Today I thought was going to be an unfortunate day. When I passed through our condo hall to our gate, the lights flickered and were turned off. As I crossed the road, I walked down the small curve to the MRT. The light went off. When I was about to hop onto the stairs to the Newton MRT lift, the light again went out.

What a weird coincidence—a series of lights shutting down on me! Maybe this won’t be an “enlightening” day. I was ready to face some great challenges. I just prayed for safety for my travels and good coordination with my team and clients at work.

Thank God, nothing bad happened. Rather, today was pretty much a happy one. At lunch time, I claimed my H&M Singapore gift card from in their main office in Boat Quay. Tell you what: I was the grand prize winner! Imagine that. Before I have joined so many raffle draws and games. I almost believed that they’re all lies and thought that winners are just friends or acquaintances of some sort of the organizer. Now I’ve proven myself wrong.

I also had my picture taken with the prize. I think they will post it on their Facebook page.


Here’s the thing: it’s a S$200-worth of gift card as good as cash. However, I’m not a great fan of H&M Singapore clothing. I’d rather spend the money on food or pieces I like more. So, I’m selling it at a discounted/cheaper price of S$190. Hi Friends in SG, you may contact me directly if you’re interested. 😀

I got back to the office on time, did usual work and met with Maj and Rhett at Dhoby Ghaut Station after at 7:30PM. Together, we rode a bus to Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel (near Clarke Quay) where Vlad is staying for their team-building. Sosyal!

Thanks to Vlad, Maj got her baggage full of clothes and necessities from the Philippines. I, on the other hand, have reunited with my iPhone (nobody wanted to buy it so I took it back) which I’ve not used for two to three months now.

Within the span of time when I’m not using a smartphone, I’ve learned so many things–from books, newspapers, magazine, the Bible and other stuff (like brochures, flyers, etc.) which I read during my long trips to the office and to home in the bus and MRT. I have learned to sing not only in my mind but also physically…vocally (because life can sometimes be too boring without music).

Additionally, I’ve learned to trust more in my instinct–to walk and travel without my handy-dandy iPhone apps (GPS, bus guides and maps).

iPhone: It’s like a piece of candy that I hid away but never forgot. I’m also proud to say that 原來, I can also live normally without it. I’d also like to thank Ahia Gilbert for lending me his spare Nokia 1100 (with flashlight)! So cool.

Rock on.


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