We moved into our new house last January 21, 2018. My husband, Louie, surprised me and gave me a tour like a tourist guide explaining the history and details of each “attraction.” It was the first time I saw the house after over a year of construction and interior design, although we chose the furniture and appliances when we purchased them in the stores.

Everything was complete except for the washing machine. Our clothes were all being washed by our househelpers, and we haven’t really had the time to research about washing machine specifications and find the best one for our use. If anything, what we had hoped to get is a fully-automatic washing machine that’s capable of providing heavy-duty washing and convenient drying experience. We came across the Fukuda FAWM70 (7kg) and so far, we’re happy with it. 🙂 In this post, I’m sharing the top reasons why.

Review of Fukuda FAWM70 7kg Fully Automatic Washing Machine

1. It’s a time-saving and effective appliance for handling our laundry needs.

The Fukuda FAWM70 is a 7kg fully-automatic washing machine that functions for both washing and drying clothes. It has a reliable and efficient wash motor to make sure clothes are clean all the time. It saves us time since it offers a fuss-free option without any manual intervention. The “FUZZY logic function” is an intelligent program; it can perceive the washing capacity and then set the best procedure.

It adjusts water, energy, and so on accordingly. The spin cycle function is also particularly useful as it spins out excess water and partially dries laundry so the drying time on clothes line is cut down as well. Thankfully, it washes both synthetics and cotton superbly, and its rinse and spin modes are extremely thorough.

2. The modestly-sized 7kg load capacity suits us just fine.

We tend to wash clothes about once or twice a week so this drum size is sufficient. The space-saving top loader’s drum is large enough for easy access.

3. It’s energy-efficient.

The Fukuda FAWM70 doesn’t cost the earth to run. Its wash and dry program allows us to finish the job of washing and drying clothes straight through in under an hour with one push of a button. Its energy-saving mode adjusts the cycle time based on the weight of your laundry, reducing the amount of water and electricity used. Plus, it’s equipped with the 24-hour preset, meaning you can choose to soak your laundry first then set the machine to automatically run the wash cycle after a preset time. When not in use, it powers off automatically, saving energy even more.

4. It’s easy to use.

This washing machine features a digital panel with ergonomic button design for convenient operation. It’s designed with a tempered glass lid with damper for safe and slow closing of the lid. The intuitive, user-friendly controls are a major bonus for those who rarely read instruction manuals. If you’re like me who don’t like complexity when it comes to appliances, then give this one a whirl.

Other particulars:

Voltage/Frequency : 220V / 60Hz
Input Power : 340W
Net Weight : 27kg • Gross Weight : 31kg
Dimension : 565 x 580 x 910mm

Is the worth it?

With so many models on the market, it’s hard to pick what’s right, especially with the pressure of a limited discounts window.

The Fukuda FAWM70 Fully Automatic Washing Machine ticks a lot of boxes. It can carry large loads of up to 7kg and has a quick wash time of less than an hour, making speedy washing an easy option for families or couples on the go. Given its reasonable price and great feature set, you might wonder where the catch is. But there’s no nasty surprises: it is energy-efficient, performs exceptionally well in most areas and isn’t too noisy in the process.

With a digital panel showing how much longer your washing will take and a handy program which auto-doses according to what each load needs, it’s a fully automatic washing machine to look out for. The Fukuda FAWM70 is decently priced at ₱8,990.00. Hopefully, it will last us at least 10 years. 🙂

For more information about this item and other Fukuda consumer electrical products, visit Fukuda Asia’s website at https://fukuda-asia.com/.

How to Choose the Best Washing Machine for Your Household

After months of shopping for appliances and hearing advice of different people, we’ve learned not to be tempted to choose a washing machine based on price alone. This is often a false economy and may actually end up being more expensive in the long term. A cheap machine might well use more water and electricity, take longer to wash clothes and not give the same cleaning or stain-removing performance of pricier models.

If you’re not exactly sure which features are right for you, get help from the local manufacturer, store representatives, or local support center of different brands. Energy consumption, spin speed, drum size, wash modes, special features, and ease of use are factors to consider. Ask for a buying guide and they’ll take you through absolutely everything you need to know about buying a washing machine, so that you can make a confident decision and be happy with your choice.

This is a review about the fully automatic washing machine, Fukuda FAWM70 7kg.
Fukuda FAWM70 7kg Fully Automatic Washing Machine
Date Published: 03/13/2018
4.7 / 5 stars
Review of Fukuda FAWM70 7kg Fully Automatic Washing Machine
Design/Ease of Use
Energy Consumption
Drum Size
Spin Speed
Wash Modes
Special Features
4.7Overall Score


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26 Responses

  1. Stacie

    This sounds like a great washing machine. I good machine makes all the difference when you’re doing laundry.

  2. R U S S

    I love how washing machines have evolved & how they’re now energy efficient. This one looks really sleek and durable and at the price that you mentioned, this one is a good deal.

  3. GiGi Eats

    Oh wow !! THIS BABY is heavy duty! My husband and I are looking at houses right now to buy and this washing machine review gets me excited because he and I are going to have to pick out a lot of appliances and that’s super fun for me! 😉

  4. Leah

    You know you are an adult when you are excited about washing machines! I am dying to replace mine. That and my kitchen appliances!

  5. Joely Smith

    I think with all those features it looks very nice too. I like the digital display and it looks high tech. The fact that it is not too noisy is nice as well.

  6. Up Run for Life Healthy Lifestyle Blog

    This is a very nice looking washing machine. Mine isnt nearly as nice but it does the job. I cant believe that it can wash and dry in a hour. We have to wash the clothes and move them over to the dryer. Both can complete in an hour and a half if im lucky.

  7. Lynndee

    With all those features, sounds like that’s a really great washing machine. We do need a new one so we’ll check that out.

  8. Bing

    This is okay but what I don’t like is that this doesn’t have both detergent powder and fabric conditioner compartments.

    Although I prefer not to pour detergent directly on the clothes, I guess there’s really no other choice.

    As for the fabric conditioner though, how do you work around it? I’ve read that if a washer has no fabcon dispenser, you can still use them by selecting the rinse option for fabcons like deep rinse. However, if the washer doesn’t have that kind of rinse option, it’s not advisable to use the product due to how the “rinse” is done.

  9. jo paturara

    Its better to switch on sharp though its only 6.5kg , it can function same with this product. It also has powder and fan con compartment which is not available in Fukuda and have me hard time to do so. Just saying.

  10. Leonora Villanueva

    Good afternoon maam and sir my washing machine not spin that’s my problem my washing machine.

  11. Allen

    I bought last April 6, 2019 fukuda washing machine 7kg fully automatic. We encounter problem… During rinse it will spin but there’s a big noise or sound will occured during spinning.

    What is the issue with that.

    • Arch Eiranz John Atienza

      Hello ma’am. I just wanna know where I can put the gel/powder detergent and the fabric softener? Badly need your quick response. Thank you.

    • Orlando Bautista

      Hi Allen can I share the solution given to you, my washing has the same problem with yours, tnx a lot

  12. Mark

    I don’t usually participate or give bad reviews but I have to agree with some of the negative comments here because of my bad experience. I have the same washing Fukuda washing machine and after the 2nd month, it kept breaking at least once a month. It’s very difficult to coordinate with their service center. On this last time, they tried to tell me that they are not honoring their one year warranty. This has just been such a terrible experience.

  13. Pepito Mayo

    We just bought brand new WM Fukuda FAWM70OEMM190400079 after washing cycle, the Rinse and Spin cycle is not working after few minutes E3 alarm.A very upset customer.Please response ASAP


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