This week I attended a seminar on Internet Marketing conducted by Teddy Wu, who’s an “Internet Entrepreneur, Google AdWords Qualified Professional, Advance Search Engine Marketing Skills Certified and Social Marketing Strategies Qualified” for free. The talk lasted for three hours. He covered overviews of having an e-business and the many ways on how to earn online.

How I reached him was through a advertisement that I saw on Wednesday morning. I registered online at once and got there at his office, Vision Quest, near Redhill MRT right after work. I learned substantial new knowledge from him and in fact have applied some of his ideas to my other blog,

On Thursday, I saw the ad on World Food Fair 2011 happening in Singapore’s Suntec Convention Centre. Being a food lover myself, I went there yesterday. Sadly, I was not impressed nor satisfied from what I found. I thought the hall would comprise of different food flavors all around the world as the name suggested. However, majority only consisted of food and delicacies from Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia.


Most of the stalls were selling coffee. I’m not a coffee drinker so I say “pass.” Second majority of stalls were offering soya milk, tea and cereals. I thought all of them just tasted the same like normal. I say “next,” after sampling a few cups for free. The rest had a variety of tidbits like chocolates, biscuits, nuts, candies and ice cream.

There were also a lot of promotion girls who approached me for discounted prices of beauty services like nail spa, hair treatment, facial treatment and massage. I wondered why they didn’t ask me for slimming therapies. Hmmm… 😀

All in all, I didn’t buy anything because none really suited my preference and if there was, I already know where to buy as most can be bought in our local grocery stores. From these two, I earned nothing but the experiences of joining events again here in Singapore (new encounters). I participate and look out for these opportunities because I once told myself to live life fully by saying YES when such opportunities are present. Even though I’m tired from work or anything else that I’m busy with, I still urge myself to go.

This is even before I’ve watched the film Yes Man starring Jim Carrey. The basic lesson in the movie was to always go for anything present regardless of your fears. The message of this voice echoed in me and it got me further.

In Yes Man, Carrey portrayed the character so well that it was able to impart successfully that when we take more chances, get out of our comfort zone and throw ourselves into new experiences despite any fears we may have, we get to live a happier, more complete life. And sometimes, we get to be in a new path that may be better than what we already have or in.

As mentioned before, decisions are what shape our destiny. Every decision we make or don’t make will have some effect on where our life will lead. The two things I shared in this post are just two examples of how I say yes to whatever is served and available in my plate. It’s up to me to “eat it or not.”

How would I know if it’s good or not by not tasting it at least? Some would only ask “is it good” and be satisfied with plain answers yes and no. To me, the answer should be more than that.

I have learned that what we fear is imaginary. What we are really doing is coming up with excuses to protect ourselves from situations where such things that make us feel we’re not enough get revealed to other people. It’s called a trap; the more you think of yourself as not being enough, the more your mind will search for evidence to back up that belief.

It’s when you start to take chances, risk looking stupid and feeling awkward and just start seeing the world as a big playground like how we all use to when we were kids, that we can start to fully experience life.

To be honest, this is something that I need to work on myself. Even when I write these blog posts, I often ask myself if what I’m writing is good enough. Am I a good enough writer to not only keep my readers’ attention but more importantly, write in a way that will have a positive impact on them? I hope so. 😀


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