Unique interiors, delicious and refreshing drinks, and affordable pricing—these are the three main reasons why you should check out Kurimi Milk Tea Bar in Sct. Limbaga Street in Tomas Morato area. 🙂

Cafe Yeonnam-dong 239-20 in Seoul has been in our travel bucket list for the longest time. Now that we’re on lockdown and couldn’t really fly to Korea, Kurimi Milk Tea Bar is the closest we can visit to experience being inside a real-life drawing. Black lines along corners and edges and just all-white furniture look so creative. The two-dimensional effect will easily catch anyone’s attention. Even their bathroom has doodles and still consistent and seamless with the concept!

When we look back at our photos, we seemed like characters out of a comic or sketchbook. It’s a fun place to chill with friends. Architecturally, it’s impressive, even if you’re not a fan of milk tea. 🙂 Note that the limit capacity inside is 8 people, following social distancing and safety protocols. We were the only customers at that time, so it was calm and quiet and service was fast.

Kurimi Milk Tea Bar, The First 2D Café in the Philippines

Kurimi offers different variants of milk tea sourced from Taiwan and brewed fresh daily. They have the Cream Cheese Series, signature milk teas, Brown Sugar Series, Cheesecake Series, fruit teas, and specialty drinks. If you’re not into milk teas, fantastic options of fruit teas with tropical flavors like passionfruit, lychee, lemon, grapefruit, watermelon, and peach can match your preference. What’s also special about their drinks is the popping boba, a little juice ball filled also with fruit juice and pops when bitten into. It’s a great spin-off from traditional boba.

We got the following: Jasmine Milk Tea Cream Cheese, Jasmine Tea Cream Cheese, Blueberry Cheesecake with Pearl, and Watermelon Fruit Tea with Mix Popping Boba. Everything was delightful and enjoyable. The ones with cream cheese are the creamiest, certainly living up to the name “kurimi” which is Japanese from “creamy.” Yum!

Kurimi Milk Tea Bar now has three branches. They are open for dine-in, take-out, and delivery. If you’re just near Tomas Morato and feel safe going out, this one-of-a-kind café is worth the trip. Take as many photos as you’d like while enjoying cool drinks. 🥤

Address: 88 Scout Limbaga Ext, Diliman, Quezon City, Metro Manila
Contact Number: 0920 916 1078
Email: kurimimilkteabar@gmail.com


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