Kainan Sa E. Rod is a brand new food hub where you can hang out with friends while enjoying different types of food and drinks in one setting. Looking for landmarks? It’s located inside Crabaholic Resto along E. Rodriguez in Quezon City, corner Banawe near Mercury Drug and Honda, in front of Value Plus. 🙂 This casual spot works for anything from group dinners to solo meals. Order food on the ground floor and be seated on the second floor, where food and drinks will be served.

Kainan Sa E. Rod: 6 Food and Drink Concepts to Look Out For

1. Cheesylog On-the-Go

Want a one-bowl meal that’s significantly filling and satisfying? Cheesylog On-the-Go provides rice bowls topped with a choice of beef tapa, bacon, ham, or burger steak and fried egg. The best part? It comes with cheese, hence the name Cheesylog (“log” is short for “itlog” or egg). Everything is yummy and perfect for hungry people in need of a quick, hearty meal before or after a long day’s work. Combo meals can be served in a few minutes, all piping hot. You can eat the cheesy rice bowl on-the-go or seated.

2. PaUmPuGa (Pambaon sa Umaga, Pulutan sa Gabi) at Lugawan

PaUmPuGa celebrates the joyous bounty of pork as it does its sisig, kinilaw, and tokwa’t baboy best. If you’re anywhere nearby and are craving for scrumptious pork-centric Filipino dishes, please drop by and make yourself feel right at home.

At PaUmPuGa, you’re encouraged to open your palate to a variety of bold and daring food. Their food are much like home-cooked meals and price-wise, they’re very affordable even for students. Isahan (rice with one viand of choice) only costs PhP 39; Dalawahan (rice with two viands), PhP 59; and Tatluhan (rice with 3 viands), PhP 69. If you’re familiar with these food, you’ll know the flavors are classic, but you haven’t really tasted them until you’ve eaten them together! 😉

3. Mangan Tamo

Mangan Tamo literally translates to “let us eat.” This food stall features home-cooked Pinoy meals such as fried boneless bangus, grilled tilapia, grilled boneless bangus, grilled pusit, and papaitan (a famous Ilocano soup dish mostly composed of cow or goat innards). These are fairly standard versions of the familiar local dishes, and they’re so good with rice. This is the kind of meal that’s just incredibly simple yet glorious.

I love the squid (pusit) as it hits the mark with its assertive flavor and texture. There’s a good balance of inherent sweetness, bitterness, acid, and a little heat from the chili and soy sauce. Papaitan (with the innards and all) took a different direction in taste but it gave a mouthwatering spice at play. The grilled milkfish was homey with the tangy tomatoes bringing out a vibrant zest. A few mouthfuls can transport you to a beach only moments away.

3. Dimsum Republic Hong Kong Fried Noodles

Take your taste buds to the tropics with the delightful layers of flavor. At Dimsum Republic Hong Kong Fried Noodles, crispy and saucy, the pan-fried noodles form a crispy-on-the-outside, tender-in-the-middle texture, a classic Hong Kong dish. Bowls can be customized to your liking. Choose your own toppings then mix your own sauce.

For the base, you can have either Noodle Bowl (Plain), Dimsum Bowl (2 pieces of siomai), or Oriental Bowl (Kung Pao Chicken, Mongolian Beef, or Oriential Sausage). It’s a quick and well-rounded stir-fry. For the sauces, choose any of these accompaniments: peanut, sate barbecue, teriyaki, hoisin, and/or sweet chili. Each chopstick pinch picks up strands of fried noodles and some portion of the toppings, all coated in the flavorful sauce. Still feeling hungry? Getting a jumbo siopao (asado or bola-bola) on the side will definitely add an extra oomph to your meal.

4. Crabaholic Resto

Love crabs, shrimps, and mussels? You definitely have to check out Crabaholic Resto. Here, you can order a la carte seafood or go unlimited! Unli crabs, shrimp buckets, group bundles for the whole family and entire barkada? You have it. Roll up your sleeves and dive into a delicious spread (or heaping) of seafood. For first-time diners here, their Mixed Seafood is a must-order, and while you may not have woken up thinking you’d eat seafood today, you absolutely should. 🙂

Crabs in Crabaholic Resto are a must. We tried butter garlic but I bet it’s also great to order the Singaporean crabs and Cajun flavor crabs next time for some spice. Yum! See their menu below and you’ll be surprised how affordable their group bundles are!

6. Double Tea

It’s milk tea o’clock! When you’re in Kainan sa E. Rod, don’t miss Double Tea and quench your thirst with their creamy and tasty milk tea. Double Tea is the first BUY 1 TAKE 1 milk tea in the Philippines. What it means: Double Tea forever serves buy 1 take 1 milk teas and it’s not a limited-time marketing promotion. They put a lot of love into the drinks they make.

Milk tea with pearls or jellies offers an extremely fun experience of simultaneously drinking and eating your dessert. Select from various milk tea flavors, customize your drink with sinkers (by default, an order comes with a sinker but you can top up some more with additional cost), choose your preferred sugar level, and choose your preferred size (starter – small, superior – medium, or VIP – large). You can opt to get two of the same flavor or two different ones with the same size. All their drinks have a classic black tea or oolong tea base, and the ingredients are sourced from Taiwan. Milk is used to enhance the flavor and not to disguise the flavor of the tea.

We had two orders, basically four milk tea flavors: Okinawa Milk Tea, Chocolate Avocado, Honeydew, and Creme Brulee. My two personal favorites are the Okinawa Milk Tea (their bestseller) and the Crème Brûlée. I love the latter for its appealing creaminess that lingers on the palate. 🙂 Very refreshing and satisfying! Double Tea also offers fruit teas, btw. Check out their menu below:


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  1. Robin rue

    We don’t have cheesylogs here, but we need to. They look and sound PHENOMENAL. Loving all these concepts.

  2. Melissa Chapman

    Squid and crabs are always good and those places look like the ones to go to for seafood. I would love to travel to that city for a tour and some great food.

  3. Marysa

    This all looks so interesting and delicious. I am not familiar with a lot of these dishes, and it would be neat to be able to try them out. I’ve never heard of Avocado flavor Boba tea either! (We have had boba tea, just have never seen so many flavors!)

  4. Liz Mays

    So many delicious options. I’d really want to stop at Cheesylog On-the-Go for a bite!

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    The food looks amazing! It’s funny I’m eating a rice bowl while I’m reading about a rice bowl. Win-win!

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    Those teas look really good! I’m trying to move towards a plant-based diet, but a lot of these dishes would make it even harder.

  7. Wendy Polisi

    Wow, there is so much to choose from. It all looks and sounds so good, how do you choose?!?!

  8. Ruth I

    Wow. All the food look so good and very affordable! I’d love to taste everything. I bet they are all yummy!


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