Whether you’re a serial vacationer or have to move around a lot for your job, you’ll know that frequent travel comes with its challenges. We’ve collected a short list of the best gadgets that every regular traveler needs to throw into their carry-on luggage.

Portable Power

When you’re travelling, you’re likely to be out and about, on your feet, at the airport or commuting for hours and hours on end – you’re not going to get to a charging cable any time soon.

Investing in a portable power pack as a frequent traveler is a must – and one that uses clean energy is a bonus! Check out these 4 Patriot Power Cell reviews to see if this is a good option for you.

A Travel Steam Iron

We all want to look our best when we’re heading out to a dinner, especially on a vacation in a beautiful location. Unfortunately, suitcases are a nightmare for clothing that creases easily.

A portable steam iron will allow you and even your wrinkliest shirts to look fresh and ready to go no matter how far away you far from your ironing board.

Personal Wi-Fi Hotspot

Travelling internationally can make staying connected a little tricky. Foreign SIM cards, data expenses and all that can call away if you purchase your own personal Wi-Fi hotspot. Be sure to find one that will work for you and is affordable!

Miniature Travel Laundry Basket

Living out of a suitcase for two weeks is bad enough without having to mix up your fresh, clean button-ups with yesterday’s sandy swim shorts.

Purchase a travel laundry basket to take along with you on your trips so you can separate your clean and dirty clothes neatly and easily. This will even make unpacking when you get home a much quicker and easier job – no more sorting through piles and sniffing each item that comes out.

Travel Adapter Plugs

Something people often fail to plan for when travelling internationally is the difference in plugs and outlets you might run into when you arrive at your destination.

Invest in a universal adapter plug before you leave in order to avoid trying to plug in your blow dryer before a big night out and realising that it simply doesn’t fit, and you’ll have to head out the door soaking wet.

Portable Water Purifier

This is one for the adventure junkies who prefer to travel in the great outdoors. Save on copious plastic water bottles by investing in a portable water purifier instead.

These little gadgets will allow you to safely drink from any water source you come across, saving plastic, and protecting the planet at the same time, making you a real eco-warrior.

Clip-On Lenses

If you consider yourself a budding photographer but can’t afford the real deal, investing in clip-on camera lenses for your smartphone is a great affordable alternative to a DSLR.

Level up your photography and impress your Instagram followers with your beautiful travel shots – they’ll never even know you took them with your iPhone.


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