We suddenly craved for Korean bbq last weekend and decided to try Muhan Samgyupsal in Greenhills. Muhan PH surpassed our basic expectations of a regular restaurant offering unlimited samgyupsal and K-meat dishes. It also offers shabu-shabu and not only grilling. This time though we just availed their P449 package which includes unlimited pork, beef, side dishes, lettuce, egg stew, soup, and rice.

Review of Muhan Samgyupsal (Greenhills, San Juan City)


Want reliable and tasty Korean unli samgyupsal in San Juan area? Check this place out. Muhan Samgyupsal uses a smokeless electronic grill that cooks fast. Every table has a high-end tabletop grill and duct to minimize smoke. In addition, if you get the unli 3 package, they’ll bring out a shabu shabu grill as well to allow customers to enjoy and experience shabu-shabu dining and barbecue at the same time. The ambiance felt calm, classy and casual. Three c’s! That said, Muhan Samgyupsal in Greenhills is the perfect place to indulge in a big lunch, a leisurely dinner, or a fun night out no matter the occasion.


The menu isn’t as extensive as Romantic Baboy‘s or your upscale Korean bbq joint, yet every dish has layers of enjoyment and surprise. Unfortunately, out of the eight items on the menu, two were unavailable–Bulgogi Beef and Gochujang Bulgogi, to be specific. To compensate for the “loss,” we were billed P399 per person instead of P449.

Our favorites were Yang-nyum Beef, Yang-nyum daepae, and Daepae Samgyup. These are thinly sliced pieces of quality meat that taste so good you would cry if it dropped to the floor. The Yang-nyum Beef (Prime Angus Beef)and Yang-nyum daepae were marinated in a special tasty seasoning so you can really relish the goodness of every bite even without dipping in any sauce. But to add oomph to the flavor and pleasure to the mix, dipping the meat in melted cheese is recommended. Yum!

Beef Samgyup and Tong Samgyup were also good. The juiciness and tenderness of the meat was apparent and we loved it. Yang-nyum Moksal (not in photo) had spiciness and I couldn’t tolerate; it was just too much for me. It’s the only thing I wouldn’t recommend ordering if you’re not a fan of food that’s too spicy you couldn’t enjoy the flavor anymore.

Price for Value:

Overall, I think the selections at Muhan Samgyupsal are okay and prices are fair and reasonable. It’s best to go when you have a bunch of friends to share the food with. You can order with freedom and try a bit of everything, safe in the knowledge that it’s not going to get expensive. It will only set you back at P399 (Unli 1-Pork dishes only) or P449 (Unli 2-Pork and beef). It’s not a crowded restaurant even at peak lunch time when we went there, so if you want to avoid a long wait and you know you’re craving for unli samgyupsal, you need Muhan Samgyupsal. Walk-ins are welcome but you can also call and make a reservation ahead. Contact +63 956 3912240 for inquiries.

Ground Floor, Eton Square Building, Ortigas Avenue, Greenhills, San Juan
Date Published: 09/26/2019
4.2 / 5 stars

Review of Muhan Samgyupsal (Greenhills, San Juan City)
Price for Value
4.2Overall Score


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13 Responses

  1. Nancy L

    Mmm… Muhan Samgyupsal looks like a great place to go to experience authentic Korean cuisine, which I desperately miss now that I’m back home in Cleveland. The atmosphere looks relaxed and fun, too. On our next visit, I know where to go!

  2. Victoria

    This looks amazing. I love restaurants where they cook in front of you. I had a date night at one a few years back and it was the best experience ever.

  3. Theresa

    I like the smaller tables with the grills right in them. Usually, we are stuck at large tables with other couples that we don’t know and it’s really awkward. This seems more intimate.

  4. Ruth I

    I am a big Korean food fanatic. I am certain their variety of meals are outstanding. I would love to go and visit.

  5. Ice Cream n Sticky Fingers

    I haven’t tried Koren BBQ but it looks delicious. But then again, you had me with the food photos. I’m hungry now and I wish that I could try a few of these dishes. I have no clue where I could even find Koren BBQ in our area but I’m sure I could find a place that offers similar cuisine.

  6. Lynndee

    The food looks delish! My son have always wanted to go to a Korean restaurant. Now if only that restaurant is nearby, we’d surely go there. 🙂

  7. Terri Steffes

    Sounds like Korean bbq is a hit these days and this one looks really nice. I like the place itself because it’s easy on the eyes, perfect if you’re eating out with family or friends.


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