My heart grows tender with treasured childhood memories and love of family when the Christmas season comes. I believe we are better throughout the year for having, in spirit, become a child again at Christmas-time. It is an exciting moment for me.

Too bad we’ve spent Christmas in a Buddhist country: Thailand, where the holiday was not celebrated quite as much as we do in the Philippines.

Even so, we’ve had new encounters in our travel which compensated the merry feeling I’ve been long awaiting for and looking forward to. For sharing purposes, I have posted them in my Facebook album (viewable by Friends, Friends of Friends).

So…it has been a week of stressing, wrapping, spending, crowned with a glorious weekend of stuffing! December went by like some kind of twister. Now we can finally get back to normal.

Before the start of the New Year, I’d like to report and recap the 30 highlighted episodes I’ve lived through 2010—because it’s just self-fulfilling!

Here they are:

  1. 2010jan10 – attended the Money Management Seminar of Create Abundance 2020 in Coffee Bean, Trinoma; learned about entrepreneurship, financial freedom, investment strategies, handling of personal wealth, conscientious budgeting practices, creating a savings plan, and a number of other financial concerns
  2. 2010jan22 – chaired the first global bi-monthly checkpoint for TVC; talked with Bangalore, Costa Rica, Budapest, Brazil IBM centers; learned how to better understand their accents : )
  3. 2010jan24 – bought a 22″ LG LCD PC [monitor] for my sister with my first month’s salary; felt like I’ve opened the gateway to life for buying something considerably big for my loved one
  4. 2010feb2 – presented in IBM NHOB (New Hires’ On-boarding) for the first time; overcame my fear of presenting before a large audience (with no scripts this time!)
  5. 2010feb6 – started writing for Triond; felt free; Sometimes when I write online I feel like it needs to be a masterpiece of my thoughts put together in a precisely and perfectly thought out paragraph… screw that! The idea is that I write a blog, online article, not a thesis paper or some technical or medical journal students and professionals would use as reference.
  6. 2010feb12 – started using Twitter; engaged with more people online (including strangers); also started publishing ads
  7. 2010mar3 – became editor of BCO (Blue Current Online), IBM’s online newsletter; sensed a higher altitude of authority; felt even more responsible for the articles we issue every month
  8. 2010mar13 – joined a discussion on food-carting businesses conducted by a Royale Business Club resource; widened my horizons and knowledge on franchising, brand identification, marketing and distribution system of businesses and other possibilities open in that industry
  9. 2010mar14 – hosted the Ming Sheng Wushu Association‘s inaugural ceremony, opening of its new gym at 5F Le Mar Building 2; gained a lot more confidence in speaking before a crowd
  10. 2010may10 – voted for the National Elections; participated in the first ever automated elections (oh yeah!)
  11. 2010may16 – learned how to swim correctly on my own in an excursion/swimming trip with wushu team in Villa Teresa Resort, South Spring Village, Laguna
  12. 2010may23 – won in the 4th Season of ChiChing Wushu Competition, when I only trained for a max of five days
  13. 2010may28 – was officially regularized as an IBMer
  14. 2010jul25 – had a discussion regarding IPON investment fund of Prudential Life, SM Mega Mall with Louie; met Philip who shared stories about his being and he who made me redefine the simplicity of everything else in life
  15. 2010aug3 – received my iPhone, my [late] birthday gift to myself
  16. 2010aug9 – bought my first eyeglasses with updated eye grade prescription care of Maxicare, IBM’s health benefit, from Optical Works, Ali Mall
  17. 2010aug14 – brainstormed on a food review blog with Henshel and Gianne, MOA; felt excited for another writing experience
  18. 2010sep2 – ran the video I made for NHOB which made our presentation easier and faster
  19. 2010sep27 – started Insanity (Beach body) workout which I continued and survived for three weeks (videos I downloaded via Torrent) and which you should try out yourself
  20. 2010oct1 – passed the Six Sigma Yellow Belt exam after completing online and classroom trainings for a series of days (whew!)
  21. 2010oct6 – chaired the BCO meeting for the first time as BCO backup lead
  22. 2010oct16 – had my hair layered for the first time in many years, tried straight bangs for a more different look at David’s Salon
  23. 2010oct17 – talked with Marian Goquingco, Geriec’s mom, about Philamlife mutual funds investment in Coffee Bean, Robinson’s Place Manila; fueled me to learn more about other investment funds’ trends and the market
  24. 2010oct25 – voted for the Barangay Elections; exercised my rights and have done my job and my responsibility as a citizen of the Philippines
  25. 2010nov4 – got my student’s driving permit from LTO-San Andres
  26. 2010nov6 – had my first dental surgery; got my wisdom teeth (upper left and lower left) extracted
  27. 2010nov14 – attended the UHSAAI Alumni Homecoming as one of the student awardees, lunch time, Dragon Gate-Roxas Boulevard
  28. 2010nov22-26 – completed my driving lessons with A1
  29. 2010dec25 – experienced the simplest form of para-sailing in Pattaya Beach, Thailand
  30. 2010dec29 – had a pedicure for the first time; had my toenails painted green that resembles the color of light celery (yay!)


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