With the table-hunting in Nuvali, we ended up dining in these four restaurants which made all the efforts worth it. We made no reservations and were glad that we didn’t need to wait long to get seated. May these spots excite you, cheer you up, and provide comfort and good memories to come!

Where to Eat? 4 Restaurants We Tried in Ayala Solenad Nuvali in 1 Day

1. Bistro Charlemagne

Lunch was our first order of business upon reaching Ayala Solenad Nuvali, and we immediately headed to Bistro Charlemagne since it was among the top restaurants listed in TripAdvisor that we haven’t tried before. We came in hungry and left pretty full and satisfied. It’s a busy place with a pleasant staff team who were quick on their feet. Ambiance has a mix of both contemporary and an old-world vibe, completing a regal and easygoing experience.

Bistro Charlemagne serves food significantly of Asian fusion cuisine, since the restaurant is a concept by Little Asia (if you’re familiar with the latter, you will know). For starters, we got the Asian tuna tataki salad, which consisted of sesame crusted seared tuna on a bed of greens tossed with watermelon, peach, and cherry tomatoes. As expected, it was fresh, light, and tasty! We also shared a small platter of Vietnamese Spring rolls with the Nuoc Cham dipping sauce and tuna tataki with traditional Japanese ponzu sauce.

For mains, we had Little Asia’s Crispy Chicken paired with bagoong fried rice. Yum! This classic house special crispy chicken with savory gravy and shrimp paste rice can’t be missed!

2. Nono’s

After lunch, we checked out several retail outlets in the mall and bought souvenirs from the tiangges (bazaars/small stalls) selling local handcrafts and Christmas products. We just didn’t notice the time and got hungry for pastries and an afternoon pick-me-up, so going to Nono’s for some snacks and drinks was a no-brainer. It’s one of our favorite places for a break.

Sitting down at this charming, colorful spot felt like finally riding in a comfy air-conditioned car after a long and hot day. The atmosphere here is so relaxed, so it’s easy to get comfy.

Nono’s is a place that’s sure of itself, in a “we make the best confections and we know it” type of way. Without a question, we decided to go for their irresistible chocolate oblivion and shared a slice each of the banana cream pie mini and apple pie.

3. The Pigpen

The Pigpen is also one of the highly rated and most praised restaurant in Nuvali. The menu is full of interesting yakitori, with a ton of options to choose from, ranging from Pork Cheek & Ear, Pork Belly, Chicken Leg & Thigh, Chicken Breast, Sausage & Bacon, and Saikoro & Beef Tendon, to Miso Glazed Corn. If you’re a first-timer here like us, the Yakitori Platter with assorted skewers would make a fine and safe option. Can’t go wrong! But if you’re curious to sample just one, we suggest getting the Pork Cheek & Ear. It was beautifully spiced and flawlessly textured. A surprise standout.

Aside from the hefty skewers, we also made sure to try some of the highlights: chicken wings, deep-fried pork belly served with kimchi (a smart pairing I haven’t seen before), and braised, seared pork belly roll. Shout out to the mushroom soup which we really liked. It did a fantastic job marrying earthy and creamy together.

4. Nonna’s Pizza Napoletana

Before heading back to the hotel, we made the most out of our visit in Ayala Solenad Nuvali by having a second dinner right after coming out full from The Pigpen! 🙂 Nonna’s Pizza Napoletana is an Italian restaurant serving artisanal pastas and pizzas. It’s an inviting, quaint spot that’s a sister restaurant of the famous Italian eatery, Mama Lou’s. Nonna’s is the Italian word for “grandmother,” and the idea of the place is like coming to your quirky grandma’s house for a nice, homey meal or whenever you want pasta and pizza cravings satisfied.


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