Trinoma is relatively close to our home but we super seldom visit this mall for unknown reason. Anyway, we thought of watching a movie there recently. Before then, we had lunch at Hanamaruken Ramen. Originating in Osaka in 1982, this ramen joint exudes a street-style charm in a modern setting. Its branch in Trinoma is apparently its first outside Japan, so we were much excited to try some Japanese food classics right at the spot.

Review of Hanamaruken Ramen (Trinoma Mall, Quezon City)


The ambiance offers good spaces for seating large groups. I like how Japanese decors were placed inside a glass wall, and the cage lighting inside even added up to an attractive visual display. A consistent gray color scheme and clean lines were followed throughout, giving a casual and upscale vibe.


The menu features recommendations and clear descriptions, names, and photos of food. Louie ordered Hanamaruken’s Signature Happiness Ramen (Half, PhP 445) without batting an eyelash. It’s the signature ramen bowl that’s said to be a masterpiece created by Founder Takaku Arakawa himself. For sure, it must be something really special. And indeed, it was a comforting dish with hearty ingredients and a rich aroma. We were surprised to learn that the half size is still actually quite large. A sheet of nori on the side has the words “Happiness is coming” written in Japanese. The broth is a mix of shoyu and tonkotsu, delivering both salty and savory flavors with pork undertones.

I got Hanamaruken’s Tan Tan Mien (PhP 390). Made with a porky, opaque pale broth, their version of tonkotsu came with a sticky-lipped intensity and tiny nubbins of fat and minced pork swimming around on the surface. Sesame paste and curry tasted great, with tolerable heat. No doubt, this is the ultimate meal-in-a-bowl for me and one of the things I’d think of when you say comfort food.

For our standalone side dishes, we got a serving each of Tiger Prawn Tempura (PhP 580) and Gyoza (PhP 240). The tempura was tagged with a hefty price, but it was worth it! With a gorgeous crunch, it’s one of best tempuras we’ve had. I fell in love with my first bite. 🙂 The freshness of the prawn was so evident, and we thoroughly enjoyed the flavor and natural sweetness that came from it without being distracted by the crispy tempura skin.

Their Gyoza was fine as well but not an absolute must-try. The filling was nicely seasoned and tasted better with the dipping sauce.

Price for Value:

Hanamaruken Ramen is known for serving bowls of soul-satisfying ramen that bring happiness. Prices are not too friendly to the budget, but patrons don’t mind. The signature taste, aroma, and flavors of each dish drive people to explore more and more into a heavenly happy ramen world. Bring your family here to experience slurp-worthy ramen, and you can’t go wrong. We’re also willing to try their rice bowls next time!

2/F Trinoma Mall, North Avenue corner EDSA, Quezon City Tel. No. 720-9283; 628-1603 Open from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. (Monday to Thursday) and 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. (Friday to Sunday)
Hanamaruken Ramen
Date Published: 11/01/2019
Hanamaruken was created by a family of butchers in 1982. It is a subsidiary of the Arakawa Pork Company, a reputable supplier of high-quality meat in Osaka, Japan.
4.3 / 5 stars

Review of Hanamaruken Ramen (Trinoma Mall, Quezon City)
Price for Value
4.3Overall Score


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