Today I attended the FGA church service as usual, only special was that I joined the first meeting of the life group led by Maureen Khoo. This life group will be conducted in every first and third Sundays of the month. Our group name is called “Almond Tree.”

Very cute, I thought. Digging deeper, Maureen explained to us why she chose it and clearly shared to us its meaning.

A tree, as a man, is a vertical figure projected toward Heaven. It is a symbol, because of its vital strength which is annually renewed during the cycle of the seasons, reminding us of the victory of life over death.

Symbol of the Almond Tree

The almond tree is the first tree to sprout after the winter season. So this tree can be seen as a characterization of a new beginning in one new season of our lives. Also, it was mentioned in one passage from Jeremiah that it’s a watchful tree, which reminds us of the watchful eye of God, that watches over us when we put His words to set to practice.

Very much, after the session which talked mostly about investing in ourselves and in the next generation, I felt the new day breaking while the sun is radiating its glory. The night had lasted far too long, my last screams died away hours ago. I’m tired of the numbness, sick of the aches. With those beautiful colors, imagined truly in the heart of God, I could hear the rise of the moving broken, each being made anew.

The darkness has no power over us. This day has a promise filled with great things to be. We prayed that our weakness shall be turned to strength; and the weary things no one can see being brought out shall be healed. It is in the cries of the broken, finally alive enough to let others share in the pain they can no longer bear alone.

It’s in every breath we take, precious and frail. In one moment in your life, if ever you also feel this, take hold of this moment, break those chains that bind you. Walk into the beauty; it is always there for you. Smile, trust me–it will light up the world. Live, you will do amazing things. And most of all, know that as long as you have faith, hope will never fade away.


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  1. Franc Ramon

    Good choice of using the Almond Tree as your symbol with the correlation to new beginnings and the trees reaching out to heaven.

  2. Riza Acebuche

    This post is perfect for what I am experiencing now. Everytime I’m experiencing a problem in my life I’m wishing of that someone will gonna cut me like a tree. But I realized that as a tree I should grow taller and share the fruit of blessings with others who are shedding under my leaves.

    • Rochkirstin Santos

      That’s true. There may be days when we are blinded by the hand we are dealt — full of jokers and and clubs and spades, days when we can’t see past the black humor of life. But then there’s the other side: we can get a hand full of diamonds. Or hearts. But whatever our cards are, we just have to see the beauty of fate striking us and not look outwards and compare our “blessings,” or should I say, “deck of cards.”

  3. Pal Raine

    As a Christian, Almond Tree was a symbol of watchfulness and a promise. A new life of redemption. And I agree as long as you have that long faith in God, hope will never fade away. It will guide you as long as you have that TRUST and FAITH in HIM.

  4. Maritel

    never thought an almond tree can be symbolically spiritual…it’s usually an olive tree, a sycamore, etc…you sound so enlightened and refreshed. God’s blessings always!

    • Rochkirstin Santos

      Thanks! Yes, I should be enlightened because I believe that God won’t fail me. He directs our lives since when we first enter into the world. With every sinewy muscle in my body I throw myself into prayer, my heart exposed and raw, my failures unmasked. I don’t do this because I feel I need a crutch, or because I need something to cling to, or because the thought of rotting in the dirt seems incredulous. I do this because when I felt so lost and broken, I know that I’m God’s child. 😀 God bless you, too!

  5. papaleng

    Good choice of name. Buti na lang hindi Fig Tree. Yes, Almond tree is a spring tree which symbolizes hope or new beginning. BTW what is FGA?

    • Rochkirstin Santos

      Yup, through the many experiences and people I’ve dealt with, I can say that life is totally not a fairy tale. It’s gruesome, unfair and messy, realistically speaking. God is not some magical beast who dances around with sparkles, and Jesus is not some knight in shining armor. But sure, great things will come as we have strong faith to believe in them.

      • serene shikukeza

        Yes. REALISTICALLY SPEAKING talaga with stress on the MESSY and UNFAIR din ako. APIR! Pero I just look at the bright side, we won’t be the best we can be if not for those UNFAIR and the MESS things we had and UNFAIR people we have encountered.

  6. Gracia Amor

    Yes. What ever the circumstances we are facing each day, they are no threat to us. God is watching to protect us and to deal with every situation. All we need to do is trust in Him.

  7. Algene

    I didn’t know that this tree symbolizes a new beginning. Sounds interesting! I love to sit near trees 🙂


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