My mom asks many times in a day why we love her so. My sister often jokes, “because you tell us ‘I love you’.” I try to give the same answer. Unfortunately, my mom says it’s invalid as it was already given. So I have to think of unique replies only to quit her questions.

I came up with a list of the top 100 reasons why I love my mother (and I better write this as if I’m speaking to her). As you read them, you can probably relate to some. Maybe pick one or a couple that struck you most and share your thoughts in the comment section below? (。◕‿◕。) Anyway, here goes…

 Top 100 Reasons Why I Love My Mom

  1. I love you because you prepare breakfast for us every day. This may sound simple to readers of plain text, but this means so much more when done. Included here is the act of waking up early at 6AM without fail only to make sure that everything is ready before I leave for work.
  2. I love you because you prepare lunch for us every day. Again, this may look like it’s easily done, but the thought is really what counts. Apart from cooking for breakfast, you have to think of creative recipes that are both eye-appealing and mouthwatering to serve for our meals. Thank you very much for this because then I can save my PHp 20 to buy lunch in our canteen.
  3. I love you because you prepare food for my afternoon snack. I am blessed to be born to you. #FrugalityPays
  4. I love you because you prepare dinner for us every day. After a long and tiring day’s work, I look forward to food. Know that I think of you as soon as I exit through our office building’s main door.
  5. I love you because you always think of buying food for us whenever you’re in a grocery store and you endure to carry groceries even if they weigh more than 10 kilograms. For someone who stands 5″3′ and medium-built, that’s tough.
  6. I love you because you slice fruits for our desserts.
  7. I love you because you cook something up very quickly when we suddenly crave for food at night. You never allowed us to go hungry.
  8. I love you because you research and watch YouTube videos of new food recipes to try and cook for us.
  9. I love you because you are not getting tired to take calls and messages from my anonymous buyers who are also not getting tired to haggle and ask for more discounts and for information that’s already posted on my ads.
  10. I love you because you tie my laces or fix the straps of the shoes or sandals I’m trying on in a store.
  11. I love you because you subscribed to my RSS feeds and are updated to each of my blog post. That’s what I call support from a mother who’s an avid reader and fan of my writing.
  12. I love you because you promote my blogs to our friends and relatives. Your words make me sound like I’m a big/celebrity blogger when I’m not.
  13. I love you because you cry with me and empathize with my sad feelings thus making me feel understood. You always comfort me or give me a shoulder to cry on when I need it.
  14. I love you because you buy me new variants of powdered milk tea and they’d magically appear in our kitchen cupboard.
  15. I love you because you pay the fees charged by customs and post office on my behalf and claim items I bought online.
  16. I love you because you spare a slice or two of pizzas for me when you order pizza for dinner and I was out somewhere during the day.
  17. I love you because you have pictures of me in your wallet.
  18. I love you because you still want me to be accompanied by wushu friends who can walk me home after training at night, and if they cannot, you would always fetch me from the place.
  19. I love you because you came to my first running event at Rizal Stadium and cheered for our team. #StageMom
  20. I love you because you speak praises of me in events and parties and introduce me in good faith to new people we meet.
  21. I love you because you bring life and light to our home. Seriously without your lively voice, we would only hear dead air (and probably the beep from the aliens).
  22. I love you because you always allow yourself to be pranked or made fun of.
  23. I love you because you arrange family trips and in addition plan for our budget for all our convenience.
  24. I love you because you follow my workout routines and enjoy the exercise even if this means looking weird especially when clad with your usual workout outfit. (Let’s keep the appearance of the outfit hush-hush.)
  25. I love you because you spend painstaking efforts in bidding for items on eBay just to win the “best buys” for our family’s use. Add to this are the nerve-racking moments and feelings when you open multiple tabs loading the same page to monitor the status of the winning bidder by the second.
  26. I love you because you follow my advice not to cut your hair because it’s long and nice as it is. This means respect and trust for my opinion.
  27. I love you because you rode the car when I first drove it and experienced my driving style as a beginner.
  28. I love you because you buy vouchers from online merchants to avail of items at a discounted price for us to try out different things we have not tried before when we could not afford them (e.g. food, services, products, and travel).
  29. I love you because you took persistence in collecting Globe reward points for bill rebates and for us to get movie tickets for free.
  30. I love you because you spent time finding me the car I want. This means walking in car selling centers through the long thoroughfares in QC and commuting to the BDO warehouse for foreclosed automobiles that was too hard to locate.
  31. I love you because you bargained for the parking space for me.
  32. I love you because you clean the toilet every time we get it messy.
  33. I love you because you take effort in calculating the prices of shampoos, conditioners and liquid detergents versus the volume and choose the winning items to save money. #WiseBuyer
  34. I love you because you entertain my curiosity when I ask how it’s wonderful that we can understand each other while speaking even when our eyes are closed, how it’s amazing that a baby is formed inside the mother’s womb, and who would have thought that we’ll grow and change appearances, like this for example: ◠‿◠ Ta-da!
  35. I love you because you understand my randomness.
  36. I love you because you wash my bedtime gal pals and keep them clean and nice-smelling.
  37. I love you because you stick with Daddy through the rough times, help him be a sane person during those hard days, and never back down from a challenge.
  38. I love you because you are not so much of a kiasu parent. You let me go and allow me to explore the world and learn about myself.
  39. I love you because you taught me to be independent and autonomous, two traits I hold to dearly today.
  40. I love you because you participate in role-playing with our dolls and imitate our little voices as well like kids under five years old just having fun.
  41. I love you because you encourage me to strive to get what I want and make me believe that I can have everything I deserve in due time.
  42. I love you because you have always come to support me in my hosting gigs, especially on the time when I was ill and still have to do the job.
  43. I love you because I feel very much appreciated whenever you thank me for finishing tasks to write mails, translate documents and explain letters.
  44. I love you because you have a great conviction that our incredible dreams and visions for our future will come true — one day. “We just have to help each other out,” is what’s instilled in my mind.
  45. I love you because you choose clothes that you think will fit me. This means that you think of me when you go window-shopping. I deem you now as a slight expert when it comes to judging designs which match my unique preference in style.
  46. I love you because you found a way to fix my broken epilator after going to several hubs and asking technicians what’s wrong with it.
  47. I love you because you’re like BDO. You find ways. And you’re Nido, because you’re my number one. 😛
  48. I love you because you process my papers and documents that are required for employment, for travel, for joining a corporation, for opening accounts for investments, for applying for credit cards, for registering my car and student driver’s permit, etc.
  49. I love you because you help me think of gifts to buy for my friends and wrap the presents because I can’t do it myself.
  50. I love you because you give me good advice, even when I don’t exactly think that it would work.
  51. I love you because you heartily donate reliefs to the Buddhist Compassion Relief Tzu Chi Foundation to help other people. This means collecting “trashes,” arranging them in neat piles and waiting for the foundation’s representative to arrive at our door every month.
  52. I love you because you listen intently to my stories related to work and try to understand them no matter how complicated they are — and I hope this is not only to score high in the “graded” recitation that comes afterwards.
  53. I love you because you are never too busy to make yourself available for me and push the other million things you have to do aside.
  54. I love you because you pay for transportation fare when we’re out to adventures together.
  55. I love you because you make us laugh when you tell jokes that originally come from the person who shared it first. If laughter is medicine for the soul, then we in the house must be a few of the healthiest living people.
  56. I love you because you take my photo at least two to three times until you get it clear.
  57. I love you because you massage my back longer than I massage your back in return.
  58. I love you because you shave my eyebrows into good shape and insist to draw them before I go out.
  59. I love you because you water my ashitaba plants every day.
  60. I love you because you wait for me before you watch a movie or ask me first if I want to join you before starting on a new Koreanovela.
  61. I love you because you put our shoes and slippers back in the shoe cabinet in order.
  62. I love you because you kill the cockroaches that bother me in the bathroom and bedroom.
  63. I love you because you drink the water and eat the food I can’t finish.
  64. I love you because you can juggle everything you do at the same time and accomplish so much in a day.
  65. I love you because you get medicine when we’re sick and take care of us until we’re well — even if this means taking away some sleep time for you.
  66. I love you because you carry my things inside your “wonder zebra-print bag” which can fit almost anything.
  67. I love you because you think differently about your potential in the world and act in shaping outcomes in our spheres of influence.
  68. I love you because you have the heart that burgeons with inexpressible joy with every milestone we reach.
  69. I love you because you listen to the things I dream of no matter how weird they sound like. I really appreciate that.
  70. I love you because you are still tracking the scammer for me and hunting the person down with your incredible investigative skills.
  71. I love you because you push me to wear makeup for special occasions when I don’t want to — and I only realize later that indeed, it was appropriate.
  72. I love you because you know what’s best and what’s right — except in pronouncing some words such as “badminton” (patminton), “spinach” (spenaK), “fish” (fes), “change” (cheinz), “challenge” (challenz), and your favorite expression “buwisit” (boysit). Mistakes in pronunciation happen once in a while, but I admire you for correcting and changing lifestyles for the good as this matters more. You know how to live life. Thanks for seeing things now through optimistic lenses.
  73. I love you because your tongue finds it hard to differentiate between “L” and “R” and you can’t successfully speak out “ruler roller rural” more than once at regular speed — and you just laugh about it. “Girl” becomes “gir.” Likewise, you think that there is no difference between ㄓ (zhi) and ㄔ (chi), ㄕ (shi) and ㄙ (si), ㄗ (zi) and ㄘ (ci) and ㄐ (ji) and ㄑ (qi). Wa liao! You are hilarious. It’s a good thing that I didn’t turn out that way. 😛
  74. I love you because you queue up and save us free taste of food and drinks being offered in stores during promotions.
  75. I love you because you instantaneously hate those we hate.
  76. I love you because you would let me wear your new clothes, which I decline. Why? I know that being the first wearer of your own new clothes means so much to you, and I didn’t want to take that sentiment away because you rarely buy new clothes.
  77. I love you because you are efficient in being a full-time mom, a full-time wife, a full-time employee, and a part-time runner/delivery girl for our business. If you ever want to stop working, you might want to consider being a standup comedienne as an alternative.
  78. I love you because you can answer almost everything. This makes our house like a call center as people trust you with their problems and inquiries whether it be regarding real estate, loans, deposits, accounting, relationships, food recipes, housekeeping, raising a child, homework of primary to secondary school students, news and current affairs, etc. So who’s the real nerd? #NotMeThisTime
  79. I love you because you daringly tried anything that we find exciting. We will be surfing and playing frisbee soon!
  80. I love you because you are an epitome of dreams coming to life.
  81. I love you because you are selfless, especially for your family. You are always thinking about other people and how you can help someone else out. You live how 1st Corinthians 13 tells us how: by showing selfless love.
  82. I love you because you are fearless in confronting things and people head on. If something doesn’t work then you try to find a new way to make it happen right mostly by bringing out your tongue and speaking out  (e.g. complaints for intermittent Internet connection, errors in credit card transaction, wrong orders in a restaurant, etc.)
  83. I love you because you can piggy back ride me until now and hug me till you carry my whole weight.
  84. I love you because you always remind me to put on sunblock lotion and moisturizer before going out in the morning and before going to bed at night.
  85. I love you because you have your agenda set for every day. You serve as a living example of how we should manage our everyday life living with drive and purpose.
  86. I love you because you have raised us in a secure home. Yup, we don’t live in a mansion or in a luxurious home yet we always felt safe and at ease.
  87. I love you because you have the ability to make us smile and/or laugh in simple ways. The most recent one was showing us your “witch teeth.” WAAA 😛
  88. I love you because you wrap sushi, shrimps and cupcakes from a buffet restaurant while “no one is watching” to save them for another meal or to bring home for Daddy. That’s a thoughtful gesture, yes.
  89. I love you because you are willing to exchange shoes, slippers or sandals when ours are broken while walking in the streets. The time when you wrapped your feet with plastic bag to move to the nearest mall and buy new shoes is really unforgettable. That’s major humiliation yet one you didn’t mind because you’re okay to take it than your child. May we never forget it. Amen.
  90. I love you because you sweep the floor many times in a day for cleanliness. You know that my nose is allergic to dust.
  91. I love you because you know me. More than anyone else in the world, you know me and you accept me just as I am; flaws and all.
  92. I love you because you are “the hope that moves me to courage again.” Oh yeah. ♫
  93. I love you because you are bold to share your weaknesses and humble enough to find and learn how you can be better and stronger.
  94. I love you because you gave me something that cannot be bought and taken away: great memories.
  95. I love you because you have been very instrumental in all of my successes as you gave me the right foundation for a good future.
  96. I love you because you supported me in almost every BIG decision I made in life.
  97. I love you because you fill in the missing gaps and make me more complete.
  98. I love you because you are you, my mother. Thank you for being every bit of you that you are.
  99. I love you because you are the best.
  100. I love you because you first loved me.

Happy Mother’s Day! I love you. ❤


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61 Responses

  1. Wanderer Juan

    This is very sweet of you to create a list of reasons why you love your mom. I think 100 reasons are not enough to show you love your mother.

  2. Jonas Labagala

    Awww.. I read all 100 reasons why you love your mom and I think you’re lucky to have a great mom in your life. This list is just enough that you’ve shown your love to your mom. We love our moms! They’re like modern superheroes yet showed vulnerability but they’ve tried to be the perfect mom just for us. I also love my mom for many reasons and her undying support can be seen whenever we’ve done something really good in our lives. Awesome post! 😀

    • Rochkirstin Santos

      Thank you very much for taking the time to read all of them, Jonas! 😛 Each mom is God’s gift to us so may we cherish moments with them always.

    • Rochkirstin Santos

      Mothers are our first mentors. We’re glad to have such nice moms while other people didn’t even get the chance to meet theirs. Thanks, Joseph. 🙂

  3. Cheryl Zamora

    Long list. 🙂 We all have different reasons why we love our mother. You’re lucky to have such a great mom. Happy mother’s day to your mom 🙂

  4. Shugah Gonzales


  5. Pao Tolentino

    I envy how you were able to come up with a hundred reasons. I mean, I can probably do the same but they wouldn’t be as awesome as this. Good job on this Rochkirstin!

  6. Pal Raine

    What is witch teeth sis? Hahahaha…napatigil ako sa pagbabasa dito: 87. I love you because you have the ability to make us smile and/or laugh in simple ways. The most recent one was showing us your “witch teeth.” Super like your points here 100% to all mothers out there. Happy Mother’s Day to all!!!!

    • Rochkirstin Santos

      Hahahaha. That’s because we have only got to see our mom’s real teeth two days ago…without the “jacket.” So witch teeth, hello. She probably has to sing “All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth, two front teeth, two front teeth.” 😉 Thanks, Pal.

      • Pal Raine

        Hahahaha…now I know. Yun pala yun. Well anyway sis, whatever teeth your mother has, beauty parin si mommy. Give my two thumbs up to her. Send my greetings to your mother. “Happy Mother’s Day”.

  7. jane

    happy mother’s day to your mom!! That’s a lot of things why we love our mothers! I enjoyed reading this post hahaha I can relate much!

  8. papaleng

    These are daughter’s thought. But I can relate to # 37 and # 65 . I love my mom for being a ‘martyr’ as well as a very patient nurse.

  9. Teresa Martinez

    Guess it isn’t hard at all to come up with 100 reasons when the person talked about is truly loved. You’re fortunate for having a mother like her but she is fortunate as well as you appreciate her and show it.

  10. Bani

    Ohh! How ironic! I feel exactly the same reasons why I love my mom from 1-100! I wonder if we have the same mom… :>

  11. joy

    That’s so sweet 🙂 like your mom’s “game” of asking you that – it would be fun to try that with my kiddo 🙂 I’m not very close to my mom. Glad you are 🙂

    • Rochkirstin Santos

      Yeah but being a mom, as far as I can see, really requires patience all through every day. It’s a chosen career that you cannot quit from.

  12. Tess

    I love your 100 reasons why you love your mom. Like your mom, I always ask my little boy the same question as your mom, “why do you love mommy” and “how much you love me”, the answers are music to my ears., ” I love you a million dollar times”, lol. Happy mothers day to you and your mom!

  13. Sarah

    Awwww… sweet. Long list, but it’s definitely not enough. Happy Mother’s Day to you and your mom!

  14. Mommy

    Children are first connected from the time that they are formed in their mother’s womb through the umbilical cord. You are my own flesh and blood, and this is the first attachment and reason I START loving you two.

    A mother’s love is unconditional to children; you two are very dear to me. Love can be expressed in many other ways including the discipline and responsibility I had given to you. I feel that hugs and kisses are special and sill necessary even when you’re grown up now. These gestures are my way to show you how much I love and value you, and these make our mother-daughter bond closer.

    I will be ALWAYS be your mommy in this lifetime who strive continue to guide and protect you in every stage in your life until you became a mommy someday too. A mommy cannot be tired to become a good mommy as long as she nurtured their kids to the best she can – and I am trying to become one.

    I am lucky to have you and koko. You two are all my inspiration and the best investment I have as you two repay me with your sweetness and kindness. I’m very proud to be your mommy as you always make me PROUD OF YOU TOO. Thank you for loving ME. 🙂

  15. marri

    This is a very long list and you just enumerated your reasons why you love your mother… effortless. You truly make her proud. Your 100th reason, summarized it.

    Happy Mother’s Day to your MOM !

  16. Jackie

    there are infinite reason why I love my mom too :))
    This is really sweet ^ u ^
    Happy mothers day!

  17. Algene

    Ohhhh this is the sweetest blog post I’ve seen about mother’s day 🙂 I bet there are more reasons why you love your mom aside from what’s listed above..

    • Rochkirstin Santos

      Definitely. 🙂 I’ve lived 24 years with all her love in her heart. That’s about 8760 days now. Add the 9 months of pregnancy and you get infinite reasons.

  18. Andy

    Mothers are our best friend. The most important person in this whole wide world. They have given us undying love and support and made us what we are now.
    Belated Happy Mother’s Day to all Mothers.

  19. - Justin -

    that last reason is so damn perfect! mothers are really the best.. there’s like an infinite reason why we love them..

  20. Sumi Go | The Purple Doll

    This is so sweet! 🙂 I may be a little late, but belated Happy Mother’s Day to your mom and all the moms in your family 🙂 I’m sure she feels blessed that you’re her daughter.

  21. Mark45

    Hello, do you allow guest posting on ? 🙂 Please let me know on my e-mail


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