One person buys, and one person is helped. This idea has turned into a global movement, and this is how TOMS works today. TOMS sells casual and stylish shoes, bags, eyewear, and soon, coffee with the vision of helping people around the globe and preserving our precious planet.

The “One for One” model started with a man named Blake Mycoskie who traveled to Argentina in 2006 and saw the hardships faced by children growing up without shoes. His solution to the problem was simple yet revolutionary. TOMS was established as a for-profit business that’s sustainable and not reliant on donations. To date, TOMS has donated over 35 million pairs of shoes to children in need in 70 countries. Its retail stores in the Philippines are present in TOMS Store (SM Megamall), Nothing But H2O, The Give Project, Adora, Rustan’s, and Shoe Salon.

Corporate Responsibility: The “One for One” Model

When you buy a pair of TOMS shoes, you help improve the health, education, and well-being of a child. TOMS partners with humanitarian organizations or their so-called “giving partners” to support them with shoes.

When you buy a pair of TOMS glasses, you help restore sigh through prescription glasses, medical treatment, and sight-saving surgeries of individuals who are blind or visually impaired.

When you buy a TOMS bag, you help provide training for skilled birth attendants and distribute birth kits containing items that aid women safely in delivering babies.

In this season of gift giving, TOMS held the Give Fair last November 14, 2015, Saturday, at The Foundry in Westgate Center, Alabang. I was invited to the event and I tagged my mom along so we could both learn more about TOMS and experience something fun.

This annual holiday event aimed to share the joy of giving to people of all ages, especially children. There may be plenty of gifts out there that children can get excited about, but a whole day filled with games, food, craft giveaways, and musical performances by Keiko Necesario, Clara Benin, and Rizza Cabrera must surely be well appreciated. TOMS Team offered up some good cheer, and families were given the chance to bond together. 🙂


Design Your Cookie

Balloon Pop



Tic Tac Toe

Photo Booth

Crafts Giveaway for Kids

Food Stalls

Live Performances

TOMS Bingo

Wrap Up

Across the world, thousands of children need shoes to go to school, thousands of people need eyesight restoration, and thousands of people are in need to water, but unfortunately, not all people living in the planet have access to these resources. While there’s no single solution to address these problems, TOMS founders and employees take the stand to define strategies and interventions to provide help in the best way they know how.

The good thing is that TOMS’ global movement involves everyone, from businesses to individuals, to make progress in the target impoverished communities and multiply the warm buzz of giving. I’m grateful for the opportunity this year to celebrate giving in TOMS Give Fair. Thanks, Aubrey, for the invite! 🙂

I got my own pair of TOMS classic black canvas shoes. Yay! With this, I’ve become part of a movement that believes that we can change the world with our choices. 🙂 Visit their website to know more about their story.


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40 Responses

  1. Rebecca Spooner

    Toms is one of my most favorite pairs of shoes ever. Our family owns a lot of pairs of them! I love that TOMs gives back. That is so important. And also important to teach our kids that it is important to give back. I can’t wait to buy more!

    • Rochkirstin Santos

      TOMS is a multi-million-dollar movement. I like the combined concepts of fashion, comfort, style, and giving back to the needy. It’s a great brand that’s well-established in many countries. I’d love to see your collection! 🙂

  2. Bim

    It sounds like it was a great event. I’m a huge fan of Tom’s and the work they do. I think more companies should be doing their part to give back to the people on this planet instead of just hoarding everything they can.

  3. kita

    I love Toms they do such great things and I don’t mind paying the extra to support them and what they do. I love giving and any company that gives is alright with me

    • Rochkirstin Santos

      Me too. I think it’s an awesome move to buy a good pair of shoes that you really want and at the same time you get to help others in need. TOMS shoes and eyewear are not only a great addition to one’s garment and accessories collection but also show a charitable side. 🙂

  4. Elizabeth O.

    What a fun event, especially for kids! There’s so much to do and the food is nice too.

  5. Carey

    Corporate responsibility is the best! I prefer buying products from companies that give back by helping the less fortunate. I wish more businesses would also start their own charity projects, even in small ways, it already means a lot to those who are in need.

    • Rochkirstin Santos

      Right. I’m also on your side, Carey. 🙂 It’s also good that TOMS has its founder as the face of the brand. For young companies of lifestyle brands, this is a very effective marketing strategy, as it’s like proving that he’s also “walking the talk” and showing his personality.

  6. Emma Spellman

    I have heard about Tom’s doing this every year and I think it is amazing. I need a new pair of glasses bad I will have to check of what they got!

  7. Polarbelle

    That looks like a really fun event. I remember how surprised I was when I bought my first pair of Toms…I tried them on and they were just SO comfortable!! Do you know offhand if they also offer frames for prescription glasses? I’d love to get a new pair and make them Toms to help someone in need of eye surgery.

    • Rochkirstin Santos

      I was also surprised that the shoes were not rough or uncomfortable at all, knowing that it’s made of simple canvass material. They’re very light and easy to wear with anything casual. I think you may have to ask the staff to recommend frames that allow the lens to be exchanged for prescription glasses.

  8. Bhushavali

    This is actually a great initiative! Those shoes look super comfy actually.
    And oh yeah, looks like a fun event esp with that life size Jenga!

  9. Chantal

    It is so refreshing to see corporate companies make such a large commitment to helping the less fortunate. To have and maintain such high morals through their growth is very admirable. On top of that they have very stylish and comfortable products.

  10. MJ

    I love the mission of TOMS and what they stand for. If every corporation would give even half of what TOMS gives, the world would be a much better place. Not to mention the shoes are cute. My three year old got her first pair this year. I am teaching her about charity so they are perfect

  11. Susan Quackenbush

    TOMS sounds like a fantastic program and I would love to be able to support it any way I could! I really like the shoes they have and will definitely be looking more into this! Thank you for sharing! 🙂

    • Rochkirstin Santos

      You’re welcome, Susan. It’s refreshing to think that through the slogan of ROMS, consumers can help inspire companies they appreciate to fulfill the promise of their mission more authentically and more effectively.

  12. Franc Ramon

    Toms is really one of the most comfortable walking shoes. It’s nice that they help others too. They also did have a very fun and interactive event here.

  13. Fred

    Very noble charity project especially for the holiday season. That lifesize Jenga game is very interesting and challenging. I want to try it out myself!

  14. Tyra

    I like Toms shoes and I really like their mission. So great that they give back and spawned others to do the same. And this event looks like so much fun!

    • Rochkirstin Santos

      I didn’t know about them before and I had always just passed by their storefront with no interest whatsoever. Attending this event made me realize how a business can really make an impact to people’s lives.

  15. Erica

    Aww what an amazing cause! I’ve been meaning to grab a pair but it just never felt like me. I’m aware of how comfortable they are though!


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