Dotted Yellow Lines = Solid Yellow Lines

The Circle Line is now complete.

 These are the routes I can follow to get to work:

    1. Everyday ride: Direct Red Line: Newton -> Bukit Batok (about 75 minutes including bus travel)
  • For days when I feel I’m going to be late in “my definition of late”: Transfer from Red to Green and back to Red again: Newton -> Raffles Place Interchange -> Jurong East Interchange -> Bukit Batok (about 65 minutes including bus travel)

Looking forward to having shorter travel time with newly opened circle line stations, this morning I tried the new trail on my way to the office:

  • New: Newton Station -> Bishan Interchange -> Buona Vista Interchange -> Jurong East Interchange -> Bukit Batok (same as the second one: about 65 minutes including bus travel)

Just to be clear, the Circle Line was opened in stages with the first being Bartley to Marymount; second, the Eastern end of the loop from Tai Seng to Dhoby Ghaut; and now, the final portion in the West which runs from Caldecott to Harbourfront (rolled out last Saturday at 5:30am). Overall, the 28-station Circle Line took an entire decade to be built.

Yes, third route did save me 10 minutes; however, I don’t consider changing my travel pattern because…have you seen how many times the word “Interchange” appeared in the third bulleted item above?

That’s how many times I need to get off the train, walk fast (or run) to the lift/escalator/platform of the different line of the next train, say “Excuse me” about 10 times, submerge myself with the crowded trains‘ standing passengers and keep track of the next station (else I might be required to take return trips) which is tantamount to saying that I need to stay wider awakein the end goal of saving 10 minutes. Whoa, I’d rather not.

My everyday commuting journey offers me comfort, from the time I enter the train (I can sit down and relax as there’s not much passengers going to North) to when “Bukit Batok” is called.

Through searching and searching for unique news about the SMRT, I’ve found this image from a forum:

The picture is truly an epitome of SMRT’s tagline: Moving People, Enriching Lives.

I’d end this post with three big questions:

  1. When will this ever happen?
  2. Will there still be cabbies and private cars by that time?
  3. When will this ever happen…in the Philippines?


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