Spiral has always belonged to the top 5 answers my friends say when asked about their most favorite buffet restaurants in Philippine hotels. For years, I have been aspiring to come back and re-experience a “gastronomic voyage nonpareil.” My first time at Spiral in Sofitel Philippine Plaza might have been a decade ago, so I thought spending our wedding anniversaries here with my family would be an epic moment.

Last March 26, we celebrated our second wedding anniversary, and my parents’ had theirs last February. We agreed to have lunch last Saturday in this multi-awarded dining destination. I didn’t plan on eating breakfast on the day to prepare for the sumptuous spread, but since I woke up early, I had to give in and had a light meal. 😉 Thankfully, my appetite hasn’t waned and I still came with a hungry stomach.

Review of Spiral (Sofitel Philippine Plaza, CCP Complex, Pasay City)


A Sofitel flagship, Spiral presents a bewildering array of choices with different cuisines available. The setting is quite modern and cozy, with an intimate and classy vibe and accommodation capacity is huge. This excellent buffet restaurant is divided into 21 dining ateliers. It features lustrous white marbles and glowing glass counters, where guests can watch how chefs masterfully prepare food right in front rather than in the back kitchen. At prime times, lines can go on forever, especially for tempura and ice cream, so remember to get there early.


At first glance, you’ll have a hard time choosing which station to hit first, but the good thing is that you can try all of them like we did. 🙂 While there’s a ton of dishes, I must say none was particularly outstanding and it’s hard to pick one or even a few favorites. I suggest planning ahead to choose your best bets and get your time and money’s worth. 😉

Here are some suggestions:

First Round: Appetizers. For starters, make your way to the 1. Salad and Appetizer and grab some fresh locally grown produce and organic colorful vegetables. Next, head out to 2. L’Epicerie, where meat and cheese lovers would discover heaven. Feast on a wide variety of premium aged hams, charcuterie, smoked fish, artisanal cheese from France, Spain, Italy, Germany and Switzerland. Pair them with olives, herbs, sun dried tomatoes, olive oil, sauces and condiments for an outstanding gourmet experience.

Second Round: Japanese and Pizza. Love tempura but hate waiting? Get to 2. Hot Japanese quickly so you can be one of the first in the queue for ebi tempura, if you’re into it. 😉 Here, you can also enjoy a selection of traditional grilled seafood, meat and vegetables cooked at the robata or at the teppanyaki. Before returning to your table, take a few pieces of fresh sushi, sashimi, temaki, or nigiri from the 4. Sushi Sashimi Station, or try a slice or two of traditional wood-fired oven pizza at the 5. Wood Fired Oven.

Third Round: Chinese Food. Travel to the Chinese counters and delight your senses with 6. Asian Noodles drenched in your choice of broth, sauce, soup stock, and condiments. You may wait for noodles to boil and cook, or request delivery to your table. If you choose to wait, just beside is the 7. Peking Duck Oven. Taste the perfection of roasted Peking Duck. Take another few steps and you’ll find the 8. Chinese Wok station and choose from a selection of Wok cooked Chinese dishes reflecting all parts of China whether Cantonese, Hunan, Sichuan or regional. End your Chinese food trip with 9. Steam Baskets and savor authentic steam and fried dim sum such as hakaw, siomai, wonton, and spare ribs.

Fourth Round: Various Asian. Continue chowing down on Asian food. Visit the 10. Korean food bar for sizzling plates and freshly tossed vegetables. We tried their kimchi, bulgogi, squid chili barbecue, and other banchan. Adjacent to Korean is the 11. Thai food station where you can find fiery flavors of soups and curries. Next up, 12. Filipino food. Satisfy your palates with a delectable array of traditional Filipino dishes like beef tapa, adobo, kare-kare, and crispy pata.

Fifth Round: Meat and Seafood. When it comes to meaty entrees, you can peruse the 13. Rotisserie station with rich portions of meat and poultry, such as roasted chicken, slow cooked lamb, beef, and pork seasoned with assorted herbs and spices. If you’re feeling more adventurous, try tandoori-spiced meats with Indian and Asian bread and sauces at the 14. North Indian food bar. Get your share of naan and tandoori as well. Love surf and turf? Balance meat with a helping of seafood. 15. Churrasco offers juicy skewered seafood, while 16. French Stove has grilled seafood.

Fifth and Final Round: Desserts. Sweet endings are the perfect way to conclude a memorable dining experience. Succumb to the temptation of freshly baked French pastries of all shapes, fillings, textures and sizes at 16. La Patisserie. Craving for chocolate? Don’t miss the 17. Chocolaterie and indulge in artisanal chocolate, truffles and pralines. One bite of these will surely make you euphoric with its intense flavors and colors. To top it all, finish your meal with ice cream. 18. Creamery offers different ice cream flavors that are both fruity (mango, strawberry), and citrus (calamansi) along with coffee, chocolate, and ube. You can also request for a crepe topped with a scoop of ice cream.

Note: I don’t have photos of food per station up close because one of the waiters came up to me when he saw me shooting with my camera. He said only shooting with a phone camera is allowed. I didn’t understand the logic behind so I asked why. He turned his back and walked away. Snotty behavior or he really just didn’t hear me? I asked the second time but he ignored me and didn’t seem to bother. Oh well.

Price for Value:

SPIRAL at Sofitel Philippine Plaza isn’t just one of the most buzzed-about hotel buffet restaurants — it also offers one of the best and most lavish food selections. It’s not known as Asia’s grandest buffet for nothing! So while you’re here, make the most out of your visit and eat to your heart’s desire.

SPIRAL Manila’s rate per person is originally priced at PhP 2,750 for Mondays to Saturdays lunch buffet, but since I purchased through MetroDeal, I got a 27% discount and paid PhP 1,999 per head instead. Price is still expensive but it’s as expected of an indulgent experience. This buffet restaurant can pretty much satisfy any craving. Once you hit the dessert station afterward, you’ll just have to roll home. Food coma!

Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila CCP Complex, Roxas Boulevard Pasay City 1300 Metro Manila, Philippines
For booking and reservation, contact +632 8326988 or email H6308-FB12@sofitel.com
Date Published: 04/02/2019
3.7 / 5 stars
Review of Spiral (Sofitel Philippine Plaza, CCP Complex, Pasay City)
Price for Value
3.7Overall Score


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  1. candy

    Well this looks like the place to hang out and get some great food. Very classy looking place they have there.

  2. Jeanette

    The place looks extremely fancy. Would be a fun place to take the family to women want to dress up and go somewhere. Sounds like they have great food.

  3. GiGi Eats

    Oh lalalala! The food situation at this hotel is ON POINT!!! I travel for food, so I am definitely intrigued by all these selections!

  4. Tasheena

    This looks like a really nice place to visit. The food looks amazing. Love the presentation of the food.

  5. Sarah Bailey

    OK now this looks like an amazing place to go and grab a bite to eat! What a variety of food they have at the buffet! Great idea.

  6. Lisa Favre

    I’ve been to the Philippines once but didn’t get a chance to visit Pasay City. The Spiral looks so beautiful and definitely worth visiting at least once!

  7. Emily

    This looks like such a beautiful place to visit! I love exploring a new city and trying different local places to eat. Travelling more is definitely in my future plans.

  8. Farrah Less

    This is what I miss back home this hotel are so relaxing and looks very welcoming. Philippines are really developing when it comes to high class accommodation. I would love to stay here in the near future.

  9. Swathi

    That buffet looks not only delicious loved the all the variety of food. This is really great to enjoy with family. I wish I can visit this plaza.

  10. Amy H

    What a beautiful looking place to eat! The food looks delicious! I can see why you may want to eat very light the morning you go

  11. Bohemian Babushka

    Babushka LOVES Buffets!! Between BB and Sweetie we do damage at them. LOL. The one you write about looks BUENISIMO! Pity it isn’t in Florida. Happy Anniversary and many more for you and your parents.

  12. Jona Shares

    I have never tried to eat at Spiral but this is on my list. Still checking out our schedule when we go to Manila this coming week. Food and place looks awesome.

  13. Rosemary

    What a great spread. Love the diversity of options provided. What a great place to celebrate your anniversaries. Wishing you even more joy in the years to come.


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