Looking for a family staycation place or a kid-friendly boutique hotel in Tagaytay? I searched through Agoda.com and La Bella Boutique Hotel came right on top of the list. After a few minutes of browsing and comparing the ambiance, facilities, and rates, it was an easy decision to book a room at La Bella over a weekend. From the photos, it looked brimming with recreational activities, and based on the map, it’s conveniently located near the best and most popular restaurants in Tagaytay. You know what this means: good news for foodies!

Restaurants near La Bella Boutique Hotel, Tagaytay (Brgy. Neogan) include Antonio’s Garden, Marcia Adams, Lime & Basil, Breakfast at Antonio’s, Bag of Beans Cafe and Restaurant, Girasol, Sonya’s Secret Garden, Balay Dako, Aozora Japanese Restaurant, Mushroom Burger, Pamana, Bulalo Point, and more! We reserved our seats prior coming and had a great time. Check out my other post for our recommended places to eat.

Top 5 Things to Do in La Bella Boutique Hotel, Tagaytay

1. Take photos of this Greek-Mediterranean inspired well-being enclave and feel yourself part of this beauty.

Bella is Italian word translating to beautiful–and no doubt, this vacation spot is so beautiful! It’s another must-visit place in the Philippines that can instantly transport you into a dream vacation. The first thing we noticed was that the structure of the buildings in this property features the iconic blue and white colors that mimic the grandiose Santorini.

Thanks to Waze, La Bella Boutique Hotel was easy to find and reach by car. Take photos, lots of them, and create some awesome memories with family and friends!

Here are some photos of the room:

2. Visit the gallery.

La Bella Boutique Hotel features sleek rooms where you can just chill, relax, and maybe watch Netflix on bed, but there are more exciting areas to check out when in the area. Roam around in their gallery on the ground floor connecting to the reception area. Check out the exhibition of artsy crafts, paintings, and unique wooden pieces of furniture.

2. Take delight in organic food. 

Organico Gourmet by Chef Gloria de Vera was voted as one of the top 10 most loved restaurants in San Juan and Mandaluyong. My mom and I were among the people invited to experience their first day of opening in Luna Mencias back in 2015. We were also happy to learn that they have a branch in La Bella Community that serves hotel guests with breakfast, all-day all-natural organic food, and a wide range of healthy home-cooked meals.

4. Swim in the pool.

La Bella’s swimming pool is nothing complex; it’s not a lap pool, but it’s excellent for dipping and playing in the water especially with kids. Their outdoor swimming pool offers a sense of fun and somewhat “magical quality” because it’s transparent like an aquarium or a large tank. The lack of visible structure is a brilliant aspiration for both swimmers and spectators alike.

5. Reconnect with nature.

La Bella is a tranquil choice if you want to relax somewhere like in a retreat haven. It has a wide garden area adorned with tall trees, plants, and flowers where you can spend long afternoons meditatively communing with nature. Sneak in some quality time with the family and make your way to unwind and just admire this quiet space.

Wrap Up

If you’ve been craving to hit the road and have a short trip even during a weekend, this might be best place to go for your next staycation. La Bella Boutique Hotel in Tagaytay is huge so guests may take a while to walk around the entire compound and check on all the wonderful amenities. Its beautiful architecture, spotless service, great dining options in their “in-house restaurants,” and its accessible location make it a great pick for discerning (and well-heeled) travelers.


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