Organizing big parties, weddings, and corporate events can be a daunting task. In these occasions, a large and attractive venue that can accommodate over a hundred guests is usually required. Hotels’ ballroom and banquet halls often come to mind, however booking for the space alone (without the food) already entails paying out a huge sum of money.

For groups that are between 50 and 500 people, you may want to consider Vikings Venue in SM By the Bay, Pasay City. When dining at Vikings Venue, you only have to pay for the food (see buffet rates per head below). Usage of the venue is FREE! 🙂

Vikings Venue is located just beside Vikings SM Mall of Asia By the Bay. We visited this newest branch of Vikings last Sunday at lunch time.

Review of Vikings Venue (SM Mall of Asia By the Bay, Pasay)

Ambiance: ★★★★★

Fitted with spacious seating, Vikings Venue goes bold with glamour. Overall ambiance looks as decadent and elegant as can be, with stunning chandeliers formed with layers of fabulous crystal balls adding some royal-like class to each room.

Color motif is mostly muted and not too vibrant, and this simple directness sits comfortably with the ingenious, modern and minimalist bespoke practical elements. Walls between rooms can be “removed” or opened for greater capacity.

The buffet tables are all on one side (except for the appetizers and bread sections), and the functions rooms are on the other side. This arrangement eases the flow of traffic of people getting food and those returning to their tables.

Vikings Venue features five function rooms that can be combined into one big function hall depending on the headcount requirement:

Function Room 1 120-150
Function Room 2 50-70
Function Room 3 50-70
Function Room 4 50-70
Function Room 5 120-150

Reservations come on a first-come-first-served basis and must be made two weeks in advance with 50% down payment. To reserve an entire function room, a minimum number of 50 people is required. This is inclusive of the sound system and projector. Stage and platforms may be requested and this will be arranged with a third-party supplier. Tarps and other party decorations for the event will be shouldered by the customer.

Service: ★★★★★

Every service offering turned out as an opportunity to have a very personal dining experience. Confirmation of reservation in the reception area was efficient. Service attendants act proactively and friendly. A waiter handed us a crab cracker as soon as he saw my mom cracking a crab by hand. Requests are quickly and professionally accommodated as well. At Vikings Venue, luxury is hinged on providing great service and convenience in addition to serving opulent and decadent food.

Food: ★★★★★

The buffet stations looked very presentable. Good times meet giant portions at Vikings’ spectacular feast of scrumptious comfort food, fresh seafood, and tasty meat. Here you get to enjoy a delicious variety of satisfying dishes with extensive Asian and Western cuisines that provide plenty of territory for satisfaction.

Trying to please a number of different tastes? You can’t go wrong with Vikings Venue. Per an insider, chefs make it possible to cook up certain dishes to guests according to preferences. For instance, if a large group of people who only eat halal food is reserved for the day, the kitchen will prepare a section of halal food to cater to the guests’ palate as part of the buffet setting.

If you’re looking for the biggest possible selection of food in a large venue, don’t miss this popular luxury buffet restaurant. While you’re there, be sure to load up not only a plate or two. Go for a third round and more, and always save room for desserts. Too full? The gamble is whether to go back for another and risk being wheeled out of the dining room after slipping into a food coma. 😛

In no particular order, my best bets were: Chinese dim sum (everything!), chuck eye, beef kimchi, roasted duck, roasted porkloin stuffed with fruit cauli mustard grain sauce, tanigue steak with coco cream and crab fat sauce, Malay lamb curry, chicken pastel royale with sausage and mushroom, and assorted seafood with cream and salted egg. 🙂 The Japanese station is my perennial favorite, of course. I loved the dynamite blend of flavors and textures.












Price for Value: ★★★★☆

At Vikings Venue, the tab is well worth if you’re looking for 5-star food and lovely ambiance for a big group. Expect a great dining experience matched with the elegance of an upscale restaurant coupled with the gluttony of an all-you-can eat buffet. 😉

Reservation is a must even if you’re only a small group of two or less than 50 as it’s frequently crowded and you might have to stand in line for an hour to get in.

Prices Weekday lunch Weekday dinner Weekend lunch and dinner
Kids below 3 ft or 3 years old Free Free Free
Kids (3ft. to 4ft. or 3 years to 7 years old) PhP 188 PhP 388 PhP 388
Kids (4ft. to 4 ft 6” or 8 to 10 years old) PhP 388 PhP 588 PhP 688
Adults PhP 688 PhP 688 PhP 1088
75 years old and above 50% special discount 50% special discount 50% special discount

By the Bay, Mall of Asia Complex, Seaside Boulevard, Pasay City
For inquiries / reservations, please call 824-3888, 824-4888, 0917-548-4888 or 0998-988-4888 or email
Date Published: 02/04/2016
19 / 20 stars


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39 Responses

  1. Heather lawrence

    What a feast for the eyes! So many choices I don’t know where I would even start! I know I would have to get an extra plate just for desserts and bread. They are my “guilty pleasure” foods that I just can’t seem to get enough of!

  2. Diana

    Wow, that venue looks huge! And the food looks delicious – honestly it’s so expensive to get a good venue that this is an amazing deal and definitely worth looking into.

  3. Lee Rosales

    Been here last december. Its good that vikings offera free venue for the price of a typical buffet resto. Great food. I love their steaks and seafood and their desserts

  4. Jerwel De Perio

    I really love the food that is being served at Vikings. Wherever they are placed, the food is really delicious. But a little expensive so I haven’t eaten most of the time while outside.

  5. Emma Spellman

    The food looks amazing and so fresh. I love the Grill station and I could see trying a lot of the food there. I just hope one day I will be able to experience it in person!

  6. Elizabeth O.

    Wow! Those are really high ratings. The place looks splendid, very clean looking which is always nice when it comes to restaurants. I love the fact that the venue is free. Kudos to them for good service!

  7. Nicole

    I love the gorgeous S shaped lighting fixture and the cool and modernfurniture (the leather couch and room dividers), the food selection looks amazing as well!!

  8. Censie

    Wow! This looks like a great place to hold an event. Those chandeliers are amazing! Oh and that dessert looks mouthwatering!! I could see us holding a milestone birthday or an anniversary at this center.

  9. PJ Zafra

    Place looks beautiful. I love the pictures you’ve taken. Great shots! I love the location of this place as well. I will definitely drop by next time I’m in the area. Most likely sometime this year. Thanks for sharing. Keep it up! 🙂

  10. R U S S

    I am a little confused. I’ve always thought that Vikings has been in this area or is it a different place or did they have an expansion or something? The function rooms are commendable and I just hope that management will work hard to keep it in top shape. I’ll have to check this out one of these days. I am always in need of a venue that could fit 500 people.

  11. krystal

    There looks like so many different food choices here! There are not many places like this in the states. We have buffets but they are not high quality like this one!! Everything looks really good.

  12. ARISA

    That’s a large space to host parties, aside from cooperate events i am sure they won’t mind prom, wedding, birthday events being hosted here right? How much are the rates for function hall rental since you only mentioned the buffet pricing.

  13. Cheryl F.

    The ambiance is so elegant and the food looks great. Are they delicious? I bet this is perfect for special occasions. I haven’t been to Pasay nor anywhere in Manila but will try to visit this place when I’m going there.

  14. Pooja Kawatra

    Food and the range of cuisine is amazing. Feel like eating trying all the variety and it would have been a wonderful experience.

  15. Fred

    I am not a fan of buffets since we do not eat a lot. When I got invited to Vikings for an event, I finally got to try it. I think I did not miss much. I did not really like their offerings. Much more if I had to pay so much for them. Sorry.

  16. rika

    Sounds like an awesome place to dine in! I’ve never been to Pasay City but would love to visit this place and try the foods

  17. Bhushavali

    Wow! The place looks just fantabulous! Food is making me hungry. 5 stars on both food and service? That’s very good rating and sounds promising!

  18. Franc Ramon

    Their table setup is a bit different from other vikings. It makes it a better place for a larger group with more table space and great food choices.

  19. Tiffany Yong

    The Vikings venue look really posh and elegant! I’m surprised by the food variety as I thought there will be more “viking” related food rather than chinese food!

  20. Pal Raine

    Another superb place by the Vikings. The food, the ambiance, the people, and the staff.

    The good thing about Vikings is that all their staff are attentive and easy to approach.

  21. Kai

    I’ll make sure to bookmark this post for when I need a party venue. The place and the food look great. 🙂

  22. Rufinaluisa soto

    Pls do accomodate me on oct 7 , 2017
    A debut fir 100pax rhanks you

  23. Jenny Santos

    Will there be special package or discount for a party with 100-150 pax?

  24. Patricia Legaspi

    i’d like to know what time is your lunch in Vikings Venue? Is June 22 or 29 lunch time still open?

  25. Faye Camille Silva

    We’re getting married on July 2019, and planning to celebrate it in a buffet restaurant. May I know if the venue is private or shared with walk in costumers?


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