Bibingka is one of the Filipino delicacies traditionally prepared and enjoyed during the Christmas season. It’s a rice cake that’s soft and light to the bite, with a good contrast of salty and subtly sweet flavors. I’m all about obscenely rich and buttery bibingka, and I love it so much that I’d want it all year round—if only possible. Most restaurants offer it only from November to December. So you can imagine my happiness when I found on Instagram. I tried not to smile but couldn’t! 🙂

“Postre” is actually dessert in Spanish. Specializing in various homemade treats, bakes bibingka cakes which are basically a cross between bibingka and a fluffy sponge chiffon cake, the kind you’ve probably daydreamed about as a little kid. They started the business in December 2019 (here‘s their first post) and continued to sell bibingka every day of the year ever since. Who doesn’t want more cake in their life, right? 😛’s Bibingka Cakes: Available for Delivery Within Metro Manila

We got their original bibingka cake and their special bibingka cake with salted egg slivers. informed me that the delivery is on the way. The Lalamove guy came in less than an hour.

The bibingka cakes arrived in our home still warm. They were packaged well in red boxes tied with a pink ribbon that looked great and presentable as a gift. Instructions on how to store and prepare to eat are written on the box. It’s recommended to heat the bibingka cake for 40 seconds before it’s ready. In reality, it’s perfect both heated/eaten warm and cold (straight from the ref).

Special bibingka cake with salted egg slivers 

If you like anything with salted egg, then you’re going to really, really, really like this. No, love. ❤ It’s a significant portion of moist bibingka cake with the sides wrapped in banana leaves. We’re talking bibingka cake topped with generous salted egg slivers, slathered with butter, and grated cheese. It’s so good with coffee or hot chocolate for breakfast, snack, or dessert. The cake itself has an excellent texture, soft and tender, with a airiness reminiscent of angel food cake, but a sweetness that’s far more mellow. You’ll share it but you won’t want to. 😉

Original bibingka cake

In contrast, if you don’t like the taste of salted egg (admittedly, it can be an acquired taste for some), then get the original. It’s refreshing for anyone who isn’t into overly rich cakes. Topped with chunks of young coconut (buko) and grated cheese, this bibingka cake is a cake you won’t get tired of eating. It’s great for a pick-me-up in the afternoon.

Why you should order these bibingka cakes:
1. They’re moist and not dry at all. There’s no point wasting time and calories on dry cakes or mamons.
2. You can really tell that fresh and natural flavors were used. I shared slices to everyone at home and they all appreciated it.
3. They’re unique and simply exquisite. They’re not the “home of the original bibingka cakes” for nothing. These bibingka cakes by set the bar for homemade cakes everywhere. Give it a try!

If you feel like you want something pleasurable and nostalgic, or just miss the taste of holidays, check them out. They deliver fast within Metro Manila. Contact 09176356932 for orders or slide them a DM on Instagram. 🙂


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