After having a decent meal at Pitmaster’s Smokehouse BBQ in Kapitolyo, Pasig City, we can say we’ve turned into fans of this grill restaurant. Our overall experience was certainly classed-up. Their specialty? Smoked meat cooked using only local wood and a unique blend of spices, and then paired with a collection of homemade sauces like Apple (sweet), East Capitol (spicy), and Hazelnut (something close to a spread that you love). Local beers are served daily.

with Chef Dan

Pitmaster’s Smokehouse BBQ humbly began as a simple ihaw-ihaw barbecue concept that has grown into a more technical “smoking” barbecue restaurant serving mouthwatering smoked meats. This is a great spot to expand your horizons on grilled dishes and delicious comfort food without committing to breaking the bank. It’s a destination for family and certified foodies looking to diversify their curious palate. To further relieve worries on the bill, reserving through BigDish is recommended. Book online and score a huge discount of up to 50% off!

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Review of Pitmaster’s Smokehouse BBQ (Kapitolyo, Pasig City)


Casual urban elegance meets modern aesthetics at Pitmaster’s Smokehouse BBQ. Wood surroundings mostly make up its rustic approachability, and brick walls adorned with creative drawings and some food posters further add on to the consistency of a cozy feel. Splashes of color are introduced in the form of writings on the chalkboard menu. Ample lighting is available but there’s also a lot of natural lighting from the restaurant’s windows. Layout is kept simple, maximizing the seating zones arranged throughout the indoor area, while also having an outdoor space for al fresco dining.


Chicken skin is usually salty but Pitmaster’s does it differently. Their deep-fried Chicken Skin (PhP 145) had a great balance of honey-sweet and garlicky flavor that provides a nice change of pace from the traditional dish you’re familiar with. It excited our appetite and made us look forward to the next entrees with eager anticipation, which is what every good appetizer should do. The chicken skin was punchy and perfect to order on your cheat day. 🙂

Pulled Pork Roll with Kesong Puti (PhP 200) is a definite mainstay on the menu. It’s not lumpiang Shanghai or any ordinary fried spring rolls, though it may look like it, but shredded smoked pork butt tossed in Gochujang, rolled and deep fried. Here you get the best of both worlds: thick, slightly chewy and juicy meat and crunchy bark. It’s a nice pica-pica dish while having smooth conversations over a meal. Kesong puti on the side bounced against the gentle flavor of pork without fear of overwhelming the senses.

Pit Caesar Salad (PhP 240) is classic Caesar salad mixed with smoked bacon strips and homemade anchovy sauce. Here you have salty, smoky, and sweet flavors in a balanced medley. The greens were sparkingly fresh and what elevated the dish even more was the poached egg on top, which wasn’t meant for only decoration, but really as a palatable component. And oh, the smoked bacon gave depth to what might otherwise be just a boring salad.

We saved the best for last. For our main course, we had The Pit Platter (PhP 1500) which consisted of five smoked specialties with regular sides (see list below) and carafe iced tea. It’s good for four people to share! Some food are simply too wonderful to ignore, and this smoked meat platter definitely falls into this category. Visually and flavor-wise, the Pitmaster’s Smoked Ribs and Smoked Corriander Chicken for me were the most tantalizing. All the other meat varieties were done right as well, featuring perfect charred crust in savory and smoky goodness. The sides, especially our favorite Elotes or Mexican-style corn on the cub, also scored A in our book. Yum!


  • Pitmaster’s Smoked Ribs – 7-hour smoked pork ribs
  • Black Angus Brisket – 15-hour smoked black angus beef brisket
  • Smoked Bacon Strips – homemade 7-day cured and smoked bacon strips
  • Smoked Corriander Chicken – chicken leg quarter with honey chili-garlic glaze (mild, hot, magma)
  • Pit Smoked Sausage – homemade smoked sausages with your choice of either garlic & herb or sweet pepper
  • Sides: Kimchi Rice (PhP 65), Pepper Rice (PhP 60), Mashed Sweet Potatoes with Thyme Bechamel (PhP 95)

Price for Value:

In the landmarked “foodie” space of Kapitolyo, piles of restaurants left and right fight for attention. If you’re looking for grilled and smoked meat, look no further than Pitmaster’s Smokehouse BBQ, which lives up to its name. (By definition, a pitmaster is one who operates a barbecue pit, one who is skilled at barbecuing.) This restaurant serves really good smoked meats matched with tasty sauces that don’t overpower but complement and blend together well with the dishes.

Prices aren’t much of a bargain but pretty reasonable for the quality of food and friendly service. Click here to book your next meal at Pitmaster’s Smokehouse BBQ to get a discount and invite your friends to indulge in reliably good bites! 🙂

64 East Capitol Dr, Pasig
For inquiries, call 0917 3160255 or (02) 616 7919
Date Published: 08/17/2017
Review of Pitmaster's Smokehouse BBQ (Kapitolyo, Pasig City)
Price for Value
4.6Overall Score


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21 Responses

  1. Jelli

    OMG! The pulled pork roll and fried chicken skins look incredible! Definitely something I’d nosh on during a “cheat” day. I haven’t had smoky bbq for ages and those sauces sound great too. I so wish I were there to try it. My husband would be ALL about this restaurant too. The chalkboard drawings are great!

    • Rochkirstin Sioco

      Sauces can make or break a recipe. I think Pitmaster’s Smokehouse Bbq has invested greatly in theirs. I hope I’m not preempting the news but soon they’ll also be selling their homemade sauces.

  2. Marissa Zurfluh

    I am in love with this restaurants decor. It looks very upscale however also very rustic. The technique of smoking meats is something I have yet to master. I always seem to ruin it. The photos of the meals look heavenly and now I am hungry.

    • Rochkirstin Sioco

      There’s so many components of the method and steps to think about when grilling. Smoking over charcoal may sound and look easy, but there’s a lot more to it than putting the meat on the griller and waiting for it to be cooked. The flavors, aroma, thickness, texture, etc. come into play as well and that’s also something we take interest in. 🙂

  3. Censie Sawyer

    Oh yummy! Now I love a good BBQ but my husband loves it even more. He would eat this type of food every day if I let him! HA!! I lvoe the decor in the restaurant. Looks so fun!

  4. cheryl

    You had me at pitmaster! I wish I lived close to be able to take advantage of this. everything looks so good!

  5. melissa

    I love the look of this place, it seems like it would feel really cozy and rustic. It seems trendy but very welcoming at the same time. The food looks amazing and I would love to check this place out. There are just not many places like this by me, I would love to see one of these pop up near us.

    • Rochkirstin Sioco

      There’s also not a lot of places like this near our home. This restaurant is worth traveling for anyway. We love the atmosphere and most especially the food. Waiting time can take a while though because of the cooking method.

  6. Karlyn Cruz

    Oh! I really LOVE this! Wish it was around here! I’m Filipino and I LOVE any kind of Filipino food but this looks like it’s got such great ambience! It’s truly lovely!

    • Rochkirstin Sioco

      The ambiance is great indoors but I think it also feels quite refreshing to dine outside. What’s good is that the al fresco area is covered so you don’t have to worry when it’s raining.

  7. Sandy N Vyjay

    I like the fact that the Pitmaster Smokehouse is so spacious. It makes for the right ambience to really enjoy the food experience as opposed to a cramped place. That the food is also good is definitely an important point. This is indeed a candid review of the place and very useful when you are looking out for nice places to eat out.

    • Rochkirstin Sioco

      Right, definitely the space and ambiance make up a huge part of the dining experience. That’s our take, but there are also some people who don’t care about the surroundings; as long as they’re served with a delicious meal, that’s fine with them.

  8. Ali Rost

    My husband and I are huge BBQ fans and I’m sure we’d love Pitmaster’s. If we’re ever lucky enough to go, I know we’d order the Pitmaster’s Smoked Ribs (for him) and Smoked Corriander Chicken (for her) x

  9. David Elliott

    I had never heard of that type of BBQ before. But the food that you have shown here looks absolutely fabulous. I have never heard of doing fried chicken skin though. Sounds yummy. And the BBQ just looks amazing. Definitely worth a trip there should I be in the area.

    • Rochkirstin Sioco

      Yeah? Fried chicken skin is usually served as a bar snack, complement to beer in local restaurants, or a delicacy in some regions. You have to try it one time. 🙂

  10. Lisa Favre

    Aside from the food that looks absolutely delicious, I just totally love the look of this place! It’s so modern and I love all the furniture. This looks like a great place to have a date with a significant other!


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