There’s something about rooftops, especially at night, that I love. Maybe it’s the feeling of being above everyone else, or it’s just the chill vibe that follows and breeds romantic thoughts. Keeping a nice and modern interior, Nest Modern Table and Bar (Nest Manila) located at the roof deck of the W Tower in BGC (beside F1 Hotel Manila) is a restaurant/bar that serves a fusion of Asian flavors and Western-style cooking plus a long list of concocted signature cocktails.

It’s good to come here if you’re looking for a decent place to celebrate a special occasion. Get a front-row seat to some of the most creative food presentations…and some really good tunes. Single and lonely this holiday season? Nest Manila also looks like a good venue to meet a potential special someone. Ayiiiiie! πŸ˜›

Nest MNL had its soft opening last July 18, 2014. The grand launch may happen anytime soon.

Review of Nest Manila (The W Fifth Avenue, Bonifacio Global City)

Ambiance: β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…

As mentioned in the intro, the appeal of this restaurant on the roof deck amazes me. Having its own unique personality, the look and feel of this “restobar” is so inviting. Being at the top with this super nice ambiance felt like being in a getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city scene. I thought I would want to hang here a lot if I lived in the neighborhood. But probably not during summer. This place is not air-conditioned, so the only things that can keep patrons cool are the fan and a cold drink.

Nest MNL is where you can seek peace and stillness, and it can also be where you can just relax by listening to music. Acoustic is played every Wednesday night and they have a DJ playing songs every Friday from 10PM. Fans of R&B, on the other hand, are welcome to enjoy and rejoice on Saturdays from 10PM to about 2AM or 3AM. πŸ™‚

Service: β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…

Nest MNL’s staffs made good impressions from the start. They greeted us courteously upon arrival and guided us right until we got our seats, on the way to the washroom and on our way out. What made our dining experience great was their attentiveness to our requests.

They have also given us the right sense that we were in a fine-dining setup as they’ve corrected the right placement of utensils based on the food being served and changed our plates in a timely manner.

Food: β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜†

Navigating through Nest MNL’s menu can be a little overwhelming. With so many attractive options for both food and drinks, which would you get? Here’s a rundown of items we’ve been served and maybe some, if not all, will fit your liking.


Coming out first with an appetizing food presentation was the Beetroot Carpaccio (PhP 300). Don’t be fooled with the flat, round, dark red thingy topped with eggs there. We all thought it was pepperoni and later felt as if cheated when we learned it was beetroot! πŸ˜† OK lah, this was one example of a lesson saying we shouldn’t judge food by appearance. Overall, the Beetroot Carpaccio was fresh, tangy, earthy and sweet, with feta cheese, citrus, segments, candied walnuts and garlic confit.

Secondly, Nest presented us with their signature Ham and Eggs (PhP 250). This combination had a good contrast of flavors, an exploration of taste each time with different levels of salty and savory combined.Β  With the egg yolk dissected, the soft-boiled egg was guaranteed cook to the right level. Asparagus and the other veggies on the same plate worked well, too.

Next was another beautifully plated dish that had a delicious aroma. The Foie Gras and Mushrooms (PhP 550) was made with poached eggs, croutons, slices of foie gras, and balsamic-infused medley of mushrooms. It may not sound like much, but the tastes of the ingredients were powerful and compelling.

Discover how Nest puts foie gras as one of the best pieces of meat your mouth will ever have the privilege of tasting. If you’re like me though who’s not so fond of meat, the mushrooms would be indulgent enough.


The Roast Chicken Supreme (PhP 280) was composed of a quarter chicken, duxelle, marble potatoes, veloute and snap peas. Wonderfully seasoned, the chicken meat was juicy, moist and tender inside. The vegetables in light sauce and the marble potatoes were quite addicting. Ordering this alone at Nest MNL will make you already full and satisfied.

There was a winner with the taste of the 5 Spiced Roast Pork Belly (PhP 250). The quality of the soy and garlic noodle was excellent. It’s the saucing that will be remembered for its incredible depth. Adding an interesting texture to the dish and offering a refreshing twist, the Sesame Cucumber Relish was a delightful complement.

Looking very palatable at any angle, the Rack of Lamb (PhP 950) made with Herb and Mustard Glaze and Smoked Eggplant Glazed Zucchini was tender and almost the melt-in-your-mouth type. I found that that this lamb doesn’t give an aftertaste. Getting it even for those who don’t like lamb won’t be a bad idea.

Bar Bites

I dipped the Beef, Cheese and Miso Spring Rolls (PhP 250) in the creamy sriracha hot sauce and mayonnaise. Sadly, I found the sauce to be so overpowering that it masked the taste that was supposed to be the star of the dish. It was a tad too spicy, though the veggies slices helped to add a refreshing touch to it. That said, I forgot to give attention to how relatively crispy the skin of the spring rolls was with each bite. Whoops. 😯

Yakitori basically means skewered and grilled food. Everything in Yakitori (Assorted Chicken, Pork, Salmon and Shrimp) (PhP 200) was cooked to perfection. The sweetness absorbed by the meat, poultry and seafood had also brought the savory dish to the next level. It was good that the yakitori sauce was not too watery and it was able to coat the meat while successfully delivering a punch in flavor. Know that you can order the full fledged pieces, but they also come with full fledged price tags: Chicken (PhP 250), Pork (PhP 250), Salmon (PhP 350), and Shrimp (PhP 315).


Can you ever end a hearty meal without some desserts? Not for us anyway, as we were pampered with the Chocolate Textures (PhP 200) with Chocolate Marquise, Raspberry Coulis, Fudge Brownies and Strawberries. It was super rich chocolate-y goodness! Just by looking at how beautiful this piece looked like, I bet anyone would easily succumb to it.

The layers were made with different textures forming a perfect harmony. On hindsight, while I loved the cake as it was, I thought it could also be served warm. Pairing it with ice cream or a whoop of whipped cream would supplement another dimension.

Equally tempting, Reese’s SansrivalΒ (PhP 200) with Peanut Butter Cream and Chocolate Ganache captured our hearts as well. This is a version of sansrival that’s made glorious by virtue of its divine combination. It was very smooth and tasted decadent with its buttery and sugary goodness.

Served warm and fresh, the Donuts and Dips (PhP 200) platter was also a hit for us. I liked how this gave us the liberty to choose among three dips: salted caramel, strawberry jam and peanut butter cream. My personal favorite had to be the strawberry jam. The donuts tasted good, with just the right amount of gooey, crunchy, and fluffy.


My drink of choice for the evening was Sexy and I Know It (PhP 331) which packed Absolut Vanilla Vodka, Rose Syrup, Lemon and Maraschino Cherry Liqueur. The lingering taste of rose with a hint of vanilla helped to give a nice twist to the otherwise heavy-tasting dishes we had. Loved it! πŸ™‚

Smokin’ (PhP 414) – Laphroaig Single Malt Scotch, Coconut Syrup, Honey and Lime

Green Mojito (PhP 414) – Bacardi Silver, Green Apple Puree, Green Charteuses, Mint and Ginger Beer

Price for Value: β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜†

While the food and drinks at Nest MNL deserve a thumbs-up (good eats are good eats), the real treat for me was the stellar ambiance and also the service. I can’t emphasize enough how lovely this place is and how the customer service team cares about apparently everyone who walks in the door. That’s something that goes a long, long wayβ€”and what makes the prices worth the value. πŸ˜€

Thanks to Ahia Richard for the invite. πŸ™‚

Roofdeck, The W Fifth Avenue Building, 5th Avenue Corner 32nd Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
For inquiries, call +63 9178749999
Date Published: 11/26/2014
Operating hours: 5PM to 2AM (Monday-Saturday)
18 / 20 stars


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  1. stacy |

    I tried them during their sampling menu during their launch. I’m afraid the service was not as good. Failed to appreciate the pork belly as it was already cold and masebo. Given that things looked so good during your dining experience, I’ll give try them again on a normal day nga.

    • Rochkirstin Santos

      Oh. πŸ™‚ I think Nest MNL is a good hidden gem that’s unpretentious. Yup, try it again sometime soon or maybe when it launches fully. For the most part, its intimate feeling is what convinces me to like this place and to add it to my make-sure-to-return in the future list. πŸ˜‰

    • Rochkirstin Santos

      Yes, I was quite surprised that Nest MNL real good food. I was under the impression that they only have bar bites and snacks together with alcoholic drinks and juices on the menu. I recommend this restaurant ’cause you get food that’s not ridiculously overpriced given the setup.

  2. Mindy

    Everything looks so good! Especially the lamb rack (you can tell that i am quite a carnivore from this line… but i love veggies too :D!). Absolutely love the ambience as well, seems quite fitting for a romantic dinner!

    • Rochkirstin Santos

      The lamb was pretty amazing as it didn’t give me a hard time to chew. Yeah, I would love to bring my boyfriend and family here. Service is quick and the bartenders are nice. Overall, Nest is a noteworthy place to visit if you get the chance.

  3. mr_jeng

    I would probably go back for the mains. The lamb, the chicken, and the noodle dish were excellent. I just didn’t like the skewers and the spring roll that much. But the mains definitely left an impression on me.
    Have a good one Roch and thanks for the tips on SG.. although… SO was dubious with me asking her to go on the INDIAN food thingy.. she was like… uhm.. wait.. veggie buffet? and indian… DOT DOT DOT hahahaha.. Thanks a lot dear and see you soon πŸ˜€

    • Rochkirstin Santos

      Oh yeah the skewers’ sauce was tad too sweet for me. It overpowered the taste of the meat and veggies on the stick. The spring rolls, on the other hand, if eaten without the sauce would be bland, I think.

      You’re welcome, Jeng. Haha it’s okay if you don’t really prefer vegetarian + Indian some more. There are many other interesting restaurants to try in Singapore. Take care. πŸ™‚

  4. Rena McDaniel

    What an amazing restaurant to get to visit! You had me at rooftop! There is nothing better than enjoying a great meal looking out over a beautiful city!

    • Rochkirstin Santos

      Yes, you got it. What I super appreciate are the laid back atmosphere, good vibe, and nice views from the top. Moreover, Nest is a little more charming by the fact that it’s kind of hidden.

    • Rochkirstin Santos

      Nest offers a snazzy and great views in an urban setting. The lighting and music create the perfect ambiance. If you’re looking for a romantic drink or quick snack on a warm evening, this is the place.

  5. Debbie Jean

    I would LOVE to go there on a date with my husband – it looks so nice! I’d love to try those drinks too – they look great (it’s all about the drinks for me!)

    • Rochkirstin Santos

      Go for it! πŸ™‚ There’s a long list of drinks to choose from. Note that they also have a Happy Hour promotion that starts from 5PM to 9PM. All signature cocktails are up for Buy 1 Take 1 grabs, and 3 beers on Tap warrant one more on the house.

  6. Nancy

    Oh I just love it when a place is beautifully decorated – Nest looks really unique looking, with the small bar, and large comfy chairs and couches. Without even tasting the food – everything looks like it’s delicious. I kinda want to go! πŸ™‚

    • Rochkirstin Santos

      Sounds like a plan. πŸ™‚ While food and drinks are good, what you can really appreciate is that Nest Manila will make you feel like you’re in a quiet oasis away from the noise in the city, but you’re still in it.

  7. Fi NΓ­ NeachtΓ‘in

    Looks like this place has a great atmosphere. The food looks so delicious!

  8. Ann Bacciaglia

    The decor is fantastic. This food all looks so delicious. I wish i could try in now.

  9. Anna

    Everything looks so darn delicious! Presentations were fabulous also! I want that Chocolate Textures! It looks delightful!

    • Rochkirstin Santos

      Yes, and I met new ones, too. πŸ™‚ If you’re dining here, don’t miss the Chocolate Textures. I’m sure you’re going to love it. The flavor flirts with bittersweet and practically demands a frosty glass of milk (no coffee for me)!

  10. HilLesha

    I have never been on a roof deck of a restaurant, but it sounds like a wonderful experience! Also, the food and drinks you showcased look utterly amazing. πŸ™‚

    • Rochkirstin Santos

      The food menu doesn’t have much but wait until you read the drinks list. I was like “Whoa!” 😯 It seemed unending but of course I had to choose only one.

  11. Rebecca

    Wow the rooftop is dreamy! I can only imagine how beautiful and relaxing the view must be. And the food looks divine! I love your photos

  12. Amy Desrosiers

    Wow, the food looks beautiful there! I would love to experience it because it looks so modern and cool.

  13. Fernando Lachica

    The place, food, ambiance…everything’s so cool to dine with this kind of setting. Looks wonderful to be with your special someone this coming Valentine’s Day.

  14. Lynndee

    A restaurant at a roof deck? For sure it offers great views. I would love to go there. And for sure, those foods are delish.

  15. Ron Leyba

    The place, the food and the ambiance, they all look awesome and perfect for me. How I wish we can visit Nest Manila too! Hopefully this holiday season.

  16. JeniG of Kalikotpepot

    Considering the very “sosyal” place, the price of food is reasonable naman. I personally love to try the Rack of Lamb. This would be a perfect place for my sis and her husband for their wedding anniversary. I’ll recommend this to them:)

  17. Stephanie Lee

    I love the interior! Looks really classy, So perfect for a romantic date and business meetings. I wanna try the Rack of Lamb. Will visit BGC very soon to check this out! πŸ™‚

  18. Rebecca Swenor

    This is an awesome place to dine indeed. I love the beauty and the food look magnificent. Thanks for sharing.

  19. Geanine

    The views are gorgeous, I love a rooftop location to meet new people. The food looks amazing as well. Thank you for sharing πŸ™‚

  20. Melissa Smith

    I am in love with this place just from your post! Pass the Green Mojito please!

    • Rochkirstin Santos

      Having a meal here would be perfect to cap off a stressful day at work. Try out their alcoholic drinks but be careful not to be drunk especially when you’re driving. πŸ˜›

  21. Ashlea Pedroza

    Greetings from Colorado! I’m bored to tears at work so I decided to browse your site on my iphone during my downtime here. I enjoy the knowledge you present here and can’t wait to read more when I get back to my place.


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