SEO by SEO Hacker

SEO. Every blogger who has decided to take blogging to the next level must have heard or read about it. SEO refers to Search Engine Optimization. It’s the simple activity to make sure that your content search engine-friendly for words of phrases that can strategically represent what your page is all about.

Try searching for Vikings Restaurant Review, Novuhair Review, What to do in Las Casas, Why I Love My Mother, or Tony and Jackey Hair Color and you’ll see my posts right there on the front page in Google. This isn’t about luck; it’s content strategy in motion, with the help of SEO Hacker. When done right, SEO can work powerfully like a magnet that draws visitors in like iron filings.

How SEO Has Incredibly Helped My Blog Increase Search Traffic

SEO helped my blog generate on average at least 50% more visitors and page views year on year without spending money on ads.

When I started blogging in 2011, I was much committed to write about personal life happenings that are positive and inspirational. Whenever I publish a new blog post, I had almost always sent a message to my family and closest friends to encourage them to read it. Sometimes, I would ask them for a follow-up to make sure someone has even bothered to go through my page. Sadly, there were days when page views return zero. Everyone must be busy.

Was I publishing “great content”? Sure.

Did I promote it? You bet.

Was my blog updated at least once per week? Like clockwork.

So what was the problem?

The fact that I didn’t publish the right content—the key to great SEO

Writing to an audience and helping others find valuable content were not my biggest priorities at the time.

Fast-forward to 2013, I realized the importance of publishing evergreen and well-written articles that convey a sense of clarity and grab the attention of more people on the web. In the context of SEO, a good content strategy focuses on providing information that searchers want. This means answering questions through sharing of knowledge and experiences, giving out tips and tutorials which may be in the form of text, images, videos, graphics, and other media, and offering solutions among other things.

The right content is one that generates traffic, leads, and sales. It’s the content that gets you traffic from search engines and rock solid content that establishes web authors as experts in their own fields. When you do that, everything changes. A good SEO consultant and company will be advantageous in further defining objectives and developing realistic strategies on the best approach in creating unique SEO-enriched content.

Top 3 Benefits of Using SEO as a Secret Weapon

There are so many benefits of using SEO, and to each his own. Here are mine:

  • Better Reach and Engagement. The top spot on Google SERPs (search engine results pages) gets the most clicks. SEO is focused on keywords. Using the right keywords and phrase matches through research wins easy recall, helps brands build awareness, and enables better engagement with others.
  • Increased Satisfaction in Helping People. Blogging gives the opportunity to expose a wealth of information and reinforce a brand’s authority and business. Knowing that people find meaning in the post I share gives me happiness and satisfaction. 🙂
  • Extra Cash. I’m not selling any products or services on this blog, but I earn money through advertisements, sponsored posts, and the Google AdSense program. With increased traffic and higher ranking from organic searches, more brands and companies contact me for collaborations and promotions. Bloggers work as partner influencers who bring products or services in front of as many eyes as possible, boosting conversion and search engine rankings. In so doing, blogging plays a role in marketing and developing trust and confidence in people as it attracts targeted potential buyers through critical and relevant keywords through the website.