Sundays at Edsa Shangri-La, Manila’s HEAT Restaurant just got a whole lot more exciting for the whole family with a bigger and better brunch extravaganza entitled Super Brunch, bringing together the best buffet selections. The first thing you will notice is the signage by the entrance which displays the highlights of their sumptuous offerings. Fresh lobsters? Baked oysters? Wagyu beef? Mimosa bar? Liquid nitrogen ice cream? All aboard.

with the Kain Tulog Gang (KTG) 🙂With stellar service and elegant ambiance, Heat Restaurant is packed with delicious items in play. The quality of food here ranges anywhere from good to fantastic. Everything presented on the buffet counters is meant to be appreciated. In the Japanese section, sushi and makis look so good you’ll want to eat them all. Proceed with confidence in any case. Lobster maki? Yes, please.

The wagyu section on the opposite side showcases an amazing juxtaposition of taste and texture and more. Made up of compelling selections, it makes a once fussy food nice and easy. The Wagyu Marinated Hanging Tenderloin in Puff, Wagyu Prime Rib marinated in oyster sauce gratinated under the foie gras crust, Slow-braised Wagyu Short Blade, Sous Vide Cooked Wagyu Beef Brisket were all excellent, meltingly soft and tender.

Getting unlimited lobsters is pretty fantastic and a needed breakup in your meat feast. At Heat’s Super Brunch, indulging in a three tower display of overflowing crustacean goodness featuring Boston, Slipper, Rock and other seasonal varieties such as Lobster tails, Pacific, Japanese, Tiger, and Bamboo will make your visit worth it. As a seafood lover, this luxurious section has to be my favorite without hesitation. 🙂

The lobsters tasted light, sweet, savory, and everything else that helps solve the struggles of the world. You can have them cooked exactly the way you want it. May it be buttered garlic with a hint of lemon, baked with overflowing cheese, hot off the grill, Chinese style stir fried or simply steamed, you’ll be coming back for more. A parades of salads, cheeses, and meaty appetizers add further interest to the table.

Aside from the lobster and wagyu selections, a wide variety of Heat’s specialties are available. These include Singaporean laksa, shawarma, assorted ala minute pasta creations, roast pork, coffee chicken, prime rib, fresh greens, charcuterie and artisan cheese.

Heat Super Brunch Map

Japanese Chef Yusuke Hiro and Executive Sous Chef Ghayedi Borazjan came by at our function room for a simple meet and greet session and explained some of the dishes. A magician who performed magic tricks right in front of us and a balloon man also visited us for some entertainment. They’re quite friendly and I love their energy. 🙂

Make sure to also save room for dessert! Sweet confectionaries, such as churros with chocolate sauce, crepe, macarons, raspberry molted brownie cheesecake, halo-halo and warm chocolate pie, will add delight. Refresh your palate with beverages options from free-flowing champagne, wine and mimosa to freshly squeezed fruit juices on top of your buffet.

Heat’s Super Brunch (available on Sundays from 12NN to 3PM) is a combination of Mad for Lobsters (on a Saturday night) and Mad for Wagyu (on a Friday night). The scene is definitely a strong point—the atmosphere buzzes and the food deserves a thumbs up. What’s more, kids can get to enjoy fun under the sun with a complimentary access to the lagoon shaped pool with aqua play or the indoor kiddie corner at the restaurant, while you sip and savor your way through the best varieties that HEAT has to offer.

Brunch on Sundays definitely doesn’t get better than this! Introductory price for the Super Brunch starts at Php 2,815 net per person. Heat is perfect for celebrating special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, graduation, life milestones, and the list goes on.

For inquiries or reservations, please contact the Restaurant Reservations and Information Center by calling (63 2) 633 8888 ext. 2740 / 2741 or email Visit or stay connected, like, follow @edsashangrila on Twitter and @edsashangrila on Instagram.

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  1. Michelle

    When you need a map to navigate your brunch, it is most definitely a super brunch! So many delectable choices. What a great experience and a must try if I ever visit. Those lobsters – YUM!!!!

  2. kita

    Love this brunch and this is what I call a super brunch. That lobster looks so good! I know a few people who would love that coffee ribs too

  3. Diane Sullivan

    Everything at this brunch looks absolutely delicious. I would not even know where to begin. Shrimp are my favorite, so I would have to start there for sure. I also love the pool. What an amazing place. As for the balloon art, that is fabulous! Go Elmo!! Looks like you had a great experience. I would love to visit someday.

  4. Tammilee Tips

    I have never seen a brunch of this size!! What an amazing pace to stay at and get a meal! All of the food looks amazing, I would have a hard time making choices for my food.

  5. Jenn

    Wow, this looks amazing. I have never been to a brunch of this kind. I bet it was a great experience. Good food can be like a piece of art work. Some of these look almost too pretty to eat. I wouldn’t know where to start.

  6. Christi

    Oh, WOW! I’ve never even heard of a buffet like that before. The food looks absolutely delicious, and gorgeous, too. I’d love to eat at a place like this!

  7. Jamie

    Holy moly, that is a ton of amazing food! All that sushi, and the lobster makes me hungry. I’ve heard amazing things about wagyu beef, but I haven’t ever had it– I’ve been told that once you’ve had it once, you’ll crave it more and more. This is definitely a buffet I would enjoy!

  8. Heather Wilson

    What a wide array of delicious choices! This is possibly one of the few buffet spreads which offers lobsters, Wagyu beef, amazing cheese varieties and wine selections under one roof. That’s one super brunch I would love to try!

  9. DOLLY

    the picture of that lobster is so amazing! The picture makes me want to eat it so badly.

  10. Censie Sawyer

    I love how bright and open this place looks. Really modern. Now, I might be the minority here but I am not a big sushi or fish eater. Maybe it is an acquired taste? I must say, these dishes do look great though!

  11. Dexter Tan

    Wow. You take really good food pictures I must say. Big fan of sushi and raw food 😉

    Great write up, the restaurant looks very open and bright.

  12. April Perez

    It’s been ages since I last visited Shang – both the mall and the hotel! Heat’s food are definitely to die for!

  13. Bites for Foodies

    Wow! Firstly, that place is stunning! I love the set-up and the simple decor. Secondly, that food!! I could not take my eyes off of the lobster…that’s one of my favourite things to eat!

  14. Fred

    This really looks very good and of course Shangrila is a known brand. Too bad we are not really made for making buffets worth its price. Maybe if someone treats me, I will not say no.

  15. Fernando C Lachica

    The interior…the setting…the food are all great for customers! whay can I say for this place, is superb, even the lightings and the arrangement of culinary utensils and equipments.

  16. Saminu Abass

    Nice one. I really love this brunch. Sincerely, everything contains in it looks delicious and perfect for the body system. Thanks for sharing

  17. Pal Raine

    The ambiance looks like the VIKINGS and the CAFE 1228 of New World Hotel Makati. They get so many great deals for their customers.

  18. Elizabeth O.

    It’s such a delight to dine here! There’s so much sushi, it’s definitely one of the first things I’ll go for here. The like that they serve french macarons for dessert as well.

  19. Shubhada

    Food is tempting and the food deco is awesome too. Balloon Sculpting is great idea to have in restaurants.

  20. hannah gee

    Wow the setting is beautiful, such a big open place. I am not a fan of most seafood, but it looks delicious, I definitely would of enjoyed the fried rice.

  21. Tiffany Yong

    Shangri-la is a world famous hotel and I won’t doubt the quality of the food! If it’s ever bad, it would be weird! I know their high standards and fresh food….


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