Craving for Korean bbq and Japanese food at the same time? Yoshimeatsu has your back! This restaurant offers the best of both worlds for a great lunch out with friends or family. I love that it has a clear differentiating factor vs. the usual Korean unli samgyupsal restaurants that line the city. Here you can get unlimited servings of ebi tempura, sushi, and more–on top the fresh meat cuts for grilling on the table—for only P549! 🙂 We had been wanting to try this restaurant for a long time now. Thankfully, the queue wasn’t long when we got there on a weekend, and we were escorted to our seats immediately. Here’s a review of Yoshimeatsu.

yoshimeatsu in tomas morato

Review of Yoshimeatsu (Tomas Morato, Quezon City)


Yoshimeatsu’s interior design and decors aren’t much of a turn-on, but you’re not here for anything except for their fantastic servings of food. The ventilation is quite good but there’s no assurance that you won’t walk out smelling like the intensely smoky meats. The setting is pretty casual, with Korean MTVs (videos of K-pop idols) playing on loop on a TV.


Hands down to their super fast and efficient staff! The kitchen prepares orders and releases beautifully plated meat for grilling so the waiters just have to serve them as requested. Customers order through the tablet mounted per table, so there’s no need to desperately call the attention of the busy staff.

We also noticed that this branch of Yoshimeatsu at Tomas Morato employs a lot of staff, so rest assured that you’ll quickly get their attention if needed. Used plates and napkins are out of the table at once, grill is replaced before it gets totally burned, and glasses get refilled with water before you know it.

One thing I also liked about Yoshimeatsu is that all basic orders are already set on the table once the customers arrive. If you’re hungry, you won’t get hangry. 🙂 When someone is celebrating his birthday, the team of staff will harmoniously sing the Happy Birthday song and give out a cake made of stacked sushi. Excellent customer service overall!


Yoshimeatsu’s dishes are all pretty good and tasty. Be ready to get smoked and grab some friends to share delicious meats cooked up over charcoal grills. Japanese food staples for the “banchan” make all the difference. The menu features a section of side dishes and another for grilling. We got one of each and later ordered seconds. Our favorites were everything except the sakana tofu, weiner sausage, chicken liver, and pork intestine. It was surprising that their mashed potato was exceptionally good, too.

Here you get to grill your tenderly-marinated meat to your own liking, while indulging in free-flow kani salad, buta dumplings, Kyoto beef roll, spicy tuna maki, ebi tempura, and California maki among others while enjoying Korean kimchi as well. The round barbecue grill has a groove on the outer ring where the server pours beaten egg into the ring for you to cook it just the way you like, runny or firm. The eggs apparently help to soften the spiciness from the meat. Very thoughtful! All meats are already marinated so dipping them into the bean paste or other condiments is optional. Wrap a piece up in a lettuce leaf with some kimchi and you get a full kick of flavors. For dessert, their mango and leche flan soft served ice cream with a cone is also a must-try.

Price for Value:

Metro Manila is a blessed city for Korean BBQ. The spots are basically located in one corner next to one another, and many of them are very good. Check out Yoshimeatsu in Tomas Morato for another great K-BBQ experience. At only P549 (promo rate), their grilled meat and Japanese food staples bring dining to a new level you won’t elsewhere at this point.

Yoshimeatsu, Tomas Morato Menu

Tomas Morato Ave cor Sct Fernandez, Quezon City
Date Published: 10/29/2019
4.5 / 5 stars

Review of Yoshimeatsu (Tomas Morato, Quezon City)
Price for Value
4.5Overall Score


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19 Responses

  1. Amber Myers

    This looks like an incredible place to eat! I love meat, so this is my kind of restaurant. I’ll have to see if they have a place like this in my area.

  2. GiGi Eats

    Technology is really advancing these days! I have been to a couple of restaurants where iPads are how you order. I wonder when waitresses and waiters are going to no longer be necessary!

  3. Melanie

    This would be a great place for my husband and I as we like both of these types of food! We would definitely like to try this place. I’ll have to keep it in mind in case we ever get to go.

  4. Jeanette

    I wish there was a place like this out here. That looks absolutely delicious and it looks like it would be a lot of fun to do with friends and family.

  5. Melissa Chapman

    Those dishes look so good you are so lucky you get to enjoy those any time. I have never had Korean BBQ so i have to look for one around where I live.

  6. Rena

    The food there looks so delicious and pretty! If I’m ever in the Philippines I will definitely stop there!

  7. NYC Single Mom

    I love that there are so many choices. And your food selection looks absolutely scrumptious.

  8. 1stopmom

    The food looks absolutely delicious. It is nice to hear that they have great service to go with their high quality of food.

  9. Ruth I

    Everything looks tasty! I think we all should grab their promo rate now before it gets higher.

  10. Amy

    Wow, the whole meal looks delicious. I love the fact that they have a full staff – especially when they are on top of keeping you happy!

  11. Monica Y

    That looks like a great place to eat, I need to take my family, all looks delicious


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