If you are like me, and most likely every other person on the planet at the moment, then what has become the new handbag essential is a pack of disinfectant hand wipes, a face mask or covering of sorts, and the all-important hand sanitizer. They come in various shapes, sizes, and forms, and with a diverse level of alcohol percentages, and in some cases flavors and scents that smell like it could be used as your daily cologne. How sanitary or safe those are I am not sure, so proper research is important.

The world has gone into survival mode at the moment and it’s easily understandable given the recent outbreaks and ever-increasing pandemic. Ensuring you are safe and covered when it comes to your health and that of your family is vital. 

What makes a good sanitizer?

Firstly it would need alcohol content with a minimum of 60%. This is to ensure that germs are killed and you don’t pass anything on to anyone else. If it contains added ingredients such as essential oils or even better, aloe vera, not only will it be protecting your hands but also keeping them smelling fresh and soft.

Using a sanitizer in conjunction with washing your hands with soap is the best method for disinfecting your hands. If the soap is not readily available, be sure to rub the sanitizer gel thoroughly between your fingers and around fingernails as they easily trap dirt.

Then you want a sanitizer that has been tested and is FDA and EPA approved. Labels will state this and are required on products to meet industry standards and laws to be sellable.

To see a more in-depth explanation of the processes and methods used in the testing operations, check out this link for an interesting read on the topic and a foundation on what to look for when purchasing your sanitizing products.

Lastly, please do not add alcohol to a non-alcoholic sanitizer product. This does not increase its efficacy and is more likely to cause skin irritation and could result in a rash or breakout.

Which is best?

There are a countless number of brands and products on the market. Knowing which one is best or those that claim to offer the highest protection can be a daunting decision. We want to be safe and protected naturally, so take a minute to do your homework and make the right choice the first time around.

Referrals from friends and family are always a good way to narrow down the options, but if this is not an option then why not have a look at bemoxe.com for a simplified and personalized list of fresh-smelling gels.

The range is available from family size bottles for in the bathrooms to “on-the-go” versions that are easy and compact to pop it in your luggage and switch from bag to bag as you tackle the day.

What synched the deal for me is incorporating Mother Nature’s natural ingredients like aloe. It’s good for the skin, helps to keep the hands soft and moisturized. Moisture is usually lost as the harsh alcohol instantly dries the skin.

People have been reaping the benefits of aloe vera for centuries and it is widely used in organic and all-natural products to this day.

3 Top Advantages of Using Aloe

  • Aging process. Studies have shown that aloe slows down the aging process in terms of skins elasticity and fine lines by increasing the production of collagen in the body, offering fewer wrinkles who wouldn’t want aloe in their life.
  • Aloe has moisture-retaining properties keeping the skin supple and hydrated, a great alternative for those looking for a more holistic and chemical-free approach to acne or psoriasis and skin related ailments.

The list can go on with people stating their opinions, but see this article on why aloe is so beneficial for our bodies and skin.

  • UV Rays. Aloe is rich in vitamins and reduces the effects of harmful UV rays, whilst simultaneously repairing existing damage.

Keeping safe whether through natural means or naturally produced products is essential in the times we’re living in. Be sure to do your part. 🙂


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