Whether you are moving to a completely new country or just another city, it can be a jarring experience for everyone, including adults. However, it’s always the children who feel the worst. Depending on whether it’s an international shift or a domestic one, the effects will vary, but they will still always be there.

Children often act out in various ways during this time, and although it can be unsettling for the parents, the reaction is common and understandable. Shy children may not express it, but it could turn into depression if justify unattended and unexpressed.

In light of these facts, it is important for parents to pay special attention towards helping their child cope with the move away from his/her friends, school, home and pretty much everyone outside the family. As to how you can do that effectively, here are a few tips that will make the move easier for both the children and the parents.

Be Sensitive with the Announcement

If you are the kind of parent who believes that children need not be involved in family decisions, then you will have a hard time ahead of you! On the other hand, if you can be sensitive about it, you can minimize the negative impact of the announcement on your children significantly.

If he/she is old enough, sit down with your child and tell them about the reasons why you had to take that decision. If you are clear and sensitive about the reasons and the announcement, almost always, the children will support you, whether they like the decision or not. They may still not be happy about it of course, but they will understand and won’t hold grudges in most cases. Teenagers appreciate being treated like an adult and it’s the right course to take as parents.

In case you also have toddlers at home who are too young to understand all that, it might actually be easier. Sit down with them and tell them about the move, but concentrate on telling them the best aspects of the move’s effects on their lives, such as a bigger house, a better school with a huge playground, more toys because daddy got a huge pay bump! Anything will do, as long as they are at least partially true and reflect positively on the move.

Let Your Child be a Part of the Renovation Planning

When you are moving to a new house, it will need renovations, painting and a new décor to suit your own taste. This is actually a great opportunity to involve your children in the move and make them enthusiastic about it.

Plan the whole redecoration together as a family and give them the freedom to plan the whole décor of their own room. Teenagers in particular will love the freedom to remodel their own living space, but even small children would be quite happy if you let them choose smaller aspects of their room, such as the paint or the wallpaper for example.

As packing up your old house and moving home will take up a lot of your time and energy, you may want to enlist the help of a handyman service to take some of the stress off your plate. Services like Edward’s Enterprises can take care of all the renovation, redecoration and regular handyman jobs needed at your new home. Just put in a call to them and after the initial inspection, discuss what your plans are for each room in the house to get an estimate about the expected expenses. Don’t forget to let your kids (if they are old enough) be involved in the discussion as well, so that they can put forward their own ideas about the renovations they want in their rooms.

Talk to the Teachers of their New School

The older your child is, the harder it will be for him/her to settle down in the new school and make friends. Talk with the teachers and make sure that you convey the situation to them. They will often provide the extra attention a child needs while coping with a new school environment, but without letting that be too obvious in front of the class. It’s a tricky situation, but good teachers can handle it and may even be able to help him/her make a few, new friends.

Remind Them That it’s 2019!

We do live in the age of video calls, infinite text messages, social media websites, so tell them that in 2019, the move won’t necessarily put them completely out of touch with their closest friends. If they are old enough to use the internet and have a smartphone, then it’s a fact that they know all too well, but it still feels good to hear about it from your parents in times of sadness.

Sometimes, whatever you do isn’t enough, and in such cases, it’s best to take a step back and let the kids heal from the uprooting experience on their own. However, using the above advice, it could make the move that little bit easier.


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