded with a certificate of acknowledgement with congratulatory greeting from Fatburger on conquering the challenge. For huge fans of burgers, it just feels awesome to be at the top at the food chain! Decadent in the extreme for sure, this isthe burger” you eat before standing in front of a firing squad: a last meal of epic proportions. 😉

For a regular meal, the Original (1/4 lb) (PhP 195) was enough to keep us satisfied. It’s made with chuck-eye beef patty that’s grilled to perfection. It may not be as intense and tremendous in size as The Quad, but it’s a solid burger that’s spot on tasty and not boring. You can’t go wrong.

Fatburger’s Chicken Sandwich (1/4 lb) (PhP 195) is available in three preparations: Grilled, Crispy, and Cajun. We tried the Cajun-spiced chicken sandwich and we enjoyed it. The chicken was tender and it had a beautiful blend of salt and spices.

Moist and juicy, the chicken wings were our mighty favorites. We got Sweet Bourbon Bbq – Boneless Chicken Wings (PhP 185, Small – 5 pieces) and Honey Garlic – Bone-in Chicken Wings (PhP 175, Taster – 4 pieces) in medium hot level served with celery, carrots, and our choice of dressing. Well spiced and both sweet, these flavors are a nice departure from the standard buffalo. My sister liked sweet bourbon bbq more, while my mom and I favored the honey garlic. If you want piping hot, get the Death Valley or Scorchin’ and be mighty brave.

Kick’N Chicken Wrap (PhP 195) is not a rival of the burger but a great complement for a full meal. It’s made with boneless wings tossed in wing sauce with rice, lettuce, tomato and ranch dressing wrapped in a tortilla. The ingredients were put together firmly and tightly. It’s structured in a way that allows the flavors of each piece to burst in the mouth while still providing spots in the chew for hot juices of chicken to collect, ready to be gushed and dribbled out the moment you bite into it. Eat the chicken wrap right away though or it will end up soggy.

For drinks, we had Lemonade (PhP 65) and Oreo Cookies and Ice Cream Milkshake (PhP 195) which were served as great accompaniments to food at Fatburger.

Price for Value:

Fatburger Philippines ushers in flavor bombs beyond the original beef burger we all know and love. Keep in mind that it’s not about burgers alone. Buffalo wings, fries, and other sandwiches are also available and they are all reasonably priced. There’s also a full bar with beer, cocktails, and wine averaging at PhP 150-PhP 200 a glass. Wait…burger and wine? Why not? We’ll try that next time!

Glorietta 2, Ayala Center, Palm Dr, Makati
For inquiries, call (800) 459-4647
Date Published: 12/10/2016
Review of Fatburger (Glorietta 2, Makati City)
Price for Value
4.3Overall Score


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  1. lex

    I will score this review high, it was direct and we’ll detailed and I like how a few tiny details say more of this than even the large part of it all

  2. Echo

    I love made to order burger places! I love being able to order a burger exactly how I want it done! All of this food looks awesome. I think the chili cheese fries would be tasty too!

  3. Fred

    So many more spicy choices than non-spicy ones. I think I will only go non-spicy when I visit this place first. I hope they do expand to malls nearer where I live. Makati is not easy to reach where i live and work.

  4. Tiffany Yong

    Perhaps I’m not a burger person, so this doesn’t look very appetising to me. What’s more, I don’t take beef… so don’t fault me for not liking this!


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