One year ago, you could decide where you wanted to eat, hop on the car or jump in a cab, and be there enjoying the restaurant or cafe ambiance and perusing the menu in maybe an hour. Nowadays, food options are likely to be determined by what’s available on GrabFood, Foodpanda, Facebook, and Instagram. At a glance, you can see the list of all that can deliver based on your zone and you have easy access to these excellent food, desserts, drinks, and more. Postcode envy, sorted! Plus, if you’re outside the metro for lockdown, having a potluck party at home, or just looking to send food as a gift, some restaurants, catering services, and food businesses from home have you covered. Heavenly.Spiced is one fine example. 🙂

Whenever you need a good old-fashioned get-together with family and friends and want to save time up cooking, Heavenly.Spiced can literally spice up your meal—the kind that ends in buttons being undone, sighs around the table, and any stresses being mellowed by the soothing effect of heavenly-tasting food.

Chef Edmond Dannug, former Head Chef of Enderun Events Davao, came back to Manila and launched this online enterprise last August 2020. Since then, he and his fiancée got busy serving comfort food favorites like chicken wings, burgers and fries, baby back ribs, and a perfectly nap-inducing Hainanese chicken rice. in party-size packages.

Chef Edmond Dannug & fiancée Jasmine Guillarte

Food Rundown ❤️

ANGUS BEEF BURGERS (PhP 1,500): The ingredients that make up a burger are pretty classic, but Heavenly.Spiced’s rendition shows quite a difference. It’s fun stuff, executed perfectly with super juicy double pure angus beef patties, battered onion rings, fresh lettuce and tomato, melty yellow cheddar cheese, and bourbon BBQ sauce all served atop a brioche bun alongside umami fries. One tray comes with six burgers and fries, with an unabashed tendency for the indulgent.

BUFFALO WINGS (PhP 900): If you love Frankie’s, then these are a must-try! These treats come close for sure. The tang of the vinegar in the hot buffalo sauce packs a nice zing. The crisp crunch of the chicken wing is so satisfying. Their 2-kg worth of buffalo wings hit all the right notes from spice to flavor.

BOURBON GLAZED BBQ BABY BACK RIBS (PhP 1,400): Served with umami corn, these fork-tender, fall-off-the-bone baby back ribs taste excellent. You can’t go wrong!

HAINANESE CHICKEN (PhP 850): Oh, hands down, this is my favorite among all the dishes here. Unassuming but flavorful, this food tray consists of rich chicken rice, slices of silky and tender chicken, and bokchoy paired with sweet soy, chili sauce, and an aromatic ginger-scallion sauce. Glorious!

Wrap Up

Names can be deceiving, but Heavenly.Spiced’s is not. The flavors, textures, and presentation of their food scream absolute top quality. They’re another testament to the fact that not having a proper dine-in option shouldn’t hinder you from having a proper feast to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, graduations or any other milestone at home. You can surprise the family on their special day with these sumptuous food packages. Order in advance! They have a lead of 2-3 days.

New on the Menu

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☎️ Call/Text: 09392373383
📱 Viber: 09294514998
Mode of Payment: BDO, Unionbank, GCash
Delivers from: New Manila, Quezon City (pickup also available)


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