Whoever came up with that saying “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” is mostly right. (But I’d like to insert “or woman” and “or her” there as it fits rightfully as well for women.) Add fancy entertainment into the mix and you’ve really got it made. This is especially true when you’re with the best people of your life. πŸ˜›

Mom bought vouchers from MetroDeal when Movie Stars Cafe and Restaurant first opened its doors early this year. As for us, we just trusted her smart pick and like always, she’s right. We had a great time having dinner at Movie Stars Cafe last Friday night, when in a moment of weakness, we “acted like kids again,” in awe of characters which starred in different movies.

There were the likes of Supergirl, Star Wars, Spiderman, Peter Pan, Optimus Prime, BumbleBee, Atom, Super Mario, Snow White, Cinderella, etc. They all came in costume, performed on stage and even served food to the customers’ tables. It’s hard to believe that they dance, sing and act every day from 12NN to past 12AM. (See business hours at the end of the post.) Amazing, I know.

Review of Movie Stars Cafe and Restaurant: Dino Buffet (SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City)

Ambiance: β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…

As you can see in the picture, Movie Stars Cafe is surrounded with props inspired from blockbuster movies literally everywhere. From the walls, the statues displayed, outside facade and even the restaurant staff, the entire area is surrounded with your favorite movie stars. Customers can even interact with some characters on the flesh. Giant spotlights are positioned to shine on the statues and the sets of performers on the center of the stage. While watching their acts and taking pictures with them, you can also view movies on their four big screens and hundreds of monitors.

All these imply a strong and unique ambiance for customers to enjoy everything in sight, discouraging them from leaving the place early.

Service: β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…

From afar, I could already feel the warm hospitality of waiters and waitresses dressed like actors and actresses around Movie Stars Cafe. They gave me an impression that they were ready to serve and ready to make customers happy while bringing them back to childhood years for hours.

And yes, service was excellent. Staff in costumes were enthusiastic in serenading and approaching guests to make sure everyone has got a good laugh with them making funny faces and posing gestures of their character. They were proactive in asking if it’s okay to get our used plates and utensils and refill our glasses with water whenever they pass by.

Food: β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜†β˜†

Maybe for the “more carnivorous type” of people, the dishes would be rated as “great.” But for me, they were okay. There were lots of choices in Dino Buffet though, most or all of which were of American; namely, Hungarian sausages, grilled burger patties and burger buns, hotdogs and hotdog buns, DIY salad, beef steak, chopped Teriyaki chicken, pasta, fish fillet, potato wedges, veggies, onion rings and bacon. For the desserts, we had pastries, cake and fruits such as pineapple and watermelon.

The buffet table was U-shaped, with the big dinosaur’s (T-Rex) head draping in the middle section. Behind it stood the kitchen where customers can see chefs and the staff preparing and cooking food.

Price for Value: β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜†

The discount we got from the MetroDeal voucher cut 43% off the original price (from PHp 699, to PHp 399 per head). Basing on the food alone, the cost of the bill wasn’t worth it, for me. However, adding in the one-of-a-kind movie-themed performances, live bands and overall dining-experience-turned-dining-adventure to consideration, the value was very worth the promotional price. πŸ™‚

Seaside Blvd, SM Mall of Asia, Pasay, Luzon, Philippines
For inquiries, call 0905-277-9999
Date Published: 03/25/2013
17 / 20 stars

Operating hours:
Mondays to Thursdays – 12PM to 2AM
Fridays to Saturdays – 12PM to 4AM
Days before holiday – 12PM to 4AM
Sundays and holidays – 12PM to 12AM


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    • den

      if you are going to try that you can use this discount code! JPZU-1474 10% discount at your bill out. You can use that forever! so tell your family, Friends and workmate if you are going to try that place just use this discount code.

  1. earl pablo

    I personally select the ambiance and as I see the pix of the stars I was convinced that it needs to be visited soon..

  2. Ricky Bernardino

    Looks like a great place to fill your tummy and at the same time be entertained by the movie stars look alike. I will definitely go to this place when I go back to Manila =)

  3. Kenneth Ravida

    The entertaintment in the place really deserves it price, but the food looks yummy to me

    • Rochkirstin Santos

      You can try to drop by one of these days and also try to click the “pre-order” button of MetroDeal to get yourself ahead of queuing for a discount voucher.

  4. Pal Raine

    Thumbs up with this wonderful concept idea from Movie Star Cafe from foods to events. Hope they will open a branch here in SM PREMIER-Davao.

    • Rochkirstin Santos

      Hehe I just learned that you’re from Davao through your blog. Yeah, having a Movie Star Cafe branch in SM Lanang Premier would definitely catch a lot more people’s interest to shop and dine at SM.

  5. Hefty Foodie

    Interesting ambiance, hope it’s not too distracting. read mixed reviews of the food here. The buffet spread is limited yep?

  6. Ness

    Im super inggit!! Me and hubby was there last weekends but it was jam-packed. Too bad we didn’t call for our reservations.. So, we just decided to just call it a day and try our luck next time. Thanks for sharing this. Will definitely try this place soon. πŸ™‚

  7. Pa Ul

    This resto looks like a gallery with great foods and fun entertainment on the side. Rate from 1-5 stars I’ll give it 4.

  8. Jam

    wow.. a great concept they have!
    but if i am going to ask my parents to hangout, it might not be a good idea. for they got health complications already, they might not enjoy the buffet bec of its carnivorous foodie.

  9. Rochelle Rivera

    My kids will definitely enjoy Movie Stars Cafe Buffet with all the superheroes with the dining experience, but I heard the food was not that good and not much choices? But I will definitely try to bring them here.

  10. vans

    I will never go back to that place.
    had a bad experienced there.
    ,when we’re there yesterday our schedule is 10pm-2am. nasa door kame holding our voucher from metrodeal wala man lang pumansin samin to entertain. then we approach yun isang guy waiter for our reservation he just said wait lang po ah….so antay kame for about 30 mins standing sa main door wala nanyare.again we ask a girl waiter holding a bond paper na i think voucher din from other customer then sabe samin “wait lang po ah” wait din kame for another 30 mins wala pa din. nainip na yun guy friend ko he ask again yun guy na waiter na pinagtanungan namin nung una.kundi pa pagalit na nagtanung kami di pa kame papaupuin, ang dame naman vacant na table pala dun di pa kame pinaupo.ilang beses na nya kame nakita nakatayo di man lang kame inasikaso porket ba 3 lang kame?. So they gave us na ng table kinuha yun voucher namin iniwan kame nang wala man lang advise if what were going to do. we thought he will be back waaiting for nothing kame again. My guy friend decided na pumila sa food but a girl waiter approaach him and asked him “anung number mu?wait nyo nalang po tawagin nalang kayo.at ibibigay nalang number nyo”wait again kame for about 30 mins wala din nanyare. asked again kame if pwede na kumuha ng food sabe ng nung girl okay na daw pwede naman kumuha pala ng food without the so called NUMBER. so pinauna ulit namin yun isa namin friend since walang magbabantay ng mga bag namin, then girl asked us kumuha na daw kame food til 12:00am nalang daw pagrerefill ng food?what the hell 11:45 na?when were there para kumuha ng food halos 5 menu nalang nachos nalang ata ang madame so means wala kame naabutan sa pag aantay namin.yun ibang kasama namin halos naka 3 times na nakabalik.so bwisit na kame kung pwede lang sana refund yun voucher di na kame tumuloy.halos isang balik lang kame sa food ang ang liit lang ng plates nila.nawalan na kame gana kumain….after namin naubos yun food we asked for refill ng drinks dun sa waiter na naglilinis ng other table, ipinasa lang nya sa isa rin waiter…assual wait pa din kame ng 10mins uhaw na uhaw na kame…so decided nalang sabihin sa mga friend ko “TARA NA TAYO NA KUMAHA MAG AANTAY NAMAN TAYO.”kame na kumuha na dapat sila magseserve ng drinks.hay were so excited pa naman to go there for the venue at s food disappointed na kame sa service pati yun food iba yun nakalagay sa metrodeal na madame choices of food yun pala almost 10 menu lang lang and sa kakaantay 5 menu lang nakita namin.sayang yun 400 na binayad namin… decided kame umalis ng 12am na dapat til 2am pa…..

    promise myself that night i’ll write a blog for this bad experience soon!GRRRRRR….

    • Rochkirstin Santos

      Whoa. That was a super bad experience, probably the worst I ever heard. I applaud your patience on this. Despite everything – the poor service and negligence – you kept waiting still. 😯 If I were you, I would have called the manager and have him scold the staff members in front of everyone’s eyes! Grr.

      • nadeth

        We will be there this weekend, hope di samin mangyari yan vans, we waited for a month dahil puno na ang reservation nun july, kaya this sa sat pa kme nakapag pa reserved.

        hay… sana nman maging ok ang lahat, kxe last month pa kmi excited pumunta, naging sept nga lang hehehe…

  11. den

    hey guys! if you are trying to go to that restaurant use this coupon JPZU-1474 to avail a 10% discount upon bill out! just give this code to the employee or ask them about the discount code!


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