Deciding on a hospital to delivery our baby wasn’t so difficult for us. We only had two choices: St. Luke’s Medical Center and Providence Hospital (both in Quezon City) as my obstetrician is affiliated with these. After reading the experiences and recommendations of moms in online forums and knowing the rates of maternity packages available, the choice was clear. It was Providence Hospital along Quezon Avenue. In this blog post, I’m sharing my thoughts and our experience with Providence Hospital.

Review of Providence Hospital (Quezon Avenue) Maternity Package

We intended to have a maternity tour to know what to expect during our stay. Unfortunately, since our bundle of joy has arrived three weeks earlier than the due date, I had to be admitted to the hospital without getting all the information I thought I needed. Anyway, I’m grateful that everything went well. We’re very pleased with the facilities and services in Providence Hospital. Here’s a more in-depth review.

Providence Hospital isn’t one of the most popular choices when it comes to delivering a baby in Metro Manila. I’ve read only a few inquiries and information about their maternity package online, but most of them were quite positive and promising. Netizens agree that Providence Hospital is prominent when it comes to delivering high-risk pregnancies. It boasts a multidisciplinary perinatal team on standby around the clock and specially trained nurses in its obstetric wards.

me, two hours before delivery

Travel Distance from Home

Providence Hospital is just about 15-20 minutes of drive away from our home. I didn’t have to worry about traffic when baby is on the way.


Prior going to the hospital, we called Providence Hospital to check if there’s any private room available and learned there was none. All rooms were occupied and the worst case would be me staying in the delivery room until one becomes free. It was like being a chance passenger and we were okay with it.

Reception Area

Admission was a bit of a setback since there was only one person in the reception. It was evident that he could not entertain and accommodate incoming patients and attend to calls at the same time. Then I knew why the phone kept ringing and nobody was answering when I was on the other end of the line before.

Another surprising part of admission was that the hospital requires patients to pay the cost of maternal package upfront before they can continue with any accommodation. Additions (in case of complications) or deductions (PhilHealth discount) in cost will be adjusted/settled upon checkout.

Billing Department

There’s no going to the ER first for labor and delivery. So I spent half an hour feeling the contractions and ready to give birth while still having to fill up forms and go through the process of payment in the billing department. The receptionist received the copy of payment confirmation and luckily, one of the small private rooms (for postpartum recovery) was freed. 10-15 minutes later, the attending nurse guided us to the room for check-in. We were given a welcome kit and stayed in the small private room.

Freebies from the Hospital

Labor and Delivery

In case you haven’t read about our birthing story, click here. When we first came into the room, the nurse immediately told me to change into their hospital gown and slippers. Then, she wheeled me to the Labor Room where a resident doctor performed an internal examination (IE) on me to determine my body’s readiness for labor. My cervix was already dilated at 7 centimeters that time. A couple of minutes later, our obstetrician-gynecologist reached the hospital and gave me labor tips to ease my worries.

Labor Room

The nurses checked the fetal monitors almost every 5-15 minutes to see the baby’s heartbeat as well as my contractions. Our doctor did a cervical check every 30 minutes. I was very glad that my husband was allowed to me by my side the entire time during labor. And I was even more relieved when he was also allowed to enter the operating room to see all the action. I knew not many hospitals in Metro Manila permit that.

The ambiance in the delivery room wasn’t at all stressful. Everything went well and under control. The doctors told me when to push, counted to 10 in every push, and kept me informed with the progress. Since the birthing process can be like an athletic endeavor, it’s great to have the nurses, doctors, and my husband as cheerleaders and coaches. Happy songs were played when the baby was out.

Adequate Nurses

The staff-to-patient ratio was okay and the nurses did not seem overworked. Rather, they were energized and engaged. The assignments were clearly defined and attention was given to the right patient at the right time.

There was also sufficient staff handling post-delivery care during odd hours. We rang the bell to call the nurse every other two hours to help us feed the baby and there was always at least one who would come.

Photography and Videography

We didn’t hire any professional photographers. My husband used his phone camera and the anesthesiologist also helped us capture the most precious moments during delivery. Taking photos and videos was allowed in the labor room and delivery room.

Small Private Room

The room was neat and was spacious enough for us. It was furnished with a single bed (for the patient), air conditioner, mini fridge, and a sofa bed so the dad-to-be can welcome the newborn together. Providence Hospital encourages “room-ins” so healthy babies can stay with their parents for better bonding from birth, with a lactation nurse to visit new moms and nurses available on call. The restroom was just across and a few steps away from the room. I didn’t use a catheter since I was able to walk slowly to the restroom hours after after delivery.

My first attempt to walk

Visitors were allowed anytime, so we didn’t feel obligated to pack visitors into every minute. Food for me was delivered on time for breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner–and amazingly, all the dishes served were yummy unlike the typical “hospital food.” A copy of the daily newspaper was also sent for my reading leisure.

Lactation Support

After attending a seminar that discussed about the benefits of breastfeeding and skin-to-skin contact right after delivery, I chose to breastfeed right away. Thankfully, Providence Hospital has an in-house lactation support nurse who massaged my breasts to help lactate. She was a big help indeed.

Maternity Package Rates

I gave birth via NSD on October 20, 2018. Normal Spontaneous Delivery Package costs P33,000 without PhilHealth and P28,750 with PhilHealth. Caesarean Section Basic Package costs PhP 44,500 without PhilHealth and P31,850 with PhilHealth.

The package already includes use of labor room, delivery room, and post-operative care, pre and post-delivery medicines and supplies, newborn care which consists of the newborn screening test, newborn hearing test, vitamin K, BCG, and eye ointment. Professional fees (obstetrician, anesthesiology, and pediatrician) are not included. To avail the maternity package, secure and sign the maternity package form from the OPD reception or at the Admitting Section (lobby area) and present the signed form and admission order on the day of admission.

Day 2 at the hospital, photo-op before going home 🙂

Wrap Up

When preparing for birth, choosing the right hospital to welcome the young one is important. A maternity hospital where would-be-moms will comfortable should be planned in advance. Overall, our experience in Providence was satisfactory. For more information about their maternity services, you may check out their website or contact them at (02) 558 6999 to inquire about detailed descriptions of the packages.


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  1. Marlon

    Thank you for this information like your husband we are also thinking between St. Lukes and Providence Hospital because our OB was also affiliated with the said two hospitals. At least we have clear or we had an idea what to choose. Thank you for sharing your story it help us a lot and to decide . Congratulations for both of Mam and Sir.

      • Pamie Peralta

        Hi Maam, I just wanna know how much is your total bill? Including the professional fee and room charge and your OB? Thanks. I am planning my delivery in the same hospital.

      • Mel

        Me and hubby are torn between SLMC and Providence since the former is congested most of the time. It was relief stumbling on your post. Appreciate if you could send/share your total bill along with the PF? Thank you very much.

    • Marlon

      Hi Mam
      Sorry If I disturb you, I have a big favor sana. If it is possible to know how much your total bill or Prof fee for doctors I don’t have any idea kasi I called already at Providence hospital, sadly the person incharge doesn’t know the PF fee.

      • Ann Jillan O. Logatoc

        Hi mam.. I just want to ask how much is the PF fee?And your total bill?I’m 8 months pregnant and balak po namin na sa providence hospital ako manganganak..
        Your response is highly appreciated..Thank you..

      • lea

        Hi! thanks for this info. may i know whos your OB and the bill including the PF? if you dont mind. 😊 thankyou 🤗

  2. Candy

    I had one of my babies at a Providence Hospital. The experience was good and that way almost 30 years ago. Glad to see they still have a good hospital

  3. Jeanette

    Sounds like a good hospital over all! I think I would have been a bit upset that they would not take me back before I fill out paperwork when I was in labor, but every plae is different. Congratulations!!!

    • Rochkirstin Santos-Sioco

      Yup, I think it’s the standard procedure of other hospitals as well when you’re availing of the maternity package. Paying ahead of time is required. I just didn’t expect it. Thank you, Jeanette!

      • keizle villegas

        hi hm po overall bill po ksama room and doctor’s fee?

  4. Karen

    This was such an informative read. I think any mom and dad to be should always have all the information that they can. This is going to help a lot of people.

    • Rochkirstin Santos-Sioco

      While it is never too early to be prepared for your delivery day, most women will wait until the pregnancy is confirmed before they start to look for their doctor and hospital. Although it is all right to change your doctor midway, it is better to find the one you want to deliver your child along with the right hospital and staff from the beginning of your pregnancy.

  5. Catalina

    Congratulations! This is so beautiful! Thank you for all the details about your stay to the Providence Hospital!

  6. Natalie

    I am glad you are happy with the hospital you chose for labour and delivery. I feel so grateful to have our health care taken care of here in Canada. Congrats on your new addition!

  7. Marysa

    Looks like a nice hospital to have a baby. It sounds like your delivery and experience went smoothly. I remember one of the first issues we had was that it took forever to check in, even though I had gone through a pre-admissions process!

  8. Kimberly K Croisant

    Congrats – what a cute baby. I’m sure you are so glad you got to capture all this with pictures. How special!

  9. Heather

    Congrats! It looks like you had a great experience. I had my girls at two different hospitals and the experiences were so different. I wish I had documented it all.

  10. Terri Beavers

    First off, what a precious baby, congratulations. I would have loved to have had a Providence hospital available with the birth of my kids. I didn’t have a private room and I hated that.

  11. Lynndee

    Good to know that you had a great experience at Providence Hospital. And congratulations on your bundle of joy. So precious!

  12. Jeanine

    I’ve had 8 babies at 5 different hospitals and I can only say that two were fabulous that I’d recommend. I think this is such a great post that will help many!

    • Rochkirstin Santos-Sioco

      The cost of giving birth in the Philippines can be costly, especially in private hospitals. A charity ward in a public hospital costs P5,000 and above, and the cost of a small private room in a private hospital averages at P100,000. We’re so fortunate to find one that has a good price for value and it’s close to our home.

  13. Tim B

    To say you provided a thorough review would be an understatement! Don’t think it could be a more personal depiction of someone’s experience. Congrats on the new addition to your family.

  14. Marieces

    Hi ma’am, this very informative. pwede po ba ma share niyo kung sino po OB niyo sa Providence? Thank you so much. First time Mom here.

  15. Arren

    Congratulations and thanks for this post! So happy I came across your review – I was thinking of availing the package at Providence, too. Been considering St. Luke’S QC and Providence as well since my OB is affiliated with these two. As an expectant mom (first time), I’ve been reading and doing research not only about the facilities, staff, comfort, but of course the costs! I hope you don’t mind but it’d be really helpful if you can share an estimate of your expenses incl. the PFs? (you may respond via email 🙂 )

    Thanks so much! /Arren

  16. Claude

    Good day!
    I’m expecting baby #2. I would like to ask regarding Pedia and OB PF, if it’s okay. Also, is it okay for you to share the name of your pedia and OB? Thank you! Your review is really helpful and informative!

  17. LA

    Hi Mam! good day! is it okay to ask how much total bills nyo? included yung professional fee and all?? I called Providence. di sila makapagbigay ng price magkano maternity package nila. Wala pa daw until now. Will be giving birth on April, and since yung doctor ko Providence and st.lukes lang affiliated, di ako makalipat na. Anyway, thank you for your reply in advance! Godbless your family! ❤️

  18. Airis

    Hello po! I am currently preggy and looking for a hospital to give birth. Parang ang ganda nung Providence, ask ko lang din po sana how much yung total bill including pf and all? Thanks po!

  19. maricel supnet

    Hi ma’am!
    Can you share if how much did you pay for the PF or the total amount of your bills.
    Thank you so much. Hope to hear from you soon.

  20. Dannielle

    Hi, thank you for your Providence Hospital review. But I’m just wondering how much was your total bill after the PF? And who is your OB? Currently my sister is 8wks pregnant and we are looking for a good hospital around the area 🙂 thank you!

  21. Aileen


    Thanks for sharing. can you please send me how much your total costs inc PF and who is your OB?


  22. Jeramae Acebedo

    Hi Ma’am,

    Can you recommend your OB. I’m 28weeks pregnant and still planning to switch my OB for other options. Reading your blog made me more interested in giving birth in Providence since its also 10-15mins away from where I live. Thank you.

  23. Ryan

    Very good review.. Dito din manganganak ang misis ko since dito affiliated ang OB nya.. Can I ask how much is the bill all in all (including prof fee of ob, anest, etc) para mapaghandaan namin.

    Thank you in advance.

  24. Jovy

    Hi Ma’am, is it ok to ask if magkano total Bills niyo? All in? First time Mom here and still looking for a Hospital. My OB is St. Lukes and Providence lang affiliated..Hoping for your favorable response 🙂 Thank you & Godbless 🙂

  25. Czar

    Hi mommy! Thank you for this informative blog. =) Can I also ask the total amount that you paid including the doctor’s fee etc? I am also planning to give birth in the same hospital but I don’t have any idea about the total estimated amount that I’ll have to pay. Will greatly appreciate your feedback =)

  26. MK

    Hi mommy, can you please also send me information about your total bill for your delivery at Providence? I’m particularly interested to know the PF’s of your doctors, pls indicate if with or without Philhealth…and did you mention whether you had epidural or not? Kindly include the answer if possible…thank you! =)

  27. Mary

    Your post is very informative and up to date compared to the other threads that I’m stalking hehe. Like the others, i just want to know the name of your OB and your total bill with the PF of everyone. Thank you in advance and congratulations on your super cute baby!❤️

  28. Lev

    Wow your blog was very informative. Do you mind if i ask for your total bill? I just want to have an idea. Im here at providence trying for a vbac. Thank u.

  29. Mjean

    Hi mam, thank you for this information! By the way mam if it’s okay to ask how much was your total bill including the OB’s PF. Providence Hospital is one of my options for my delivery soon. Congratulations on your new bundle of joy! God bless you.

  30. April

    Hi! Congratulations to both of you! Your blog was very informative.

    My husband and I are currently looking for a hospital where I can give birth for my first child. We do not have any PH OB yet as we are still based abroad but plan to be home for my delivery this year. Hope you could share your OB’s name and PF as well to us. Thanks.

  31. Jelyn Flores

    Thank you for sharing your story. How much is the total cost including doctors’ fee?

  32. Pamie Peralta

    Hi Maam, I just wanna know how much is your total bill? Including the professional fee and room charge and your OB? Thanks. I am planning my delivery in the same hospital. Gusto sana namin ni hubby na undun din siya hanggang pag labas ni babby.

  33. Jen

    Hi po! Im looking for a hospital to give birth. At Thanks sa blog nato ang laking tulong po. Peo may i ask kong how much yung total bill including pf, room andall? Thanks po.

  34. Angelie

    Hi! Just read your blog. May I ask the name of your OB Gyne? Thank you and Congratulations!

  35. Maryvic Rivas

    Thanks for helping us know more. Btw? If that’s how much the hospital bill cost, how about with PF? We are about to give birth and looking for options.

  36. Eu

    Hello! May i know the pf of the doctors? Planning to give birth at providence too. Thank you!

  37. Anne

    Hi there. Can you also give me your total bill kasama na pf and all. Just so may idea lang kame. Sa first baby ko kasi sa usth, napamahal yung gastos namin. Salamat.

  38. Pia Ilustre

    Thank you so much for this thorough and informative review! I hope you don’t mind but who is your OB? And their PF? If my current OB is not affiliated with Providence Hospital, I may have to switch to another OB. I think I want to give birth here as well. Hope you can share this information with me. Thank you so much! I am due this July. God bless you and your family!

  39. Kith

    Hi mam thanks for the thorough review just want to ask him much is your total bill after giving birth?

  40. Eunice Ganchingco

    Hi Maam, I just wanna know how much is your total bill? Including the professional fee and room charge and name of your OB? Thanks. I am planning my delivery in the same hospital kasi 🙂 Thank you!

  41. Eunice Ganchingco

    Hi Mam, is it ok to ask if magkano total bill niyo? saka sino ang OB mo 🙂 First time Mom here and still looking for a Hospital. Pinagpipilian din kasi namin ang Providence and St. Luke’s since malapit lang sa house namin..Thank you! 🙂

  42. keizle villegas

    hi hm po overall na binayaran nyo nasa magkano po doctors fee

  43. Roxan agdeppa

    Hello mam , may i ask po how much is your total bill icluding prof fee ? Thank you

  44. Mean

    Gusto ko rin sana dyan manganak. I hope you don’t mind, can you share to me how much yung total bill mo including yung room change and PF? Thank you in advance!

  45. Yvette

    Hi! Thank you for this informative post. Im almost 6 months preggy with my 2nd baby. Naghahanap din ng hospital and ob and i chanced upon your post. Sino po ob nyo and how much is it kaya if cs delivery? Estimate sana including pfs? Yung sayo po ok lang malaman din how much?

    Thank you and hope to hear from you!

  46. Jen

    Hi! Glad to come across your review of the hospital we are now deciding between SLMC and the same too but the latter’s website does not have the information.
    May I also know the total bill you had as I am not sure how much the PF will be for the
    OB, pedia and anesthesiologist. An idea from you will be very helpful. Thank you!

  47. Karla Cortezano

    Thank you for sharing your story with us. I’m considering Providence Hospital since it’s very near, too. May I ask who your OB was? and if possible the costs of the 3 doctors’ PF for a small private room. I appreciate your response. God bless!

  48. Netty

    Hi Maam,

    Thanks for this information such a great help for mom to be, if u dont mind ,may i know the total bill po. Thanks

  49. Leigh

    Very informative blog. May I know who is your OB and how much is your total bill? My OB is affiliated in same hospitals mentioned and we are considering Providence. TIA

  50. Angel

    Hi Sis, planning to give birth din sa Providence. May I know po magkano lahat nagastos niyo? Salamat!


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