Getting swept up photographing food and scenes from travels (without mentioning things that are pretty personal about myself) is easy. It has been a very long time since I used to share about what I’ve been up to at work or even dreams in this blog. About a month ago, I have been nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award by Mindy.

What is Sunshine Blogger Award?

The Sunshine Blogger Award is a way for bloggers to get to know each other and also get other bloggers link to their site. This award creates the opportunity for bloggers to share about themselves given the following rules:

1. Post a picture of the Sunshine Award

2. Link back to the blogger who nominated you
3. Share 11 random facts about yourself
4. Answer questions posted by the blogger who nominated you
5. Nominate 11 bloggers (no tag backs) and let them know about your post
6. Write 11 questions for your nominated bloggers

11 Random Facts About Myself

1. I am always frugal but not a downright cheapskate. I live a slightly less lascivious ultra-consumer lifestyle and spend money only when most necessary. For me, frugality is a noble and virtuous attribute and I wear it with a badge of honor.
2. I don’t want to be fat because I’ve been there and I hate being bullied (mostly by relatives and family acquaintances in get-together parties) because of that. After high school, I lost 20 pounds through college and reduced five inches off my waist line. After two more years, I gave excess body fats another send-off by converting them to muscles around my arms and legs. As a result, I was able to take another two inches off my waist and just maintain my body weight.
3. On rest days (no work, no events to attend to), I like spending an entire day going into every interesting stall in a mall, but often I end up with nothing. I like to think that I lost calories walking for hours, so that sounds good news!
4. Even if I have now gotten rid of my Singlish English accent, I still think in Singlish accent (with the language mix of English and Chinese), especially when I’m pissed.
5. I’m still using my 7-year-old laptop powered by Windows XP OS. It’s a Toshiba Satellite U205-S5034 my parents bought for me intended for school work. I don’t plan of switching or upgrading anytime soon since this laptop is workable for surfing the net, creating documents and spreadsheets and viewing photos—things I do when I face the computer at home. And also, refer to # 1.
6. I’ve been an iPhone user for five years now. As an avid fan of smartphone technologies, I read reviews on other handsets regularly and find so many advancements equipped with smartphones. Despite that, I don’t want any other phone than the iPhone. I guess this is what people call “blind loyalty.” And also, refer to # 1.
7. I feel uncomfortable hearing my long name. Just call me Roch for short, please. 🙂
8. I am undecided about whether or not to have children. Refer to #2. But maybe time will come when I become more matured into thinking that children are lovable.
9. I rarely laugh. Probable reasons? I lack sense of humor. I’m a serious analytical person. I don’t encounter funny things every day. But don’t get me wrong; I smile a lot and I am happy.
10. I started wearing clear retainers last month. I wear it all the time except when eating or conducting long presentations/meetings, as advised by my dentist.
11. My favorite swimming stroke is the dolphin kick. (I dislike doing other swimming strokes.)

Answers to Questions from Mindy

1. What do you prefer to do on Christmas, open gifts or give gifts? – Both
2. Party invitation, do you prefer to wear a dress or pants? – Depends on the occasion, theme, venue and my role in the party
3. What designer would you like to model for? – I am not familiar with designers’ designs.
4. A model you wish you were? – I don’t know any model I want to become. I just like to be myself. 😛
5. When you go on a date do you prefer Movies or Bowling? – Movies
6. Which will you have to like, a mountain or the beach? – Neither
7. Favorite Lip Balm? – The Body Shop
8. Restaurant or home made food? – Both
9. Eggnog or Champagne? – Both
10. From all of the blogger followers, who would you want to meet? – Yamito Calamba, for being enthusiastic as always

11 Bloggers I Nominate and Tag for the Sunshine Blogger Award

1. Mary Jane Tauyan Fitzsimmons (
2. Teresa Martinez (
3. Franc Ramon (
4. Janine Daquio (
5. Yamito Calamba (
6. Pehpot Pineda (
7. Stacy Liong (
8. Hana Abello (
9. Justin Buenagua (
10. Aldous Calubad (
11. Helen Blas (

11 Questions for My Nominated Bloggers

1. Where do you want to travel next?
2. What are your top three most favorite restaurants?
3. Are you afraid of ghosts?
4. If you have a billion dollars, what would you do with it?
5. What are you most grateful for?
6. If you knew that everyone you know was going to die tomorrow, who would you visit today?
7. What are some of your hobbies?
8. What is one habit you want to break?
9. Would you rather yourself be less attractive and extremely intelligent or extremely attractive and less intelligent?
10. What is the best gift you’ve ever given?
11. What’s your favorite household chore?

Game! 😀


Health and technology freak. Food and lifestyle blogger with a large appetite for food and travel.

72 Responses

  1. Yamito Uytingco Calamba

    Reading randoms facts about you reminds me the time when I called you Tin instead of Roch in most of my comments. haha Thanks so much for nominating me and my blog for Sunshine Blogger Award. 🙂

  2. laarnie

    i remember the singlish while we are in singapore , nice to know about you a little 🙂 even me i hate to be fat but i love eating whaha

    • Rochkirstin Santos

      I also love eating! That’s why I answered “both” for home-cooked meals and restaurant food hehe my mom is a good cook that’s why we appreciate eating food at home. Aiyoo it’s hard to lose the accent after being in Singapore for quite a while. 😛

  3. hana

    Thanks for the tag, Roch! Working on my post =) Also re: trivia # 7, my second name sounds almost like yours (or is that part of your first name?) but I don’t like using it. 😛

    • Rochkirstin Santos

      Ahh haha it’s part of my second name. I just put them together to be more unique on the web. You’re welcome, Hana! I’m excited to read your post. 😀

  4. Franc Ramon

    Waah. I’m nominated here. Let me see what I can do with it. Anyway, it’s nice to know some random facts and I’d want to see how you look like when you were fat since you are so thin now.

  5. jane

    wow! another award for me! thank you so much haha i had the versatile blogger award before and this one sounds amazing! I’ll work on this this week! thank you so much for this Roch! x0~

  6. Jien

    I didn’t know about this Roch until you posted this. Sunshine Blogger award is a very creative way to interact with fellow bloggers. I think I’ll gonna try it this week. Thanks again!

  7. Teresa Martinez

    Oh my God, I just remembered about a similar nomination like this which I failed to act on due to so many pending work. I’ll do better this time and do this for fun. Thanks for the nomination Roch.

    I can’t just imagine you being fat. Really?

    • Rochkirstin Santos

      You’re welcome, Teresa! I hope you’d spare some time answering these questions ’cause I’m excited to know more about you hehe. Yeah I was. Very. 😆

  8. Eileen

    This is a fun way to connect with fellow bloggers. It not only puts a face to the name (or blog), it helps to know the writer behind the articles. I participated in one like this a few months back too. I enjoyed it.

  9. SilayTambayan

    This is a new way of interaction to other bloggers. A fun way of meet and greet. This could surely help build a very strong relationship to group of bloggers. Congrats to all nominated.

  10. janine

    Whoah. Im nominated hahaha. And i cant imagine you really being serious. Im excited for this one. I’m not used being called ‘janine’ too. I mean, getting called not by my nickname. 🙂

  11. Kath Rivera

    I’m also nominated with this award. I envy you for losing 20 pounds! I want to lose 10 pounds of body fat. Hope you can share your secret.

  12. Aisha Kristine Chong

    At my age – I still tend to tell my boyfriend I don’t want to have kids – at least, not yet, lol. He keeps telling me I have to get over that fact sooner or later though, lol.

    • Rochkirstin Santos

      Haha you’re still young anyway. Hayy the terror of having to endure nine months of pregnancy and the pain of having to deliver a child add even more to reasons why I think I can’t do it.

  13. lovemindanao

    wow . congrats for being nominated . a cute idea to at least to know the people behind the blogosphere… anyone wants to know me ? lol

      • stacy |crumpylicious

        haha I think it’s numbers 1, 2 (but for health reasons)3, 4,5 (my laptop is 6 years old too! hahaha battery is not working well na kaya plugged nalang siya lage), 8 and 9.

      • Rochkirstin Santos

        Hehe my laptop’s batt is acting strange na rin. Max that I can use it without plugging is about an hour. My mom and sis joke that it’s like a desktop because it’s bulky as compared to the sleek laptops in trend nowadays. 😀

  14. Algene

    When I was still new in the blogosphere, uso na tong mga online awards na ganito 🙂 And it’s a good way to get to know bloggers and build relationships! 🙂

  15. jane

    THANKS FOR this again roch! i am currently working my draft posts about this! wow those facts about you sounds cool to me though on my side I laugh even to small things, I do use only one swimming stroke which i dont know the name maybe frog kick as i dont like my hair getting wet.

  16. Charlotte Anne

    Yay! Congrats for the sunshine blogger award. I really miss receiving those kinds of awards / tagging game. I feel uncomfortable to hearing my long name, well, if boyfriend says it, i’m totally loving it. hihi 😛

  17. ralph

    it’s nice knowing you a little bit more, roch… looking at you now, it would never cross my mind that you were once chubby… but in my own perspective, people who are judgmental to others are more insecure than whom they bully upon. they do that so the attention of others won’t be on them. it pays when you’re always nice to people. Yahweh bless.

    • Rochkirstin Santos

      Those comments were in the form of jokes or just tactless way of saying hi. You know how like in parties when people always say “you’re getting fatter” or “you’re fatter than x person”? Those were normal greetings I have had received until high school. Because of that, I somehow became anorexic – even now when I’m slim, there’s still the “fat kid inside.” Thanks for the advice/reminder, Ralph. I appreciate it.

  18. nestie

    This is the second time i read about this award, though i haven’t got any nomination yet, i believe it is because I’m still new to blogging.

  19. Irish

    I can’t imagine you being fat, Roch. You look so skinny yet sexy for me. Anyway, I’ve been there too. I was fat my whole childhood. I was only able to lose weight around 20ish. LOL.

    I am loyal with Apple. If I need a new phone, I will buy an iPhone. If I need a new laptop, I will buy a Macbook. The two is tandem for me. It made my life a lot easier! I swear. Before, I was very reluctant to buy Apple products because it’s expensive however when I first got my iPhone and Macbook Air, I’m not going back to Android and Windows anymore.

    #8 – Exactly!!!!! And in my family, we tend to get really fat after giving birth. Now that scared me and I think I’m not ready for responsibilities.

    It was fun reading this!

    • Rochkirstin Santos

      Haha thanks, Irish. I feel flattered! 🙂 Yup, Apple products are way expensive than competing brands, but there’s still a lot of people who patronize their products because of the quality and maybe exclusivity. We have to get more tips from those who got pregnant, delivered one or more babies and yet retain their sexy figure. 😉


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