So you’ve decided to head out into the wilderness and test your prowess as an explorer of nature’s numerous hiking trails. You want to go, but maybe you’re not quite sure of the type of items you might need while you’re out there.

Going hiking with at least an idea of the essential things you will need is smart, and with this list of items, you’ll be out enjoying the trail while saving yourself undue stress.

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Hiking Essentials You Need to Hit the Trail

1. Nutrition and Hydration

Hiking, depending on what kind of trail you tackle, isn’t a walk in the park. Chances are you are going to expend a great deal of energy on your journey and you’re going to need some kind of sustenance.

Obviously you are going to need some water to stay hydrated, no matter the conditions. Check to see if your trail has stops along the way so you can get and idea how much to bring. When it comes to food, you are going to want to bring food that energizes you like nuts, fruits, and protein bars. They don’t take a lot of space and give you the boost you need.

2. Navigation

Yeah, you could rely on your phone like most people do when they’re lost or need directions, but having a compass and/or map will be a much better option.

Chances are where you’re going, there won’t be great reception for your GPS systems. Going the ol’ analog route leaves little room for error and all it takes is for you to have at least a basic sense of direction. Studying the area you’ll be in before hand will also give you a great advantage in the event of disaster striking or getting lost.

3. First Aid

Even on the most easy trails, anything can happen that calls on the need for medical assistance. You could cut yourself on a rock or branch. Maybe you twist your ankle or break finger trying to brace yourself for a fall.

Things like that could be immediately addressed if you have a first aid kit handy for such situations. You don’t have to bring an ambulance worth of medical supplies, so check the difficulty of the trail and plan accordingly. Things like splints, bandages, gloves,and scissors should be in every kit.

4. Light Source

Imagine being out on the trail, you lose your way and the path slowly starts to get dark and unrecognizable in the fall of night. That would be a very nerve-wracking situation to be in.

Having the even the most simple of light sources could be all you need to illuminate your path and guide you out. A small Led light or a lantern you can hang on your bag could do wonders.

Let’s say you don’t bring any source of light. Another thing you should bring is a way to start up a fire. That could be a matches, a lighter, or the trusty flint to spark up a fire to keep you warm on case you are stranded.

5. Decent Hiking Boots

Not having a decent pair of boots made for hiking could make your entire trip extremely uncomfortable and disastrous. You use your feet 100% of the time while hiking so making an investment into buying some quality boots will alleviate potential pain by wearing shoes not suitable for this type of activity.

You can assess the type of boots you’re going to need by the type of terrain your going to be facing. Are you going to be on a trail that’s pretty flat and straight forward? Then you could probably get away with some walking boots. If you’re climbing over rocks and moving uphill, then that will call for some more heavy duty hiking boots like the ones discussed here:

Either way, make sure you get some that you are comfortable in and can last a grueling hike. You can also visit for more tips, gears and ideas!”


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