If there is one thing about my skin that makes me crazy, it’s those icky blackheads and oil formed during the day. I cleanse, exfoliate, tone and apply moisturizer regularly to keep my face plagued with these clogged pores that seem almost impossible to banish for good.

I have been using Pond’s products since like secondary school. It’s my family’s trusted brand as Pond’s facial skin care products deliver truly promising results.

Just last week, I saw an ad in Facebook and became intrigued on Bioré’s latest product, the Marshmallow Whip Facial Wash. I think it’s not yet available in the Philippines. The facial foam mixture looks so soft and cute that I bought it today instantly at Watsons.

In this post, I present the comparison between Bioré’s facial wash versus Pond’s clear solutions anti-bacterial facial scrub.

1. Price

Bioré costs S$13.9 for 150mL, while Pond’s is like S$17.4 for 100mL. There isn’t much difference so cost is not a strong factor for comparison.

2. Fragrance

Bioré is odorless (or it’s just me who didn’t smell it). Pond’s has a clean soapy smell.

3. Texture

Bioré lives up to its marshmallow name. It’s bouncy, fluffy and dense, which can probably suit babies’ skin. In contrast, Pond’s anti-bacterial facial scrub has soft beads that make you feel that all the dirt, oil, makeup and dead, dull skin cells are being removed as you gently massage your face in washing.

4. Instructions

Same set of steps apply for the products. First is wet your face. Second is apply an ample amount of the facial wash onto your face, massage in circular motion and then rinse.

5. Results

My face feels clean and smooth after using both products, but I think Pond’s gives me a squeakier clean, the kind of feeling as though moisture has been stripped from my skin. So I guess using Bioré is just right (no need moisturizer afterwards). I also love that it has a pump stopper thing (I have no idea what that’s called) at the neck of the bottle.

This part of functional design is very useful for when traveling, the pump stopper helps to ensure that the contents of the bottle won’t spill out in your luggage unlike most dispensers.

The Verdict?

Both ok lah, bo pien.

Thanks for reading!


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24 Responses

    • Rochkirstin Santos

      Really? Pond’s? Well, I don’t know the prices of all their products and Biore in the Philippines is not pretty “mature” or well-known yet.

  1. Mai

    That was a good comparison. Although I’ve stopped using Pond’s after college as I started to notice how my skin got more sensitive through the years. I would easily break out when I use Pond’s in particular. That’s when I shifted to Cetaphil. 🙂

    • Rochkirstin Santos

      I’ve also tried Cetaphil but I didn’t like it because it does not have suds and smell which I think are two important factors in cleansing. Haha. Arte noh. 😛

    • Rochkirstin Santos

      Hehe Sef, don’t you use beauty products for the guys, too? These ones are for facial wash mostly and I think a good counterpart would be Nivea Men’s Care. 🙂

  2. Leighdy

    I use Pond’s because my skin feels better when using it. It feels tight an soft. It also brightens my skin, like what the advertising said.

  3. lily

    I love facial washes with beads but I don’t use Ponds. The last time I used it, I had terrible pimples. Haha. What I use these days is Human Nature’s facial wash. 🙂

  4. Teresa Martinez

    Pond’s products suit me just fine and I hardly change brands unless there is good reason to because my skin tends to react to certain products.

  5. jane

    OMG! i’ve been using ponds too eversince! my mom’s been addicted to their products she’s 48 now and still an avid fun of ponds. Though i stopped using some of them and the only ponds product i can’t live without is their ponds cold cream!! it just removes my make up perfectly and leave my skin sticky at first though in the morning its so supple and moisturize. haven’t trie BIOre yet

    • Rochkirstin Santos

      My mom also uses Pond’s anti-aging products but I don’t know if there are good results coming out of this usage when it has been years. Hmmm now she’s trying another gadget with the use of some oil to make her facial creases a.k.a. wrinkles be removed or at least appear less obvious.

  6. joy | chemist2writer

    I would probably try the marshmallow cleanser because it looks interesting haha I know it is not correct but I still prefer a squeaky clean feel after washing my face 😀 I also use Pond’s from time to time but often just stick to soap. yeah – I am no girly girl 😛

    • Rochkirstin Santos

      I have checked Sulit.com.ph and eBay.ph and saw that prices of the Biore marshmallow facial wash is expensive. So it’s advisable to go to the physical stores in Singapore / Thailand if you want to get a hold of ’em. 🙂

  7. Dianne

    I am not a fan of ponds coz I had breakouts when I used it before. But I know it does good results to other skin types.

    • Rochkirstin Santos

      Well, the website says “Ponds products make a real difference to womens skin and the way they live their lives.” In contrast, I say that every person has a different skin type so we can’t all use the same products. This is why there are brands in the market for us to find the one that suit ours. 🙂


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