After careful thought and consideration, I decided to move in to a condo unit near our office in Eastwood at the start of November. My parents visited me on my second week of stay to see “my home during weekdays” and get around Eastwood Mall at the same time. To give them a warm welcome, I treated them to dinner at Green Pastures in Eastwood Mall, a farm-to-table concept by Robby Goco of Cyma. We enjoyed all the organic, local, and original dishes we were served with.

Review of Green Pastures (Eastwood Mall, Libis, Quezon City)


Green Pastures is one of the most charming environments you can find in Eastwood Mall. Tables and chairs are well-spaced and are matched with the same wooden finish. The ceiling introduces further layers of texture and draping greens. Interior design is minimal but large windows make the space look posh. The dim surroundings and the clear view of Eastwood Mall grounds and the side of 1800 Building outside make this restaurant somewhat achieve an all-round air of calm professionalism.


Service was gracious. We were well taken care of. The assigned waiter asked us about the food and promptly attended to other requests. My only gripe was that it took a while for orders to arrive. In any case, waiting time is a good time to start a conversation and catch up on updates with friends or family on the table.


As an appetizer, the Pinoy Egg (PhP 150) tasted far superior to the typical chicken egg we cook at home not only because it’s actually duck egg (just like balut but no weird and slimy inside) but also since it was wrapped in Green Pastures’ house-made longanisa. It had a rich and smooth consistency. We cut it into four and mixed together with the greens to form a salad. If you feel like trying a modern-day Filipino delicacy, this is a must-order. 😉

Vegetarian Burger that Doesn’t Suck (PhP 430) looked interesting on the menu. Fun food names like this make you think. We have tried a number of vegetarian burgers from different restaurants before, and this one was a standout. It truly delivered its promise! Taste wasn’t “fake” because the patty was not made with fake meat but with a custom blend of organic chickpea, mushrooms, leeks, celery, and eggplant. The vegetarian burger was served on a brioche bun and with sweet potato fries on the side.

The Octopus and Bone Marrow Specialty Pasta (PhP 425) is an excellent choice for those who are looking for a unique-tasting pasta. The first bite was unexpectedly complex for such a simple-looking dish. The marrow, completely emulsified in the sauce, added a velvety smoothness balanced by the sweetness of the octopus and brightened by garlic passato. Beautifully complemented by the crunch of the crumbs, the fusilli were tender yet retained some firmness. Overall, I found the dish sensational.

Hot and hearty, the Arroz Con Pollo (PhP 390) can be described as an after-work comfort food. Closely related to paella, it’s known as a traditional dish of Spain and Latin America. The white polished tinawon rice was flavored with konbu broth and mixed with the elegance of organic roasted chicken and crispy chicken skin.

Price for Value:

Organic and decent meals await at Green Pastures in Eastwood Mall. At a glance, diners may grumble about the steep costs, but portions that sized for sharing and thoughtfully cooked fare help offset any negatives. It’s worth a try. 🙂

Third Floor, Eastwood Mall, Libis, Quezon City
For inquiries, call 02 6613612
Date Published: 11/23/2016

Review of Green Pastures (Eastwood Mall, Libis, Quezon City)
Price for Value
4.0Overall Score


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10 Responses

  1. Melissa Dixon

    Wow this looks like a great place to check out. I love the decor in there, it really creates a nice atmosphere for enjoying those delicious recipes. If I am in the area I will be sure to check this place out! Now I am hungry!

  2. Debra @ Traveling Well For Less

    I love the farm to table concept. Good to know that there are reasonably priced farm to table and organic restaurants in the Philippines. That octopus and bone marrow pasta looks interesting and sounds delicious.

    • Rochkirstin Santos

      Yup, the octopus and bone marrow pasta tastes different. For someone who’s not really adventurous and willing to try unique flavors, it may not be a good idea to order it.

  3. Kathy

    What an awesome looking place. It is so cute, i wish we had something like this in South Texas where I live. The food looks amazing, thanks for sharing!!

  4. Stephanie Pass

    This looks like such a great place to eat! I love finding organic and farm to table restaurants. My husband would totally devour that veggie burger. He just loves a good veggie burger.

  5. Crystal

    Yum! I love all the unique flavors and how it’s all made with real food. I need to look for something similar in my area!


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