As I navigate the last leg of my second pregnancy, the excitement and anticipation have reached new heights. Reflecting on my journey, I can’t help but draw comparisons to my first pregnancy, which had us welcoming our little one a bit earlier. Last Saturday during checkup, my OB-GYNE said that I already have a soft cervix and a dilation of 2cm, suggesting a more conventional due date arrival. She also said that labor and birth will likely be faster because it’s the second baby. Whew, that sounded reassuring! 🙂

Unlike my first pregnancy, where preterm labor took center stage, this time the waiting game feels like an eternity. The eagerness to meet our newest family member is palpable, accompanied by the occasional twinge of anxiety about the impending labor. Yet, I find solace in the fact that I’ve taken every measure to be well-prepared for this moment.

This week, in an attempt to nudge the process along, I’ve spent a total of eight hours or more walking in the mall. Beyond the physical benefits, these walks serve as a welcome distraction and a strategic effort to encourage dilation. The dedication doesn’t stop there – I’ve extended my walking routine in our home, and I’ve started going up and down the stairs with a determination to hasten the labor process.

The support and excitement from everyone in the house and my family add an extra layer of joy to these final days. It’s heartening to know that I’m surrounded by a circle of loved ones who are eagerly awaiting the moment we’ve all been preparing for.

Every time Lance, our five-year-old son, would see me, he would rub my tummy with his two little hands and say “Mommy, your tummy is getting bigger, bigger, bigger!” Yes, I also think it looks like a watermelon! I gained more than a little over 30 pounds already and it’s more difficult to move around with this heaviness. (Side note: I just gained 15-17 pounds in my first pregnancy.)

Anyway, as I wait for signs of labor, I find comfort that the hospital bag is packed, the baby’s clothes are washed and neatly arranged, and all the baby essentials are meticulously organized. It’s not just a practical demonstration of readiness; it’s a source of calm amid the inevitable uncertainties of childbirth.

In these last weeks of pregnancy, I stand at the threshold of a life-changing moment, balancing the excitement of meeting my baby with the natural nervousness that comes with labor. The house is abuzz with anticipation, and every little sensation sparks shared hope that the time for our baby’s arrival is drawing near. The countdown continues!


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