Life has a way of surprising us when we least expect it. The revelation that I was pregnant after our recent journey to Greece added a unique twist to an already memorable experience. This blog post tells the story of how we discovered we’re pregnant with our second child.

A Pause During the Pandemic

One of the reasons we hesitated to have another baby during the peak of the pandemic, which lasted from 2020 to 2022, was the overwhelming strain on healthcare systems here in the Philippines. Hospitals were overrun with COVID patients, and the prospect of giving birth under those circumstances was daunting. I had friends telling me about their pregnancy and delivery experiences at the height of COVID and they were not so good and convenient. So finding out we were pregnant after this tumultuous period filled us with hope – it was a ray of light in a world that had been shrouded in darkness. 🙂

How We Learned About Our Second Pregnancy

My husband and I, along with my brothers-in-law, set off on an eagerly awaited trip to Greece during Holy Week this year. However, my regular monthly period did not arrive as scheduled. Oddly, I didn’t feel any different, and there were no immediate signs of pregnancy. I couldn’t ignore the regularity of my periods or the gnawing suspicion that something might be different. Yet, I couldn’t be entirely sure.

Upon returning to Manila from our Greek adventure, I decided to address my suspicion by taking a pregnancy test. I even bought two different brands of pregnancy kits to make sure. The result: I was indeed pregnant with our second child! It took a year of trying to conceive. I think it was already the sixth week of pregnancy, which was about the same time we found out about our first pregnancy (with Lance) before.

It took a full year of trying to conceive / achieve this pregnancy. Huhu. We decided to keep this precious secret between us for the time being as we had to ensure our baby’s health before sharing the news with our loved ones.

The Long Wait and Joyful Confirmation

I scheduled a transvaginal ultrasound at the 11th week of my pregnancy in the hospital. The days leading up to the ultrasound appointment felt like an eternity, filled with anticipation and excitement.

The moment arrived, and during the transvaginal ultrasound, our anxiety melted away as we witnessed the first images of our baby on the screen. The technician’s words confirmed our hopes: it was indeed a baby, and to our delight, there was a strong, reassuring heartbeat!

We can’t wait to embrace the adventure that awaits as a family of four. ❤️


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